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Chapter 2057: 2057 What does this mean?

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2057 What does this mean?
It was only during dinner that Gu Xin found out that this aunt Yu was Lu Zheng’s mother, Zhou Shi’s servant girl who had been accompanying her ever since she arrived in the capital.

After the death of Mrs Zhou, aunt Yu took care of Lu Xue until Lu Xue got married. Aunt Yu’s slave record was released. Aunt Yu had some savings and opened a small restaurant here. It was not big, but with Lu Xue and Lu Yang taking care of it, the past few years had been peaceful without any major twists and turns.

Lu Zheng told Gu Xin that all he knew about his mother, other than from Grandpa Zhou and grandma Xiao, was from Auntie Yu.

Gu Xin had a good impression of Auntie Yu after hearing this. More importantly, Auntie Yu’s cooking skills were very good. Gu Xin ate three big bowls of rice that night and finished all the dishes on the table.

Looking at Gu Xin’s good appetite, Auntie Yu was also quite happy.

They stayed behind to chat for a while, but it was really late, so he sent them off.

Today was Gu Xin’s first day at the government office, so Lu Zheng couldn’t bring her around too much. He sent her back after dinner.

“Tsk, third sister, when you go to the Yamen, you give people the feeling that you’re not home!” Gu Ren was on leave today and laughed at Gu Xin when he saw that she only came back now.

“You little brat, what are you saying? I’m doing something serious outside!” Gu Xin knocked on his head.

“Oh, really? The court of judicial review is so good, does it even include meals?” Gu Ren asked with a smile.

“Stinky endure endure!” Gu Xin pulled his chubby face to the side.

Gu Ren shouted for help, but no one came to save him. Even his fat mother laughed along.

Gu Ren sighed in his heart. Was this the ancient times, or the hot-blooded ancient times he had written? He was afraid that he had crossed over to the venerated woman’s Kingdom, and his whole family valued women over men.

After the fun, the family members started asking about Gu Xin’s case. They mainly asked if she was used to it and if she bullied or was bullied by others.

They didn’t ask much about the case.

Gu Xin didn’t disclose the situation to her family, only mentioning Zheng qiuhe gang and he Qiang.


The next morning, Gu Xin went to the Yamen after breakfast. Knowing that she might have to go to the mortuary to look for Zheng Qiu and that Dong Xue was afraid, Gu Xin did not even bring Dong Xue along and went by carriage.

In any case, if there were any errands to run, he could let the coachman do it. If the coachman couldn’t do it, there was still he gang and he Qiang.


In the government office, everyone was very curious about Princess Xin Xin. If they thought that she was here to have fun yesterday, then after the curly hair clues she found yesterday and the situation of the roof tiles, they didn’t think that Gu Xin was here to have fun today.
Mr. Qin might sound like a middle-aged man, but he was actually young, only two years older than Lu Zheng.

He invited Gu Xin to sit down and took out a drawing.

Gu Xin looked over in confusion and felt that it was familiar, ” “Mr. Qin, is this the map of the Wang family Village?”

Mr. Qin nodded,”this is the courtyard of the deceased, Wang Dashun and his family.” This was the home of the main family of the Wang family Village, the home of Wang Dashun’s brother, Wang Da an. This is the road to the back of the mountain, and there is a cave in the forest behind the Wang family Village.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Gu Xin.

Gu Xin raised her eyebrows. What did this mean?

“Yesterday, the princess asked he gang and he Qiang to keep an eye on Wang Changfu. At the hour of the day, Wang Changfu went out with a bag and came to the mountains,” Mr. Qin continued.

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