My Soulmate is a Libero

My Soulmate is a Libero
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Qin Chunxiao lives in a world with a soulmate setting called “The Rich Young Master Is Top-Rated.” The book chronicles the emotional entanglement between the wealthy young master and his ex-husband, actor Bai Ming. However, there are no money-making cheats or shortcuts to becoming rich.

Qin Chunxiao, whose hometown’s housing prices exceed 40,000 yuan, remains expressionless: I know this plot may be entertaining, but it won’t make me any money.

As an unnamed bystander in the book, Qin Chunxiao doesn’t adhere to the original storyline. Instead, he diligently focuses on his volleyball career. His goal is to join the men’s volleyball national team before 2024, attend the Paris Olympics to explore the world, and save enough money for a down payment by the age of 30. His aim is to move his family out of their old, dilapidated rental house.

A few years later, he finally went abroad to compete as a member of the national team. However, the plane disintegrated in the air, and the first piece of cabin debris that was about to hit him was blocked by a kind neighbor. The moment the neighbor died, his vision lost its color. Another piece of the plane then sent him away as well.

Opening his eyes again, Qin Chunxiao found himself back seven years ago. At that time, he was in the third year of junior high school, holding the “Three-year High School Examination and Four-year Simulation” in his hand. He looked at the paper with mixed feelings of sadness and joy.

The sad part is that he has to go through the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination again. The happy part is that if he gets another chance, his volleyball dream may soar even higher.

Qin Chunxiao aspires to become the world’s number one volleyball libero.

Sunny little angel volleyball player Shou x God of Wealth Attack.

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