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Chapter 83: 83 083 We're friends from now on

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83 083 We’re friends from now on
Tan Rou was also influenced by Li Li’s character. Most of the people around her used to be evil friends who wanted to hide their true intentions. They came for benefits and left when they ran out. There was no sincerity indeed.

But now, this was the first person who didn’t care about the outside world’s comments or Tan Rou’s family background and took the initiative to be friends with Tan Rou.

Of course, Zhuang Liu was the same, but strangely, Tan Rou subconsciously refused to classify Zhuang Liu as a friend like Li Li.

Zhuang Liu and Tan Rou seemed to be attracted to each other and were each other’s saviour. He was different from the rest of them inside Tan Rou’s heart.

Tan Rou looked at the lively girl in front of her, who was waiting for her reply nervously, and quickly said, “Of course. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Li Li.” After saying that, she winked playfully.

Li Li grinned happily and held Tan Rou’s hand excitedly. “Then, we’ll be good friends from now on. I’ll be on your side. We’ll beat those bad guys away together. They’re so annoying!”

Xu Yan watched the interaction between the two girls quietly and was also infected by Li Li’s liveliness. “Count me in. I also believe in Tan Rou.”

Tan Rou smiled happily. It was a good start to be able to gain two sincere friends on the first day of school.

Li Li exclaimed exaggeratedly, “Wow, even the class monitor is willing to be friends with me. You don’t know this but your image is that of a perfect student. You’re meticulous. I don’t even dare to speak to you!”

After that, Li Li pulled Xu Yan to talk excitedly, “Class monitor, did you see Tan Rou’s handsome performance just now? Let me tell you again. Tan Rou was super calm and fearless in the face of danger. She …” Li Li was particularly familiar with the situation and began to talk to herself. From time to time, she would add in her movements and describe Tan Rou’s actions from a while ago with her hands and feet.

Xu Yan and Tan Rou helplessly exchanged looks and shook their heads with a smile. Li Li was a lively girl.

Tan Rou saw that Xu Yan was entangled by Li Li and was forced to cooperate with Li Li’s vivid narration. Tan Rougloated. Li Li had a good personality and she was even a little noisy. Tan Rou was definitely going to have a lively future ahead in school.

Just like that, the three of them spent their lunch break talking and laughing.

When it was time for class in the afternoon, Lu Qing walked into the classroom when the bell rang.

As soon as they entered the room, the students all looked at Lu Qing with interest. This was the male lead of the big fight in the afternoon. People say that beauty is a disaster but a handsome man like Lu Qing could also cause conflict between girls. The influence of the school hunk was unquestionable.

Lu Qing felt the strange gazes from the people around him. He frowned and returned to his seat in confusion.

A boy who was close to Lu Qing ran over quickly and winked at him. “Not bad, Handsome Lu. Being handsome is definitely a good thing!”

Lu Qing thought that everyone was gossiping about how he answered the phone in class and skipped class. He felt a little impatient. “Are you crazy? I left in a hurry because something happened at home. I have already explained it to the teacher.”

“Hey! Who said anything about that?!” The boy smiled vaguely.

Lu Qing became even more impatient. He was already frustrated about how Master Lu was sick. The doctor said that although it was a close call this time, old Master Lu’s condition was getting worse. He could only slowly recuperate. There was no other way for him to recover.

When old Master Lu woke up, he ignored Lu Qing’s insistence and rushed Lu Qing back to school to attend classes. If not for the fear that his grandfather would be worried, Lu Qing would not even be in the mood to come to school. He would not have cared about what the other students thought of him.

Lu Qing closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. His voice was low and deep. “If you have something to say, say it quickly. Otherwise, stop talking nonsense. You’re making my head hurt.”

The guy saw that Lu Qing was really not interested and so he didn’t keep him in suspense. “You weren’t here this afternoon and missed a good show. Liang Lu brought her group here to challenge Tan Rou. She directly asked Tan Rou if she seduced you. The two girls almost fought because of you! You’re not even interested in that?”

Lu Qing opened his eyes and looked at the boy, “What did you say? Tan Rou tried to seduce me?”

The boy nodded. “That’s right. She even said that Tan Rou can’t compare to Tan Jing and that she’s not qualified to be with you. The two of them talked for a long time in the classroom and even pushed the tables over! I don’t know what happened in the end but Tan Rou said a few words and Liang Lu stopped being mad. She even cleaned the classroom before leaving.”

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