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Chapter 85: 85 085 Feeling too ashamed to show his face

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85 085 Feeling too ashamed to show his face
Lu Qing was almost done. He turned off the microphone and returned to his carefree state. He walked to the door and unlocked it.

Outside the door, the teacher was panting and staring at Lu Qing with an angry look. “Lu Qing, what should I say about you? Is there anything you don’t dare to do? This time, we’re both going to the principal’s office to get scolded!”

Lu Qing pouted and admitted his mistake, “I accept my punishment but I really can’t stand their nonsense anymore. This is the fastest and most effective way. Besides, teacher, I didn’t say anything else. I’m just actively expressing my stance and being a good student who doesn’t get into a relationship at such a young age. Isn’t that enough?”

The teacher was speechless. Lu Qing’s actions of using the radio for his own intentions was indeed infuriating but the words he said had a positive meaning to it. Thinking about it carefully, there was nothing wrong with them.

Recently, rumors about Lu Qing had been spreading like wildfire in the school. The teachers had also heard about it. However, there was no concrete evidence. They could only knock some sense into those who were discussing it in private. There was nothing that they could do and it was in fact a good thing that Lu Qing had taken the initiative to come forward and express his stance.

The teacher felt that he had been tricked by Lu Qing. The words that he wanted to scream towards Lu Qing were on the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t say anything. The teacher rolled her eyes at Lu Qing. “Come over here, don’t think of getting away with it. Come with me to the principal’s office and admit your mistakes! Don’t think that just because you put it nicely, you can make up for your unauthorized use of the radio!”

Lu Qing nodded perfunctorily. “Yes, yes. I have done something wrong!”

The teacher looked at Lu Qing, who was much taller than him. He lowered his eyes and stood there lazily. Although Lu Qing apologized, there may still be endless thoughts running in his mind. The teacher sighed helplessly.

Lu Qing was indeed good-looking. He must have eaten something at such a young age to have grown into such a tall man. Although he was usually lazy, it could be seen that old Master Lu had taught him carefully. Under the influence of the military spirit, Lu Qing was a very loyal and friendly child.

The anger in the teacher’s heart gradually dissipated. Lu Qing’s appearance was outstanding and the teachers usually praised him. Moreover, those girls only fell for him since they were still kids. This was also something normal. As long as they were guided in the right direction, everything would be fine. As for the broadcast, Lu Qing was young and vigorous. In order to clarify for his classmates, it was understandable that he acted a little irrationally.

The teacher thought for a while about what to say to the principal and his expression softened a little but when he saw Lu Qing’s nonchalant expression, he still held his breath. He put on a serious face and dragged Lu Qing to the principal’s office.

While Lu Qing was being lectured by his teacher, the school was in an uproar.

The students were discussing Lu Qing’s words with excitement.

Now that the school was a strict environment, everyone would at most discuss some of the little innocutis and flirtatious things privately but Lu Qing actually dared to make this topic public on the radio. He even announced to the entire school that he would not fall in love at such a young age. This was indeed explosive news.

The boys shouted excitedly and some even whistled. They all praised Lu Qing. “You’re indeed an influential figure in our school. Handsome Lu, well done! What a man!!!”

On the other hand, the girls felt the complete opposite. Lu Qing announced in public that there was no one that he liked and would not be in a relationship at such a young age. This broke the hearts of countless girls. Most girls who had a crush on Lu Qing lay on the table and wiped their tears in disappointment.

However, there were also some girls who only admired Lu Qing. Lu Qing’s actions made him look even more unruly. These girls were so excited that they stomped their feet and their eyes were full of admiration for Lu Qing.

However, there were two girls who were not as relaxed as the others.

One of them was Liang Lu. She knew that Lu Qing must have heard about what happened during the lunch break when he returned to school. He must have been angry and so he went to the broadcast room to clarify. She felt a wave of guilt and shame.

If she didn’t cause trouble, Lu Qing wouldn’t have been dragged into this. He would definitely be criticized by the teacher. Moreover, at this moment, Lu Qing must hate me very much. Would he think that I’m a shameless, violent girl?

At that moment, Liang Lu really knew that she was in the wrong. She lowered her head dejectedly. When she thought about how Lu Qing would hate her, she couldn’t help but feel like crying. Inside her heart, she was even more angry with Tan Jing for acting and deceiving her, causing her to do something so stupid.

The other person who was on the verge of collapse was naturally Tan Jing. Tan Jing had always considered herself to be Lu Qing’s girlfriend-to-be. She had spread many rumours about her and Lu Qing liking each other and being a match made in heaven. What Lu Qing said on the radio was undoubtedly a hard slap to Tan Jing’s face. At this moment, Tan Jing felt as if she had been slapped dozens of times.


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