My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1454

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Chapter 1454: 1454

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Chapter 1454 Single Man

“You’re right she is an actress.” Fu Shiqin nodded.

“I knew it! You were single a few days ago and now you have a girlfriend! That is so unreal!” Fu Shiyi snorted.

It had taken him and his brother such a long time to get their girlfriends but Fu Shiqin had found a girlfriend within a few days and he even showed off to them. So it was because he had found someone to play the role!

“I mean, her profession is actress, are you stupid?”

Fu Shiqin knew that Fu Shiyi must be suspecting that Ling Jiao was hired by him to play his girlfriend.

Fu Shiyi looked unconvinced. “She is an actress, an actress who plays your girlfriend.”

“Believe it or don’t believe it.” Fu Shiqin was too lazy to explain anything more. The more he tried to explain, the more it seemed that his girlfriend was hired.

Although he did get someone to play the role, he must not let anyone see that this was the case.

“Our brother and sister-in-law have been in a good relationship, right? It took our brother one year or so to win her over. I spent almost three years pursuing Dongdong before I was no longer single. Yet you got a girlfriend in just a few days and have shown off your love on Moments. Who are you lying to?” Fu Shiyi analyzed logically.

“So just because you pursued Ding Dongdong for three years, which you did to yourself by the way! Do you think that I can’t fall in love with someone at first sight?” Fu Shiqin countered.

“Love at first sight? Love at first sight?!” Fu Shiyi sized him up and said, “But I don’t see that you have fallen in love at all.”

“You are blind.” Fu Shiqin snorted.

Fu Shiyi smiled and said reasonably, “Second Brother, you think too simply of dating. A man in love and a single man have totally different personalities. Although you said that you are in a relationship, I still think that you are single.”

Fu Shiqin felt a bit guilty. He thought that he needed to train their teamwork these days, otherwise he would not be able to fool them.

“Feeling guilty? I was right.” Fu Shiyi looked as if he was right. Fu Shiqin was just thinking about how to counter when his phone rang.

He picked it up and heard Ling Jiao’s voice.

“Second Master, are you home safe?”

“You are still awake?” Fu Shiqin threw a look at Fu Shiyi who was getting closer to the phone and sounded so gentle that Ling Jiao was very startled.

Ling Jiao understood and her voice turned sweet and gentle.

“I miss you. I am worried that you did not get home safe.”

“Alright, I am home safe, so you can rest now.” Fu Shiqin thought that Ling Jiao was quick to react.

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Fu Shiyi, who was next to his ears, started to feel a bit confused about what the woman was talking about.

Ling Jiao smiled and said, “Qinqin, you haven’t kissed me yet.”

Fu Shiqin felt his heart aching. He glanced at Fu Shiyi next to him and kissed the phone.

Ling Jiao chuckled and kissed the phone too.

“Then I will sleep now.”

“Good night,” Fu Shiqin said with the most gentle tone he had ever used.

Seeing them finishing the call, Fu Shiyi sized up Fu Shiqin in disbelief.

He had noticed that Fu Shiqin looked single, but when he was talking with the woman on the phone, it seemed that he did have a girlfriend.

“Second Brother, it seems that you really are not single, which means you are not acting for us.”

Fu Shiqin squinted at him. “I am too bored to play pretend.”

But he was so bored that he found someone else to play pretend.

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