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Chapter 1035: 1035

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Situ Murong could not tell what he was feeling at the moment!!!


He only felt that he wanted to pity her, and when he wanted to treat her well, she took a knife and stabbed his heart. He ignored the pain in his heart and deliberately asked with an evil tone, “Tell me, how many more days?”


Although he asked her this, he did not want her to answer. Really, he did not want her to answer at all.


“Twenty-six days.” However, she answered, and her answer was very clear, without any hesitation or thinking. It was enough to show how clear she remembered it.


“So, you can leave in twenty-six days.” Situ Murong’s body pressed against her body and pressed her down hard. He really wanted to crush her to death.


Did she really remember clearly?! There were still twenty-six days left.


This time, Liu Ying did not speak. However, that was what she thought in her heart. She had always thought this way.


At this moment, her silence hurt him even more. So, she was really counting the time day by day, calculating when she could leave him?


This woman was really good.


“But, do you think that it’s up to you?” Situ Murong raised his head and pressed his lips close to her ear. Then, he suddenly said.


“What do you mean?” Liu Ying’s body froze, and even trembled. At this moment, her eyes were wide open, full of shock and disbelief.


What did he mean?


What did he mean by it was not up to her?


Five years had passed, and she would be free, right?


“Give me a child.” Situ Murong’s lips were close to her ear, and he said again. This time, his voice seemed to be a little hoarse.


Perhaps, he did not want a child. He only wanted to keep her by his side.


“Our agreement did not say that we wanted to have a child.” She could tolerate other things, but she could not tolerate this matter.


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“I remember. The agreement clearly states that you must completely obey. You can not reject what I want.” Situ Murong’s eyes turned colder when he heard her mention the agreement. She really followed the agreement all the time!


Liu Ying. “…”


Yes, that was indeed what the agreement said. She could not reject him even if he wanted it. No matter when, no matter what occasion, and no matter if it was convenient for her.


There were many more regulations like this. Back then, he had bought her with money. So, there were too many things that she could not choose.


No matter how excessive his proposal was, she could not reject it. She could only agree.


Now that he was using this to pressure her, what could she say?


However, there were only twenty-six days left, only twenty-six days left!!!


“But how do you want me to give birth to a child in twenty-six days? This is simply impossible.” Liu Ying knew that she could not refuse, but she felt that this already concerned her future.


She only sold him five years, and the rest of her life was still hers.


All these years, she had always believed in this, and it was only because she firmly believed in this that she was able to survive.


“Then let’s wait until after the child is born.” Situ Murong’s meaning was very clear. The child had to be born, and there were still twenty-six days left that he did not care about.


His meaning could also be understood from another layer of meaning. She could leave after giving birth to his child.

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