Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: 419

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Chapter 419: Something Happened

The Queen fixed her eyes at the King.

She felt that something had changed in the King, and she had no idea when the changes started, but what he had said to her today saddened her a great deal.

The Empress Dowager forced the girl to offer the prescriptions, and now when she got the approval, she started to suspect that the prescriptions might be fabricated.

If the King did not trust Chaoyan, why did he approve of the marriage proposal without hesitation?

She had no opinions against people with dubious ideas, nor did she think that Chaoyan was not nice enough. She just felt that the King was not on the right track.

When they were choosing the Princess Consort for Lord Ling, they spent one whole year deciding upon the daughter of General Liu, but the King seemed to be quite casual about Huaijin’s marriage proposal.

So if Huaijin loved the girl and the King approved of the proposal, then the King should not have suspected Chaoyan after the Empress Dowager forced the girl to offer the prescriptions.

“What is it?” The King could tell that the Queen was not wearing the right expression. He let out a small cough, smiled and then said indifferently, “I am just asking, don’t take it too seriously. It is just that the prescriptions are way too practical, so I can’t help but suspect the whole thing. I am not suspecting Lady Chaoyan, don’t take it in heart.”

Then he sat down and drank some tea, keeping a distance between them.

The Queen also felt quite saddened seeing the distance between them, but she was already used to that.

“Since Chaoyan agrees, she will definitely offer the prescriptions, and the imperial doctors are going to verify the prescriptions, so don’t worry about them. Are you also suspecting the imperial doctors?” The Queen said with a strong tone.

The King was still wearing a smile. Instead of being angry, he said, “I am just discussing with you, the Elder Miss of the Gu Family does have some rumors around her, it is normal that I feel dubious.”

The Queen glanced at the King, then she did not feel like saying anything more.

“Chaoyan is a good kid, don’t babble around,” the Queen said seriously.

“Qirong, you are way too serious, now you are acting seriously in front of me too!” The King said unhappily.

“Chaoyan is a serious matter.”

“Anyway, I need to work, I am going back to the study.” The King flung his sleeves and left.

The Queen said nothing more as she threw a look at his back-figure.

Then Susu returned.


Outside the court. In the wagon.

Xia Yinghan said to Gu Chaoyan. “You should not have said something like that back in court, the Queen is a very nice lady, but you are marrying her son.”

“It is fine, I will give her some tea in the future, I am very persistent with tea.” Gu Chaoyan said with a smile.

Xia Yinghan looked helpless.

“You did not get embarrassed by the Empress Dowager, did you?”

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“No, she only asked me for some prescriptions.”


“Yes, the ancestral ones from the Lin Family.”

Xia Yinghan had a very complicated look on her face.

Gu Chaoyan patted her shoulders, telling her not to get worried. So Xia Yinghan asked nothing more.

Gu Chaoyan must have already had an idea of what to do.

As they came to the Saint College, Gu Chaoyan had intended to write some prescriptions…

When they got stopped at the gate.

A pageboy said anxiously, “Doctor Yinghan, Lady Chaoyan, finally you are here, the patient is getting wprse again, and Mr. Xue Feihan has no way out either. I was thinking about asking someone to fetch you in the court!”

Gu Chaoyan frowned. He was getting worse again? That was impossible!

They hurried to the wing yard of the Medical Department.

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