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Chapter 1033: 1033

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She had always understood this fact!!!


Therefore, she had been careful all these years.


Today, if the doctor had not called her, she definitely would not have gone to the hospital to see Bai Yichen. She had originally decided that before the end of their agreement, she would not go to see Bai Yichen, and she would not contact Bai Yichen.


Liu Ying thought that since she said it was a woman, he would not pursue it further. However, she did not know that Situ Murong had asked someone to follow her.


Hearing her answer, Situ Murong smiled again, but his eyes were extremely cold.


In the next moment, he suddenly exerted force and pressed her against the coffee table. His hand grabbed her clothes and with a sudden force, he directly pulled her clothes.


“Can… can you not be here?” The coldness from the coffee table made her shrink slightly.


She was afraid. In this place, his actions and her situation made her especially embarrassed.


Five years ago, he actually often treated her like this. At that time, he never cared about the occasion or whether there was anyone. When he wanted something, he did not care about anything.


At that time, he did his best to torture and humiliate her.


However, in the next few years, he changed. He no longer treated her so evilly. At this moment, she felt the humiliation from five years ago.


She could give it to him, and he could give it to her if he wanted to. However, she was afraid of such humiliation. She was really afraid.


“What’s wrong with being here? What are you afraid of? Hm?” Situ Murong looked at her with a faint smile. His appearance was so evil that it made people tremble.


He admitted that five years ago, he was a bastard at the beginning. At the beginning, he did deliberately want to torture her.


But in the next few years, he gave her pity, gentleness, and respect..


But, was it useful?


Was it useful?


The facts proved that it was useless.


She was an ingrate who could not be raised properly. No matter how he treated her, it was useless.


Hearing his words and seeing the smile on his face, Liu Ying was stunned. Her heart suddenly sank.


The restraint he had shown over the past few years had almost made her forget how evil he had been in the beginning. At that time, it was not that she had not begged him, but he had never paid any attention to her.


He would only torture her even more.

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She clearly knew that it was useless, so why did she still ask him?


The corners of Liu Ying’s lips were tightly pursed. She did not say anything more. She closed her eyes tightly and did not look at him.


She did not struggle anymore, but her body became more and more stiff.


Seeing her like this, Situ Murong suddenly felt a piercing pain in his eyes, piercing his heart.


What was her expression? Her reaction?! Like she was going to an execution grounds?!


Fine, she was really good.


His eyes narrowed, then he suddenly picked her up and pressed her against the sofa. In the next moment, he kissed her fiercely.


He kissed her crazily, crazily wanting her again and again.


Liu Ying, who originally wanted to silently endure it, finally could not hold it in any longer.


“You, you let me go, let me go.” She could not help but beg for mercy. Her voice trembled slightly. She felt that she was about to die.


She knew how crazy he was. In the past, especially five years ago, he had wanted her again and again.


However, he felt that at that time, he was not so fierce and ruthless. She felt that he wanted to kill her in such a way…


She felt that she really could not take it anymore. She felt that if she did not beg for mercy, she would really die.

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