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Chapter 1093: 1093

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Chapter 1093: Chi Yang’s Eagle

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Both Aiden and Dan Qi looked like tourists who came visiting from overseas, strolling into the old alley and harmoniously blending into the scenery.

Even though this alley was not easy to find, there were many good places and small bars inside. As the saying goes, the smell of good alcohol travels across the darkest alleys. Many tourists still managed to find their way here.

Behind the alley were a few small courtyard houses. Even though they were not big, the houses were shockingly expensive.

Aiden and Dan Qi walked over to one of the courtyards and looked at the electronic door lock. Dan Qi scanned it with his computer and the image of an electronic door lock appeared on his tablet. After that, his fingers fluttered over the tablet before reading a few numbers out loud. Aiden keyed in the numbers and the door opened.

In the courtyard, a foreigner sat leisurely and was basking in a gongfu tea ceremony.. His gaze was locked onto his target—Chi Yang.

At this instant, Chi Yang was in training alongside those soldiers in the special forces in the fields in Jiang District. Everything was going well with Scorpion’s side too. Since there was not much for him to do, he fell in love with the Camino’s gongfu tea ceremony.

However, just as Seville relaxed, the door suddenly opened.

When he saw that Dan Qi was among the people who went through the door, he instantly felt uneasy.

After that, a massacre took place in the courtyard.

Dan Qi had always known about Seville. Rumors had it that Seville was second only to Dan Qi in KE.

Although he never admitted it.

However, since this person was granted such a title, nobody could blame Dan Qi for being ruthless. After all, the existence of such a person would bring many inconveniences to their lives in the future.

Big Boss had already announced that if they wanted to destroy KE, they must ensure that KE was annihilated.

They would never let King live under their watch.

Aiden and Dan Qi, a gentleman and an innocent youth, murdered their enemies in a civilized manner.

Coupled with Dan Qi’s many mechanical inventions, it did not take long for all 5 people in the house to be dead. There was no sound of gunfire from the courtyard.

Most of them were shot in the head or the heart and died immediately.

Although Seville was second only to Dan Qi in terms of hacking, he was not even one-tenth as strong as Dan Qi in terms of combat strength. He was just a Rank-3A killer. To Dan Qi, Seville was just a noobie.

After the duo killed everyone, Aiden dragged the men into a room that was rarely used. Then, he diligently cleaned up the place.

Meanwhile, after everyone died, Dan Qi sat on the chair that Seville sat on earlier. He cleaned the teapot and teacups, boiled some water, and made tea. Then, he took out a tablet and continued to watch the drama that he had been binging.

From now on, the two of them might have to live here for a while until Viper contacted Seville.

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Chi Yang brought Scorpion back to Eagle’s headquarters. This was also the first time Chi Yang returned to his base in the past six months.

Eagle Special Forces Unit was the most unique unit among the special forces in Camino.

He had the least number of people among the units in the military base. However, with all the elites of the military base combined and multiplied by 10, they were still not as powerful as this special forces unit.

Anyone lucky enough to become a soldier in the special forces had the ultimate dream of joining Eagle Special Forces.

That was because the members of this team were all carefully selected soldiers from among the special forces.

They were the best of the best.

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that they were the most vital unit in protecting Camino. Neither would it be an overstatement to say members of Eagle would always be present at any major military missions in which countering, crackdowns, and the rest were involved.

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