Mushoku Tensei: That One forgotten Mob

Mushoku Tensei: That One forgotten Mob
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Life is filled with the unexpected.

Today is another normal day in life, as I passed the time with my friends to bully the cursed superd child feared in the village to show our might to her.

A water ball suddenly hit us.

The kid from the knight's office was unleashing his spell to attack us, the bully.

Never would I expect that simple water ball to create a trigger for memories to fill my brain.

I was 5 at that time, and the memories were jumbled. I don't know whether it’s mine or another's. I just know that this is not a memory of a single person.

And, from that memory, I know that I’m actually a mob...

I’m one of Sylphiette’s bullies.

You won’t know me since I am not named in any of the works, whether they were manga, novels, or even anime. Heck, I only say one word and I'm dead in the next part.

an actual mob, where I don’t even appear in either the opening or the ending of the anime.

The thing happened so suddenly.

I don’t know whether I am reincarnated, transmigrated, or just receiving some memories from someone in the real world.

The deadline is 5 years from now, the day the Metastasis incident happened. Can I be another prodigy in the Mushoku Tensei world, or will I still be another slightly better mob?


*I’m not a native, so please do tell me if you find any grammar mistakes or better word choices.

*!!! There'd be a lot of web novel parts and less Claude's POV, but it'll get focused over time, so be patient and skim if you don't like some parts. I made it So other reader Can Understand where they are in the Story. It's also my timeline note!

*Thank you very much for reading and your feedback.

*R-18 tags for gore and profanity.

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