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Chapter 820: 820

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Chapter 820: An Ambitious Project. 2

"And where will this dimension be?" Ruby was the first to recover from Victor's words.

"There." Victor pointed to Nightingale's moon.


"Are you really going to do what you said!? I thought you were joking!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Having a floating island where you can go anywhere is the dream of mankind." Victor laughed.

'Although what I'm going to do is not just a simple island,' he thought internally.

"That's ridiculous," Ruby sighed.

"Why is it ridiculous? Don't you want a portable house?"

"Huh?" Ruby exclaimed.

"I mean, why should I leave home if I want to travel? Isn't it easier to bring my house with me?" He stated.

"I like that mentality." Pepper, Siena, and Violet chimed in simultaneously, like those who enjoyed being lazy the most, they 100% support this plan.

Ruby's lips twisted. It's not that she's against it; in fact, just like Pepper, Siena, and Violet, she also really likes this plan, but... It's surreal, right? How is he going to do this?

"A house that follows you anywhere, huh... Isn't that the ultimate laziness? I like it." Sasha said.

"Me too, that way it'll be easier to stay close to Victor, after all, he'll take us everywhere with him." Natashia added.

"Yeah, consequently, we can practice more." Sasha replied.

Natashia gave Sasha a knowing smile.

Seeing her mother's smirk, Sasha blushed, "I'm not talking about that kind of practice! Get your mind out of the gutter!"

"Never." Natashia declared.

"Ugh." Sasha made a defeated face.

"Although this is just my initial idea, with my new evolution, and the authorities I've acquired, I was thinking of creating a pantheon."

".... " The place fell silent again.


"You... You... Sigh..." Ruby just sighed.

Sasha patted Ruby's shoulder and said, "Let it go, Ruby. You know our husband, if he's going to do something, he's always going to do something big."

Victor chuckled. "Why just an island when I can have a pantheon? Why just a pantheon when I can make a world for myself?" His eyes gleamed with excitement.

The girls began to feel a sense of unease about this; they shivered a bit when he said 'world.'

"It can't be, right? He won't do that, right?" Ruby was still in doubt, but knowing her husband, he probably will, now how he's going to do it was the golden question.

"Okay... How are you going to do this?" Rhea asked curiously.

"Even for the gods of the past, making a pantheon was difficult, you know? The ones who made our pantheon were the original four primordials, and they did it together, and to be called a pantheon, you need to have your own dimension, not just a piece of land."

"Woman, I fought against Thanatos, Erebus, and their illegitimate son at the same time; do you think I can't do this?" Victor rolled his eyes.

"It's easier than you think; you just need the right people, and I have all of them here with me."

"... I mean, it's not that, but..." She blushed a bit, she was just incredulous.

"Not to mention that Nyx and Gaia are here." Victor pointed to his side where Gaia was, and the other side where there was no one, but that was just an illusion.

Victor made a gesture with his hand, and soon Nyx appeared.

"... Hello?" She scratched her head a bit while looking at Victor with narrowed eyes.

'He casually undid my divinity, damn monster.'

"Now let's get to work; everyone will help me with this."

"And you, Rose and Eleonor, you'll be living with me starting tomorrow, and your Clan will live in my pantheon as well."

"W-Wait, you can't decide that." Eleonor stammered.

"Yes, I can, who's going to stop me? Vlad?" Victor snorted.

"Not to mention that Vlad himself allowed it in exchange for an alliance."

"Here." Victor tossed a paper to Eleonor.

"Impossible... He can't do this!"

"You're mine, Eleonor, do you think I would leave you in uncertainty for long? Just follow your heart, and leave it to me. You can protect Nightingale even while living in my pantheon."

"....." Eleonor pouted, but she wasn't angry.

Rose could see very well that she was relieved; after all, this issue of respecting her Clan's wishes and following Victor always weighed on her mind.

Victor making the decision for her just made her throw her hands up and have an excuse for her ancestors, saying, "An evil dragon kidnapped me and took my Clan, what do you think I could do?"

"Gaia, you'll be in charge of the earth formation, Nyx, influence the gravity field, Natalia, you come help too!"

"W-Wait, Darling this is above my level—.. Humpf?"

Victor didn't care about Natalia's words and just kissed her, he didn't transform her, he just... Gave a lot of energy.


A pillar of energy shot out of Natalia's body.

"Haaah~… Amazing." Her body shuddered as if she was experiencing a climax.

"And now? You can help?"

"Easily." She smiled seductively.

"Scathach get your fat ass over here, and you too Zaladrac."

Scathach wakes up from her senses, and looks at Victor in the sky, her eyes narrow dangerously when she heard what he said, but just snorted, and flew towards him.

"Jeanne, you will help too!"

"Yes, yes. I can imagine what you're going to do." Jeanne floated toward Victor.

"Aline, get ready, I'm going to integrate Hell into the new dimension."

"... Yes, My King." Aline spoke seriously.

"Helena, Lily, Vepar, Vine."

"Prepare for Plan 'Creation'."

"... Your Majesty, are you really going to do this?" Helena asked seriously.

"Of course."

"Very well..." Helena closed her eyes and then looked at Lily. "Fetch your mother; it's time for her to pay for eating for free for so long."

A shit-eating grin appeared on Lily's face: "Hehehehe, leave it to me." She was very happy to fulfill this role... the role of tormenting Lilith.

Yes, Lily had a lot of frustration towards her mother, after all, she was responsible for taking care of Lilith in Hell.

"Don't forget to stabilize the hells so that there won't be problems with the souls." Helena warned.


"Vine, Vaper, you'll come with me to the Greek underworld." Helena ordered.

"Yes." Vine and Vaper easily nodded; they already knew what they had to do.

Victor clapped his hands, and a sonic boom echoed around.

"Attention, citizens of Nightingale." With an authority in his voice that made everyone look up.

"A show you'll never be able to see again will happen; don't panic, because I'm in control of everything." He casually warned, and in the next moment, a pure red power emanated from Victor's body and enveloped all of Nightingale.

Victor's wings grew wide, fully opened, covering the entire sky.

"So vast... It's like he's protecting everyone." Hestia commented.

"Dragons are broken beings, Hestia."

Hestia looked to the side and saw Aphrodite standing with her arms crossed.

"And Victor, who's on top of all dragons, is even more broken than all of them combined."

Hestia couldn't say anything to Aphrodite's words because she felt like the world had crashed down on her.

This feeling lasted only for a few seconds, but everyone felt it. Hestia looked at the sky again and saw it painted entirely in reddish-purple.

"All of this... Is his power?" Hestia was incredulous, and she wasn't the only one.

"Yes, he's using his wings as a way to help control his immense energy." Aphrodite spoke.

Zaladrac, Scathach, and Metis widened their eyes when they saw the 'immensity' of Victor's powers; it was like looking into an endless abyss.

'He wasn't exaggerating when he said he felt 1000 times more invincible than me.' Scathach thought.

"Vivian, get the fairies."

"Yes, Master!" Vivian didn't waste time; she left Victor's inner world and went to fetch her Fairies.



"It's time to show your older sister that you're better than her."

Roxanne's smile widened; she was completely excited now.

[Leave it to me, Darling!]

Badump, Badump.

Sounds of heartbeats were heard, like an engine working at high speed.

Suddenly, Victor's power began to increase.

10x. 20x. 30x. 1000x, and it continued to rise. In terms of raw energy, Victor was unmatched.

Outside the planet, the crimson color with shades of purple was quite visible; Nightingale's universe was being painted with Victor's colors.

"Holy Jesus... This damn monster." Vlad completely underestimated him. [Once again.] The amount of power that man had.

"Let's see, the heavenly father was said to have created the world in seven days... Let's do it in 7 hours just to see his reaction."

Victor raised his hand like a conductor about to begin a concert, and then he spoke in a language no one except Jeanne understood:

"Initiate planetary creation."

Jeanne's eyes widened, this time in pure shock. 'He can see the system so deeply!?' She was so shocked that she even forgot to breathe: 'Is it because of my brother's blessing?' She couldn't see any other reason.

Suddenly, all the energy emanating from Victor's body disappeared... No, it was sucked into somewhere, a place only Jeanne and Victor could see.

The principle of equivalent exchange was happening; by using his superior energy as fuel, Victor employed the principle of creation that only primordial beings could use, and... Created.

Wrong, the more correct would be to say that he 'dominated' the force of Creation. Just like a heartless bastard, he'd spanked her, and told her to follow her orders.

Creation could only cry, and accept its fate to be helplessly used by this brute.

After all, Victor is not a god of creation, he cannot create anything, he can only control what already exists as a Progenitor dragon, and that's what he did.

A feat that cannot be performed by any normal dragon except the Progenitor.

He commanded creation.

His mouth opened again, this time with draconic language:

"All creation is under my command."

Changes began to take place; the entire planet began to tremble as if a magnitude 10 earthquake were happening.

Slowly, the lands of the Snow Clan, Fulger Clan, and Adrasteia Clan started rising towards the sky.

"Oh my god..." Pepper exclaimed.

"There's no god in the sky, Pepper." Siena spoke. "At least not on this planet."

"That's just a figure of speech! Look at this view! If this isn't the work of a god, I don't know what is."

"He's not a god, Pepper... He's a dragon." Siena continued to speak in disbelief as she looked at the sight before her.

A state that everyone present was feeling.


Wildlands, home of the Elder Gods.

A woman with long blonde hair and golden eyes looked towards Nightingale.

"This energy..." She narrowed her eyes and quickly appeared in the sky.

When she saw the scene before her and felt the energy, she spoke.

"My younger sister... Have you grown so much already? But why am I not feeling your connection with this planet?" She narrowed her eyes and tried to sense again the small sprout that was her sister, but... Nothing was there.

"She's gone... No, not gone, this energy is hers..." The woman's eyes sharpened, and she saw a man.

In that moment she saw the figure of her younger sister... The younger sister who had a more mature body than hers and seemed older than her, embracing that man.

"She... She... She merged with the soul of a being!" Pure disbelief was seen on her face, for a moment, she thought about the possible terrible implications of not having a negative world tree on a planet, and her face became lifeless, almost desperate, but those feelings disappeared completely into envy when she saw her sister's body again.

"And who's this figure!? How is she older than me!? This is impossible!"


Despite being deeply focused on his work, Victor didn't lower his guard; he clearly felt several powerful gazes looking in their direction, the Elder Gods were observing.

If these gods decided to interfere, what he was doing would become a bit more complicated, but nothing unmanageable, after all, he had Jeanne to shoulder his burden even if only for a few minutes.

"Let's continue!" Now that the properties of his wives were in the sky, he would gather more resources... Inside and outside the planet.

"Gaia, take a portion of the wildlands and the planet in general."

"Leave it to me... Ugh, and to think I would have to do this complex work again! Why did I get involved in this war?"

"Stop mumbling woman, or I will spank your ass." Victor growled.

Gaia shuddered, and she blushed slightly. "O-Okay, I'll do it! Goddamn! I will just do it!"

"But don't expect perfection, after all, I'm not connected with this planet." She warned him just in case she failed.

Her hair began to flow and she began to control the unexplored lands of Nightingale's planet.

As the planet was larger than Earth, there were many places they could borrow earth.

"Jeanne, shoulder the burden for a few seconds." Victor spoke.

"Leave it to me." Jeanne touches Victor's shoulder.

Soon Victor feels the weight of what he was doing lighten a little, and soon he looks up at the sky.

"Nyx, it's your turn, take the biggest one you see in this universe."

"The biggest!? Are you sure?"


Nyx blinked twice, and just nodded. "Fine, leave it to me." Nyx looks at the sky, her gaze goes beyond the planet, and arrives in space, soon she starts looking for the biggest rock she can see.

"I thought... And this asteroid has a lot of interesting stories too."

Victor looks in the direction Nyx was looking and sees what she has taken.

"Perfect." He smiled satisfied, and looked at Natalia.

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