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Chapter 424: Useless

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Chapter 424 Useless

Why did he choose to kill a person in three minutes? Furthermore, he was so calm. He was simply creating panic and the greatest public opinion. He had dealt a heavy blow to the ordinary police, who were not mentally strong enough, making them have no choice but to listen to the arrangements.

Not to mention the thought of launching a sneak attack when he found an opportunity.

The policemen repeated their old tune and shouted, “Don’t be impulsive. Don’t you want money? We’ll give you money. There’s no need to hurt ordinary people…”

Gu Qian shook his head. What was the use of telling them this now? If they were human, they would not have done such a thing.

The ruthlessness of the robbers made everyone feel immense pressure.

Even Gu Qian, who had seen countless big scenes, was extremely furious.

Seeing that the people who had been killed were innocent commoners, how could he stand idly by?

From afar, the deputy director of the police station, who had rushed over after hearing the news, had cold sweat on his face.

His heart was cold. When has the director ever gone on a business trip? Why did he have to go on a business trip two days before this matter happened? Now, he had to command the scene himself.

He saw a few people die in front of him, but he was helpless.

The police beside him did not think of a feasible method. If he delayed any longer and a few more people died, his position as the Deputy Director would be over.

Ring… At this moment, his phone rang.

“Hello, Deputy Director Yang. The five million USD they asked for has already passed the approval. You have to stabilize the situation and not let them kill anyone again! Drag it out for at most half an hour before the money arrives!” The voice on the other end of the line was also very anxious.

“Oh, hurry up and think of a way. This criminal is crazy and isn’t afraid of anything. Half an hour? Ten people will be gone!” Deputy Director Yang wiped the sweat on his face and his voice was trembling.

“Understood. Don’t worry, we’ve already sent out the special forces. They’re about to arrive. Please stabilize the criminals’ emotions first and reduce the casualties as much as possible!” the person on the other end of the line said.

Deputy Director Yang finally heaved a sigh of relief. It was fine as long as he did not hold on to this hot potato again. If people were to die under his eyes, it would all be on him.

However, it would be different if the special forces came. When the time came, it would be all their responsibility!

“Okay, okay, okay. Tell your people to hurry up. The situation here is really critical!” Deputy Director Yang sighed and continued to tense up.

“The Special Forces will probably take six to seven minutes at most. Please hold on for a while longer!” the person from the military guaranteed.

Hearing this number, Deputy Director Yang felt much more relaxed.

After six to seven minutes, at most two people would die. Fortunately, it was acceptable!

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The rest could be blamed on the military!

Soon, there was a faint sound of a police siren in the distance. Indeed, the people from the military had arrived!

The scene was packed. The spectators did not dare to approach, but they did not dare to leave either. They stayed far away to watch the commotion. The police car could not drive in for a moment.

The police car stopped neatly and more than ten Special Forces soldiers in black flew out of the car. They were all armed and ran toward the bank. Their movements were very capable.

Gu Qian stared at them tightly. After all, they could be considered peers. He wanted to judge the standards in the country.

Everyone quickly approached the bank where the criminal was.

When the criminal saw that it was a Special Forces soldier, he did not panic at all. Instead, he pulled a young girl over and killed her in front of a group of special forces soldiers as a greeting gift.

Blood flowed to the ground again, mixing with the congealed blood from before. The scene was very terrifying.

“Please wait a moment. The money will be here in less than half an hour. Please don’t hurt innocent people anymore!” Even the Special Forces could do nothing against such criminals.

The son of the kidnapper turned a deaf ear to her and only wandered around the door unscrupulously. He was very arrogant.

The Special Forces soldiers did not dare to move at all. As long as they hurt a person, a few commoners would immediately pay the price in blood. No one dared to bet their lives.

Gu Qian also stared fixedly. Although he had lived overseas for a long time, he was also furious when he saw his compatriots being slaughtered like this.

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