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Chapter 821: 821

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Chapter 821: An Ambitious Project. 3

Nyx blinked twice and simply nodded. "Fine, leave it to me." Nyx looked at the sky, her gaze extended beyond the planet and reached into space. She began searching for the largest rock she could see.

"I found it... And this asteroid has several interesting materials too."

Victor looked in the direction Nyx was pointing and saw what she had grabbed.

"Perfect." He smiled satisfactorily and looked at Natalia.

"Natalia! Touch Nyx, she will instruct you."

"Yes!" Natalia touched Nyx's shoulder, and in the next moment, her senses spread out ridiculously. She was looking at the universe, and it seemed so small...

"This stone here, use your power."

"Yes...!" Natalia snapped out of her stupor and focused on the image Nyx had provided. In the next moment, a gigantic portal appeared in front of the asteroid.

"Place the portal above the planet, not too close to avoid getting caught in the atmosphere," Victor said.



Victor used his hand and pulled the asteroid into the portal. In the next moment, everyone on the planet saw the stone in the sky.

Consequently, some people began to panic.

"... Are we really safe with this?" Violet swallowed hard.

"Darling wouldn't do anything that puts us in danger," Sasha said, but even she was a bit afraid.

"So this is how the extras in the war felt facing Madara..." Ruby spoke.

"It's not a pleasant feeling." Pepper added.

"I feel sorry for them." Ruby nodded.

"I definitely wouldn't want to be there." Lacus said.

As the stone in the sky started to grow, even Ruby, Lacus, and Pepper began to break out in a cold sweat.

"Is this really safe!?" Lacus exclaimed.

"Just trust Darling! He knows what he's doing... Probably!" Violet said.

"That doesn't inspire much confidence." Hestia sighed. Even as a goddess, if that stone falls on the planet, she will die! Not just her, the entire planet will.

"Gaia, your turn."

"I'm on it!" Gaia controlled the chunks of earth she took from the planet and hurled them towards the asteroid.

Everyone could see the lands of the planet merging completely with the asteroid.

Meanwhile, Victor said:

"Bruna, come here!"

"Y-Yes!" Bruna quickly flew and stood near Victor.

"Touch me, I will instruct you."

"Yes!" She didn't waste time asking what she should do, she just did as ordered.

Soon, she felt as if she were observing from Victor's point of view, and she saw hundreds of beings.

"Take all the belongings of these beings, and the beings themselves. Just leave their homes."

Bruna swallowed hard, but she nodded strongly. "Yes!"

A wave of telekinesis erupted with Bruna at the center, and soon, all the vampires present in the territories of Fulger, Snow, and Adrasteia started floating in the sky.

"Whoaa... Whoaaa. This is weird." Nero said with a strange expression as he felt his sense of gravity being messed up.

"Don't resist, it will make Bruna's job easier." Natashia said.

"Okay... Ophis, hold onto me." Nero said.

"Mm." Ophis quickly hopped onto Nero and held onto him.

Victor frowned and controlled all these lands, tossing them onto the asteroid. As the lands left the stratosphere, he felt his control being taken over by Gaia.

Seeing that everything worked perfectly, he said.

"Seal." Soon, all these properties were covered by a force field that prevented them from being destroyed.

Then he said:


Understanding what she needed to do, Nyx clapped her hands, and the starry night covered the entire asteroid.

"Roxanne, Jeanne!"

Roxanne exited Victor's body and appeared in the sky. Jeanne let go of Victor's shoulder and also flew close to Roxanne. Both women then pointed their hands at the planet. A burst of red and green energy flew towards the asteroid.

Roxanne's negative energy was enriching the asteroid, creating a conducive environment for life.

Jeanne's primordial energy was accelerating the entire process and isolating the environment.

Thanks to the combination of the two, the visible effect of the 'green' being created was seen by all. This process took the longest, lasting for three hours.

After all, it wasn't just randomly channeling energy. They needed to create 'veins' that nourish the asteroid, similar to what existed on Earth and all planets with a World Tree.

Normally, the World Tree does this passively, but Victor didn't want to wait that long. He was forcing it artificially.

During this time, Bruna gathered all the living beings from these territories and brought them to the outskirts of the Snow Clan.

"Good job, Bruna. Rest now."

"Yes..." Bruna didn't argue. She was very tired; she never thought she'd use telekinesis on such a large scale, but this experience gave her many ideas, ideas that would terrify her enemies in the future.

"Done." Roxanne and Jeanne said simultaneously.

Then Roxanne disappeared and returned inside Victor.

Victor wiped his face a bit and said to Gaia, Natalia, and Nyx. "It's our turn."

"Just follow Nyx, Natalia. You'll know what to do."


And so, it began. Nyx started compressing the planet with the starry night, isolating everything to prevent energy leakage. Yes, it was no longer just a very large asteroid.

Gaia began reshaping its interior, creating functional continents, forming ecosystems that would be used by living beings in the future.

Regions of pure ice and snow, areas where volcanoes would be more active, and most importantly, water... Lots of water.

Throughout this process, Victor assisted Gaia with his power of creation manipulation.

Gaia couldn't help glancing at Victor's serious expression as they both worked on this magnificent endeavor. She blushed slightly.

As the goddess of the earth, the act of creating a place entirely made of nature and free from the influence of living beings was extremely pleasurable for her.

'I should advise him not to establish a civilization on this planet, and just leave it for his family to use...' She didn't want this 'green' planet to be contaminated like Earth.

Natalia used her space power in conjunction with Nyx to ensure everything remained isolated and nothing leaked out, though even with Nyx's support, this proved quite challenging for Natalia.

"Ugh, this is tough..."

"You can do it. Don't lose focus," Victor said.

"Yes." Natalia bit her lip and pushed the energy out even harder.

Victor looked at Natalia and narrowed his eyes when he saw her body struggling.

"Jeanne, stabilize her," Victor ordered.

"Okay." Jeanne approached Natalia and touched her body. Soon, her body was forcibly stabilized by Jeanne.

What was happening was that Jeanne was taking on the burden for her own body, preventing her from collapsing. After all, the task she was performing wasn't something an ordinary human should be doing.

For Natalia, it felt like a weight was lifted from her body, allowing her to work more efficiently.

30 minutes passed, and the planet was stabilized. Now, only the finishing touch remained.

Gaia controlled the planet's earth, creating a massive hole in the middle of the planet.

"Your turn, Victor."

"Okay... Jeanne, take over."

"Leave it to me." Jeanne released Natalia.

This gesture made Natalia deeply exhale, completely exhausted.

"Very well done. For a mortal, an ordinary human, to be able to work with the gods is already a great achievement," Nyx sighed. "I should have kidnapped your ancestor when I had the chance." She added, stroking Natalia's back.

Natalia looked at Nyx strangely but still said, "Thank you, I guess..."

"What's left now?" She asked.

"Just the planet's core... And knowing Victor, what he's about to do will be ridiculous," Nyx said while looking at Victor.

Natalia looked at Victor as well, waiting to see what he would do.

Jeanne touched Victor and took on his burden. At that same moment, Victor took a deep breath, and a violet glow began to appear in his belly.

"Wait, are you sure about this!? Using the dragon's flames as the planet's core?" Gaia asked.

"Is there a problem?"

"... No, actually, this is very good. As this will be fueled by the dragon's fire, the entire system will be even richer in materials never seen before... But it will attract the greed of the gods."

"Let them come..." Victor scoffed.

"I guarantee I won't be as kind as I was to the Greek pantheon."

"... If you're that confident, I won't say anything." Gaia said.

Victor didn't respond; he just opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar that made everyone cover their ears.

Pure violet fire spewed from his mouth, like a massive beam of energy that completely obscured everyone's vision and perfectly entered the hole created by Gaia.

Unlike before, this process was faster; after all, it was just channeling energy to create a hot core.

The entire process lasted only 30 seconds, 30 seconds that made all beings almost kiss each other as they felt so much energy emanating from the man.

If this attack were aimed at a person and not the sky, what would happen? Everyone couldn't help but think about it. And the answer to that question was obvious.


"Yes." Gaia controlled the planet and sealed the hole.

Jeanne separated from Victor, and he immediately felt the weight return to his body.

He sighed a little; it might not seem like it, but mentally keeping everything under control was quite exhausting. After all, this planet needed to be registered in the system to prevent an 'anomaly' from occurring, with primordial beings intervening and undoing all of his work.

Victor raised both hands towards the planet as if he were holding it with his own hands.

He opened his mouth and spoke the same incomprehensible words that only he and Jeanne understood:

"As the king of the dimension, I declare... Olympus shall cease to exist, and a new pantheon shall rise from the ashes, a pantheon led by me."

Suddenly, Victor heard in his mind.

[Request acknowledged. Analyzing structure. Planet suitable for life.]

For a moment, Victor was surprised by this robotic voice, but he didn't dwell on it. He knew this was the voice of the system.

Even the primordial beings couldn't spend 24 hours dealing with the system; because of this, automation was necessary.

What he was hearing now was the voice of the Akashic Record itself.

[Analyzing dimension structure... Damaged. Using the principle of equivalent exchange. Owner's energy, Victor Walker, will be used.]

"Ugh..." Victor stumbled a bit, feeling his energy reserves depleting at an alarming rate.

"Victor!" Jeanne supported him.

"What's happening!?" Scathach asked.

But Jeanne didn't have time to answer; she just touched Victor, and pure green energy flowed out of her and into Victor.

[95% of energy has been drawn and used to restore and expand the dimension to accommodate the planet.]

[Conditions met. Greek Pantheon will be renamed to Pantheon 7475909777. Name will be changed in the future by the owner.]

Cold sweat formed on Victor's forehead; perhaps choosing such a large asteroid was a mistake, but luckily Jeanne was there, or he would be very debilitated now.

"Thank you, Jeanne." Victor lifted his head, and everyone was surprised to see a golden circle in his eyes.

"Just focus on using my energy."

Victor nodded.

Scathach opened her mouth, she was about to say something, but she held back. Now wasn't the time for that, she realized.

Victor looked upward toward the planet, and soon, he saw the planet being 'covered' by a thin layer of space.

[Process complete. Dimension created, and planet attached... Administrator intervention highlighted, corrective actions will be taken.]

Suddenly, time froze, literally, everything stopped.

The only ones unaffected were Jeanne and Victor.

A dilation occurred around Victor, and The Universal Tree, the entity responsible for maintaining and existing in the universe, appeared—the being also known as the one who oversees all life.

"You seem to be doing something quite significant, Victor."

"Brother!" Jeanne smiled.

"Hey, Jeanne. You're more beautiful than ever. I see that your relationship is doing wonders for you."

"Mm." Jeanne nodded bashfully.

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