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Chapter 1809: One Two One  

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“He would give me the same ‘one, two, one’ command. We only tried it once, but it worked then. I thought it would be no problem for us to do the same thing now. How could I have known that your rhythm would be so awful?! If I had known, I would have practiced it with you beforehand!”

Their class had suffered a major loss in the competition because Li Xinjie had been unwilling to practice. The students had looked at Li Xinjie disdainfully, blaming her for their loss and feeling very dissatisfied.

Now, upon listening to Li Xinjie’s words, they realized that it was Wang Hongjin’s fault.

After all, her method had worked before.

As soon as Li Xinjie finished speaking, more than half of the students turned their displeased gazes toward Wang Hongjin.

Wang Hongjin’s small face was flushed. He wanted to retort, but he did not know what to say.

When they were racing just now, she had been calling out “one, two, one”, but her footsteps were not in sync with her words. Now, she was pushing the blame onto Wang Hongjin.

Wang Hongjin was angry before. Now, after being provoked by Li Xinjie, he was furious. He stood up and pushed her.

Li Xinjie was pushed so hard that she staggered backward and fell to the ground. Her eyes reddened and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Li Xinjie’s mother wanted to go over and teach Wang Hongjin a lesson, but then she noticed the other students start to scold him instead. Thus, she chose not to teach him a lesson but just helped her daughter up from the ground.

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“Wang Hongjin, why are you like this? This is clearly not right, you pushing Li Xinjie.”

“That’s right! If we all had your attitude, wouldn’t we gang up on you right now?”

“If you weren’t stupid, our class wouldn’t have lost.”

“That’s right!”

Wang Hongjin’s face turned even redder. Again, he wanted to retort but could not find the words.

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Wang Hongjin’s mother was also very angry, but as an adult, she could not go up and start scolding the large group of students.

Nangong Nuannuan watched from the sidelines and said in a low voice, “Children nowadays are incredible. They can do so much even at such a young age. They are simply much more capable than we were when we were kids.”

Chi Yang reached out to hold his wife’s hand. “There are many such people in society who have been raised like this from a young age. However, their development in this regard may present as a limiting factor later on. The little cleverness they think they have limits their development of true, great wisdom. Nan Xu can handle his classmates. You don’t have to worry about him.”

“I’m not worried. Didn’t you see Nan Xu criticize that woman until she was left speechless?”

As for Wang Hongjin, that poor child, Nuannuan did not consider helping him out. After all, he was not her responsibility.

“You guys make Wang Hongjin sound so unbearable. Why don’t you try pairing up with me?” Nan Xu suddenly asked.

“Nan Xu, you and Li Xinran were the fastest pair. Don’t swap partners now! You two are the best!” a classmate said.

“Since I’m the best, would you like to try pairing up with me? We’ll follow Li Xinjie’s method of counting ‘one, two, one’ We’ll walk alongside each other and see how we compare. It doesn’t have to be a competition. Let’s just treat it as a game.”

“Okay.” The student immediately agreed.

Thus, these two children were tied together. The other classmate called out “one, two, one” while Nan Xu followed his commands. Although he walked better than Li Xinjie had, the two of them still stumbled.

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