My Vampire System - Chapter 352

Published at 21st of October 2020 04:00:04 AM

Chapter 352: 352

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Chapter 352 Feeding on Negtive energy

The spiritual chain had been cast and the balck fireball came hurling towards Quinn.

The speed was fast as well like a cannonball.

Quinn braced himself, but he didn't move and allowed it to hit his body. As soon as it made an impact across his stomach, the ball split up, and chains made of fire started to wrap around him. Not just one but several, around his body, around his arms and they all then attached themselves to the floor. Everything happened in almost an instant as soon as the ball hit.

While a part of the chains were wrapped around Quinn, the other ends wherein a circle shape attached to the floor.

Quinn tried to use half of his strength at first to move, he thought it would be enough and didn't want to upset Layla if it was weak. But it seemed impossible for him to move, he then tried using his full strength, and this time he could move slightly, but the chains still seemed to hold. A few seconds later, and they had disappeared entirely, and he could now move again.

"Well!" Layla said with an excited look on her face. She was happy with her success and how with relative ease, she was able to perform the skill on her first try.

"It's strong," Quinn replied. "Really strong. I used my full strength, and I still couldn't break free."

The boys were surprised as well at what Quinn had said, he didn't have his gauntlets on, but his regular strength was still plenty strong.

"It's a shame about the duration. It seemed to only last a second and a half." Vorden said. "But still, in a fight between life and death, that's all it can take sometimes."

"Yes," Logan replied. "But remember the text also said that it would depend on one's mental state at the time as well as the user's mental state."

Logan started to think about the tears he had seen before she had performed the skill. Perhaps this had something to do with its power but decide to remain silent for now.

Layla had a huge grin on her face, and suddenly she was pleased, her first skill was this powerful, and she didn't even have an ability yet. She could definitely be helpful to the others now, and there was room to grow even stronger.

"Come on." She said in a cheery voice. "Let's try the next one."

She quickly wiped away the tears from her face and tried to visualize the same thing again. She closed her eyes but oddly enough, something was wrong. The energy from before that she could feel was no longer there.

'is that all the magical ability I have, only enough for one skill?'

After standing around for a while, the others realized something must have been up as well.

"I don't understand." She said. "I did the same thing as last time."

Looking at Layla, Vorden seemed to have figured out the one difference compared to before to know.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but Layla, are you happy right now?" Vorden asked.

At first, Layla didn't understand, so what if she was happy, shouldn't she be, but then she soon released from reading the text. Her powers were affected by how she was feeling at the time, and positive emotions weren't a part of the description.

"What is this crap, so are they saying I can only use my powers if I'm upset!" She shouted.

"That's it, Layla." Vorden cheered. "Come on, keep getting angry, Quinn say something to her."

"I don't think this is a good idea," Quinn replied, stepping back. "Maybe her horns will start to grow bigger or something."

"Quinn..." She mumbled with both her hands in fists by her side, and her head down. "...that really hurt." She whispered, and instead of trying to use her ability again, she quickly stormed out of the room.

The three boys just continued to look at each other stunned. Until Logan finally broke the silence. "Well, I thought what Quinn said was a good one if I do say so myself. Nothing we can do now; we will just have to let her calm down. It's not like she's going to eat someone or suck their blood." Logan said as he pulled the drawer open and grabbed a few things from it. "Sandwich, anyone?"

In anger and sadness, and a mind filled with emotions, Layla continued to walk down the stairs and headed straight back for her room. She knew what the others were trying to do, but it hurt her a little bit too much.

'Why am I getting so upset, I know they were just trying to help. They didn't mean all that stuff, right?

It seemed like what the text about Hannya said was right. She would be more emotional than before. Sensitive.

If she wanted to learn how to use her powers properly, she would have to learn how to harness and control these emotions, but she couldn't do it instantly.

She quickly adjusted her hair to make sure it covered up her small little bumps and continued on.

As she stood outside the door, a sweet smell seemed to be coming from inside.

��Is Cia cooking something?' Layla thought.

She opened the door, and it looked like her guess was completely wrong. Cia wasn't cooking anything and instead was still wrapped in her quilt sulking.

'Has she been crying for the whole day?'

However, Layla soon realized what the sweet smell was, for in her vision around the room, she could see it.

A heavy black mist seemed to be covering the room, and it was the same type of energy that she felt inside her. She tried reaching for it, grabbing it, and it looked as if the mist moved and went inside of her own body. Suddenly, she felt a surge in power inside her cells. She could feel something overcome her.

Although it felt powerful, at the same time, she felt sad, as if these negative feelings from the room where now inside of her.

"Layla, you're finally back."

"Yes," Layla replied as she couldn't hide her smile. "I'm back, but I'm a bit hungry."


In an unknown place, underground, where it was pitch black and not a single speck of light could be seen, the sounds of growls could be heard, monstrous roars and clashing, banging of all sorts as they rattled their cells. Thankfully, these creatures had been locked away, pinned behind special black bars, trapped with no way out.

To get to such a dark place, one would have to walk hundreds of meters down a spiral staircase and then finally down the many hallways.

Walking down one hallway, Silver could hear it all. It was a place she hated to visit, and she never wanted to come back here again, but she needed to.

She continued to walk until eventually, she stopped just outside one of the rooms. Behind bars, a dark figure could be seen.

"Tell me, why did you do it...why did you do it….brother."


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