My Vampire System - Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: 350

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Chapter 350 The third blooded

Just like before, when performing the Blood Ritual on Peter, they decided to lay Layla down on a pile of leaves.

''This should make it feel a little better," Quinn said proudly of himself as he had spent quite a bit of time sorting out the leaves to form a bed shape.

Logan stood on one side while Vorden stood on the other. After helping Quinn prepare everything, both of them took a step back away.

"Hey, you don't have to be scared of me," Layla said. "Come on; it's me."

"You know… it's just to be safe. We don't want a chunk of our arms or legs to go missing," Vorden said jokingly, remembering what they had to go through last time.

Logan nodded while taking another step even further back. "It's always best to be careful. Especially when we don't know the probabilities, I'm sure you understand."

The boys were just making Layla feel even worse. It seemed unlikely that she would be turned into something that the others should be truly scared of, but the words of the others had gotten to her. When Quinn was about to begin the next steps, she grabbed him by the wrist.

"Not that I'm having second thoughts or anything, but do you know what I could possibly turn into?" She asked.

Quinn himself didn't really know the answer to this, so instead, he reverted the question to his system.

"Hmm, that is quite a hard question to answer." The system said. "You see, I'm not sure even now, as back then, you must have heard many tales about creatures or demons. They were around during my time, so I would assume they are still spread today as folklore.

"The truth is all those tales had definitely originated from somewhere and had some type of truth to them. Most of them being subclasses of vampires.

"You have the classes that are closely related to the vampires, with these types, I would place them in something called category A. They are similar to your standard vampire but perhaps a little unique when comparing them with slight differences. Some of these can evolve into vampires, later on, some branch of slightly.

"A few examples include a halfling, you should know this one quite well, a fledgeling, thrall, and dhampir. These classes tend to be well balanced in terms of skill; they have good magic and melee abilities. With each one having thier own specialities when they later evolve."

"The next category is category B; I call this one the Undead category. This is where Peter (the ghoul), Wight, Wendigo, and a few others fit into. These have next to no magical power. But most of them make up for it with their Melee attack strength."

"And finally you have Category C, I call these the others. I know it's lame, but truthfully it's because they don't really have much in common with each other, or at least, not as much as the others. They usually tend to be strong in magical power while weak in the speed and strength department many vampires are known for. Examples are Succubus, Blood fairy, and the Banshee. The upside about this category is they usually don't have a huge negative to them like the others.

"Category A, all need some form of blood, Category B need flesh, whereas C, although different, depending on what they turn into, don't need something as difficult as the first two. Of course, there are more than the examples I have given you, but if you wanted me to list them all, we would be here all day.

"Back in the day, I did quite a bit of research on this, so you have come to ask the right person. But even as great as I am with my vast amount of knowledge can not pinpoint the exact reason or thing that will determine what one will change into.

"Besides, just because you know what she can turn into won't influence what she will turn into at the end of the day."

After hearing those answers, Quinn started to have second thoughts, but a promise was a promise.

"Whatever you turn into, I promise we will deal with it."

With that said, Quin continued the ritual as Layla closed her eyes. Using the tip of his fingernail, he caused a small cut in the palm of his hand. He then placed it above Layla's mouth and, as with it wide open, allowed it the blood to drip inside slowly.

A vampire's blood alone wouldn't be enough to turn someones; one would have to activate the blood ritual skill first, which he had already done. The blood continued to drip and go down her throat and then when it reached her stomach. The process had begun.

Her eyes suddenly opened wide and were glowing red, and Quinn's were beginning to glow red as well. Just like with Peter, as the energy went through her body, it started to shake violently.

There was no pain, though, and eventually, as the blood quickly took over her body and radically transformed it, the connection had stopped, and her body had stopped shaking.

"Is it done?" Vorden asked. "So, what is she?"

Layla's eyes had started to open slowly. Her vision was a little blurry as she seemed to be adjusting to things and eventually lifted herself off from the ground. A few leaves stuck to her, and she quickly brushed them off her clothes before looking up at the boys. Who seemed to be now all staring at her.

"What, what's wrong, oh no is it my face?" She said, worried about what she might have turned into. "My teeth. My feet!" She looked down at her body and felt her teeth but could feel or see nothing but the boys continued to stare at her until Vorden eventually pointed to the top of her head.

"No, it's…you have… little.." Vorden was speaking so slowly; it was beginning to annoy her.

As she felt the top of her head, she felt two little bumps just between where her hair was...

"No!…They're Horns!!!" She shouted. "Quinn, what the hell is this? What type of vampire has horns?"

"Wait, calm down, just give me a second."

Layla was quite knowledgeable when it came to Vampire type creatures. She had heard of many of them and even heard of what Peter had become, but she couldn't think of a single creature with horns on top of her head. While she was waiting for Quinn's reply, she continually tried feeling them.

It seemed like nothing else about her had changed; still, she was continually playing with the small bumps on top of her head. Thankfully they didn't stick out too much and really did just look like two little lumps.

[The blood ritual was a success]

[3/3 Family members successfully blooded]

[A new member has been added to the Cursed Family]

[You have successfully created a Namanari Hannya]

[Namanari Hannya: Hannya are emotional beings. Their powers and strength fluctuate based on their emotions, and they are more sensitive than regular beings. They are typically prone to jealousy and negativity. They often feed off the negativity of those around them as well to power up their own powers. Their powers specialize in dark and spiritual magic. This magic can also be used to influence weak-minded women to do their bidding.]

[Current skills]

[Spiritual partner: A link is formed between two people, any attack that would hurt one or the other can be passed on to the other person. A spiritual partner can be changed at any point and time but must be in the same zone as the user when being used.]

[Spiritual chains: A ranged attack. A dark black energy ball of negativity is hurled at the target if successfully hit, it will root the enemy for a certain amount of time. The chains' time and strength depend on what mental state of both the user and opponent are at the time.]

[Evolutions available: Chunari Hannya, Honnari Hannya]

Based on what the system had explained before, it looked as if Layla had turned into the type C category. A user strong in magic but didn't get a regular vampire's normal buffs, such as strength, speed, and agility.

Most of what Quinn read didn't seem to be too bad, and the magic skills would come in handy. Just like with Peter and the others before. The MC cells would have been reset, meaning Layla no longer had her telekinesis ability. If she wanted to, this was a chance to change her ability if she felt the need to.

The only thing that did worry him was the first few lines.

Suddenly, he could hear the sound of crying coming from Layla's direction.

"I'm so ugly, aren't I? These horns.. who's going to date me now?" She said as she continued to sob.

"Layla, you're not ugly," Vorden said, trying to calm her down.

"Shut up!" She shouted back.

"I think they' know.. kind of cute," Vorden said with a blush on his face.

At that point, both Logan and Quinn turned to look at Vorden. They didn't know if he was just trying to cheer her up, or if he really did have strange taste.

"Come on," Quinn said. "Let's go for a walk." He said, shaking his head, realizing this would be a different kind of trouble that they weren't used to.


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