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Chapter 2058: 2058 Chapter 2057-details

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2058 Chapter 2057-details
Gu Xin’s eyes lit up,’is it the Liu brothers? Is Wang Changfu going to kill him?”

Mr. Qin didn’t answer, but continued, ” “Yesterday, the princess could tell that something was wrong with Wang Changfu just from their first meeting. She even deliberately said that the Liu brothers had to be brought to justice, Dead or Alive. Did the princess ever think that Wang Changfu would not take the bait? If you don’t take the bait, what does the princess want?”

what? ” Gu Xin was taken aback. Mr. Qin, I was just rushing to say what I wanted to say. I only said what I said based on Wang Changfu’s performance. If Wang Changfu was acting normally, I wouldn’t have said so much to him. Of course, if he’s more careful and doesn’t take the bait, I’ll continue to look for clues today.”

“Princess, how do you plan to find the clues?” Mr. Qin asked.

go ask Xiao Qiu about the results of all the body checks, ” Gu Xin said. then, go to the Wang family Village and ask Wang Shunzi’s neighbors, Wang Liushi, and the Wang family’s daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law about their situation.


Mr. Qin continued to ask,”Princess, do you have any idea what happened?” In other words, the murderer’s motive and the entire case process?”
Gu Xin thought for a while and answered honestly, ” “I do have an idea about this. First of all, from yesterday’s situation, the men and women of the Wang family had died in different ways. Among the women of the Wang family, Wang Siyun and Wang Zhangshi had died the most tragic deaths. I think the murderer’s primary target is either Wang Siyun or Wang Zhangshi. The fabric of Wang Zhangshi’s clothes was found under Wang Siyun’s broken nails, which also confirmed that Wang Zhangshi’s clothes were indeed damaged. That meant that Wang Siyun had died earlier than Wang Zhangshi. From Wang Siyun’s room to Wang Zhangshi’s room, there was no blood at all, so we can deduce that Wang Zhangshi was not hurt in Wang Siyun’s room, and she was only killed when she returned to her room.”

“Then, it can be said that the Wang Zhang family and the murderer knew each other. All the rooms of the deceased had curly hair in the corners, except for Wang Zhangshi’s room. It could be inferred that the murderer had hidden in the other rooms for a while, but not in Wang Zhangshi’s room. The murderer had forgotten about the corner when he was cleaning the scene, so the murderer, who was hiding in Wang Zhangshi’s room, could not clean up the hair he had dropped in the room. However, because he was hiding in the other rooms, or because he didn’t have much time left, he left his curly hair behind.”

“From this, we can conclude that Wang Zhangshi and Wang Siyun both knew the murderer, and their relationship was not ordinary. It could also be said that the murderer hated Wang Siyun. As for why all the women in the Wang family died in such a brutal way, we can make an assumption. For example, when Wang Siyun was with the murderer, the women of the Wang family inadvertently said words that hurt the murderer.”

“From what we know, Wang Liushi’s maternal brother originally planned to marry Wang Siyun for his youngest son, but he was rejected by Wang Liushi, and the two families even quarreled. This year, the Liu brothers had come to pay a New Year’s visit. Perhaps the Liu family’s kid had really taken a fancy to Wang Siyun. However, Wang Siyun grew up near the capital and was pampered by her family. Perhaps she did not like this poor cousin from afar and her words might hurt him. The woman from the Wang family also felt that her sister-in-law shouldn’t marry such a person, so the Liu family’s boy killed all those who didn’t like him.”

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