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Chapter 152: Early Graduation (2)    

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Bai Xiruo said, “It’s like this, the results of our class’s swordsmanship is better than expected, but their cultivation results are poor. I was wondering if you could lend me a month of class hours? I’ll teach the students to cultivate for an extra period of time.”

Borrowing class hours was nothing out of the ordinary.

Every school year, Qingzhou Academy had rigid teaching targets for cultivation and swordsmanship.

For example,for the first year of swordsmanship, the strike value of each student had to be at least 30. As long as one could meet their targets, they could transfer their remaining class hours to other teachers.

The teachers who had met targets could do whatever they wanted with their time after that.

For example, Lu Ping could even take a vacation if he wanted to. He did not need to come back to school for the remaining ten months, and his salary would still be paid.

However, the problem was that Qingzhou Academy had another rule. If the teacher in charge could get the children to graduate early, their remaining salary would be paid in one go and they’d still be paid for every month after that!

However, the condition here was that all the students in the class had to graduate early!

This was very difficult. After all, there were only a few geniuses per class.

There were also some children with poor aptitude. In this way, it was actually very difficult to meet all the students’ teaching targets ahead of time.

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As for Lu Ping, he had already completed more than a year’s worth of teaching targets for three classes at the same time. It was hard to imagine how many people were envious of him.

If Lu Ping applied for leave, Lu Ping’s remaining class hours would be distributed to the other teachers according to a ratio of needs.

However, in that case, Bai Xiruo would be able to receive relatively few classes.

Bai Xiruo said again, “If you are willing to give me some class hours, I’m willing to give you an additional 5000 star dollars!”

Bai Xiruo understood that Lu Ping was a person who loved money.

Unfortunately, Lu Ping thought for a moment and shook his head, he smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Bai, I plan to complete the teaching targets for all three years in the next two months. So unfortunately, I can’t lend you any class hours!”

It was impossible to lend her class hours.

He had to fulfill the system task to reap the benefits promised by He Yong.

5,000 star dollars was nothing in comparison to these benefits.

Moreover, after completing the teaching target, Lu Ping could receive a large sum of money!

This was very beneficial to Lu Ping’s cultivation.

So no matter from which angle, Lu Ping agreeing to Bai Xiruo was not something that would benefit him.

Bai Xiruo was speechless. He wanted to complete the three-year teaching targets in two months?

If people knew about it, they would think that his class was full of geniuses.

But the problem was, Bai Xiruo did not understand why.

He clearly did not have any geniuses in class! It was just that these average students had blossomed under Lu Ping’s hands! She could not understand.

Lu Ping smiled and said, “Anyway, after I complete the teaching target, the remaining class hours will be divided among you guys. If nothing goes wrong, I might even give up the culture class. Anyway, Ms. Bai, according to the teaching progress, you should be able to squeeze some time out of the curriculum for additional cultivation.”

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Hearing this, Bai Xiruo was a little confused.

“Mr. Lu, what do you mean? Why do you want to give up the culture class?”

Lu Ping smiled, “If it’s really possible, I might apply to transfer to the middle school department.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiruo’s heart skipped a beat.

Was he going to leave?

If so, it would be hard to see him in school during the day?

She left Lu Ping’s room in a daze.

To be honest, although they were both in the villa at night, they actually communicated more during the day.

After class, they would more or less chat. When they returned to the villa, Lu Ping would usually return to his room to cultivate or go out to tutor others.

After spending a long time with a person they liked, it was inevitable that they would develop feelings.

Especially when they secretly liked a person, they might even get used to the routine of being with their crush.

When liking a person became a routine, it was very scary.

In fact, there was another reason why Lu Ping rejected Bai Xiruo. It was that after a month, Lu Ping had found that the Qi and blood surge of his students were gradually declining. Although the trend was not too obvious, it was still beginning to decline, so Lu Ping planned to seize the opportunity during this period of time and lead the students to improve.

Of course, Lu Ping was not the only one who found this problem.

Many other teachers also saw it.

However, on the second day of the monthly exam, when everyone went to work, a shocking thing happened.

The Qi and blood of all the children in Lu Ping’s class became extremely vigorous again. Because of the medicinal effects of the pills they had taken last time, their Qi and blood became even more vigorous this time.

This result really exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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