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Chapter 1034: 1034

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Hearing her begging for mercy, Situ Murong’s eyes flashed, his movements subconsciously slowed down, slowed down.


However, he did not stop.


Liu Ying exhaled loudly, reached out her hand and pushed him, “Let me go tonight, okay?”


Even if he slowed down, she could not stand it anymore.


“Give me a child.” Situ Murong stopped. He bent down and whispered into her ear.


In the past, he had never thought of having a child, but now he suddenly had the idea of asking her to give him a child.


It had been five years. It was normal to have a child, right? With a child, they would settle down and live a good life.


All the past grudges would be let go.


At this moment, he only wanted her.


“No.” Liu Ying heard his words and her body was obviously stiff. Then, she quickly replied.


At this moment, Liu Ying’s consciousness was not completely clear. Because she had been tormented by him for too long, she felt that she was about to break down.


Therefore, at this moment, she subconsciously replied. However, her reply was very firm. She had also clearly said that she did not want to have a child.


“Why not?” Situ Murong’s eyes narrowed, and his face clearly darkened. She did not want to have a child with him?


She did not want to have his child?


Yes, he knew that she did not want to.


However, after so many years, she had endured everything and followed him in everything. She had never been so determined to say no to him.


This was the first time, so he wanted to know the reason.


“We only have less than a month. It’s impossible.” Liu Ying opened her eyes and looked at him. She felt a little strange. Their five-year agreement was not long. He should know about it. Less than a month to have a child?


How was this possible?


Moreover, she did not want to have a child anymore. With her status, she could not see the light of day when she had a child. She would not let her child suffer like this.


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“Hmm?” Situ Murong looked at her and frowned slightly. He did not understand what she meant. What did she mean by they only had less than a month?


They were clearly still so young and had plenty of time.


Liu Ying was stunned when she saw his slightly puzzled expression. She thought for a moment and said again, “Our five-year agreement will end in less than a month. How can we have a child?”


She had never thought that he would suddenly propose to have a child!


He knew that she had been taking birth control pills for the past five years.


Moreover, their agreement was very clear. They did not want to have a child. The five-year period was about to end. He actually said that he wanted to have a child?


Situ Murong’s body was obviously stiff. His eyes narrowed, but they were clearly widened. At that moment, the expression on his face was very complicated.


Yes, they had made a five-year agreement, but he had long forgotten about it.


Because, he had never thought of her leaving.


But, she remembered very clearly. No, she was calculating day by day, calculating when it would end.


When the time was up, she could leave him. At that time, could she go to Bai Yichen openly? Be together with Bai Yichen?


It would be over in less than a month’s time. When that time came, would she be able to say that she was free?


“Is that so? You really remember it clearly?” Situ Murong could not tell what he was feeling at that moment!!!

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