My Vampire System - Chapter 523

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Chapter 523: Chapter 523 Quest rewards!!!

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Chapter 523 Quest rewards!!!

"Did you hear the news!" An excited vampire said.

"That the humans have found us?" Another replied. "I thought everyone already knew about that."

"Yes not that, that's old news by now, but about the group that went to beat them. I hear it was the tenth family."

"The tenth family, are you sure, who would go out there other than knight Edward?"

"Maybe the rumors of a new tenth leader being selected were true. I heard they used this as a test for him, to see how strong he was. He had only taken a small group and dealt with the humans easily."

"Big deal!" Another joined in. "I mean, fair enough if it was a high level threat, but you are talking about humans here. Even we could have dealt with that."

"Are you sure?" Another replied. "It was clearly big enough of a threat that they decided to send in a leader in the first place. I can't help but think things are starting to change here. Something like this has happened in so long and no one after another."

The whole settlement was buzzing as information was being passed from one person to another in the pool living area, and news had spread fast that it was the tenth family, the new tenth family that had dealt with the threat. Those in the tenth, for the first time felt a little pride in their families doing, but still they chose to hide it.

Even with this, if they came out and claimed they were part of the tenth, others would laugh at them.

Change couldn't happen overnight. But some of them could hope.

The group walked back, and the soldiers had been captured, and it looked like not a single one of them was putting up a fight. They were very loyal to Paul, the head general indeed. After Fex finished tying them all up temporarily with his string. They waited for vehicles to arrive that had been ordered by Edward.

Finally, quite a large looking Van had appeared and inside it were cuffs made from the strong black material. The string was switched for the cuffs and the humans were marched into the strange looking vans one by one.

In total there were around hundred and twenty humans alive.

After that, the portable teleporters were put in a separate vehicle.

"Are we going to die?" A female soldier asked Paul.

"I don't know." Paul replied back. "All I know is that they have decided to keep us alive for now."

When everyone had entered, Edward stopped Paul from walking forward, he was the only one that wasn't to step in the vehicle. While walking back to the settlement, the vans moved at a slow pace, following them, and Paul stood in the middle of them all, with Leo right by his side.

This slow walk back gave everyone time to think, and at the same time Quinn could finally check the outcome of the fight, including the rewards he had been given for completing the quest. As there were quite a few things to take in.

[Level 29]

Before Quinn was level 26, he had gained three levels during that whole fight. Every time he would defeat an enemy he had gained exp, more than he had done so before, proving the difficulty of the enemies he was dealing with were, and finally when finishing the quest, it had leveled him up one more time.

What Quinn also did notice while he was fighting, was that each time he would defeat an opponent a new message would come up saying bonus exp received. This was due to his title, "Edward's little helper." Giving him ten percent more exp.

He still didn't like the title name, but it sure was effective, for the amount of exp needed later on would be grand.


He was still a long way to reaching that level forty goal and becoming a vampire lord.

Since evolving into vampire noble, Quinn only got one extra stat point for each level up, and there was something else he noticed as well: his HP had remained the same, staying at a hundred. He was unsure if this was just a cap, but if that was the case then the stronger enemies he would face in the future, he would need to focus on getting better beast gear to protect himself.

With his three extra stat points he decided to place them into agility, like he had originally planned. He found one of the main differences between him and the current vampire leaders was their speed. There also wasn't much need for him to place his points into the charm skill as much anymore.

He could control most humans at school that he needed to, and those high in power were far too strong to be charmed, anyway. He wouldn't disregard it completely, but it was no longer his main focus after realizing how much he still needed to improve in the fighting department.

There were a few times during the fight, Quinn was able to take in a few drops of blood here and there, and that had also increased his stats and now they were currently like so...

[Strength: 48 (+11)]

[Agility: 48 (+5)]

[Stamina: 42 (+1)]

[Charm: 45 (+1)]

[Defence: 33]

The next set of notifications were to do with his shadow ability. As a reward, he was given the chance to unlock any skill he wanted, just like after defeating the king tier beast. On top of this, due to Arthur's training during the fight, his skills had improved and now he had enough points to unlock all of the shadow skills in the system.

Wasting no time, Quinn unlocked them there and then and then a new notification screen appeared.

[Level 6 Shadow ability fully unlocked]

[MC points have increased to 120]

[Level 7 Shadow ability tab has been unlocked]

[2 new skills are available in the skill shop]

After unlocking the ten shadow skills available at level six, Quinn had gained twenty more MC points. Things were now starting to make a lot more sense to him. A level 1 shadow ability user would only have twenty MC points to play with, and would most likely only have one skill or so. Every time one would go to the next level, they would earn an additional twenty MC points.

Because Quinn had jumped and learned the level 6 book, it had jumped his MC points to a hundred but he had yet to learn all of the shadow skills that came with it.

Once again Quinn had zero skill points, however there were two new shadow skills he could now unlock, and four that he hadn't had the chance to play with yet. Quinn wasn't worried though, for he had Arthur with him. Someone who knew how to use the shadow better than anyone.

Finally, the last few things for completing the quest.

[You have received 500 reputation points]

[Total 600 reputation points]

Quinn still didn't know whether to be happy about this or not, for he found the reputation points quite useless. He wanted to ask the system a question, and as he did, there was no reply.

It would take a while until Quinn would be used to the silent system he originally had once again. For now though, gaining more reputation couldn't be a bad thing.

The vampire settlement could finally be seen as they were coming to the end of the forest, Paul had been silent for most of the trip, and it was the first time he had opened his mouth.

"It looks like the Dalki structures.." Paul said.

For a second he thought these were humans that had gone over to the Dalki side but then he remembered Leo who stood next to him. Leo hated the Dalki more than anyone he had ever met before. There was no way Leo would be working with them.

All of this just left him confused, and when they had arrived in the settlement and he could see the eyes of all the people looking at him. He just didn't understand what was going on.


"Is that the tenth family that captured them?"

"They smell so sweet, I can smell them through the van."

Hearing the words and taunts Paul initially thought of them being human seemed completely off, just where was he?

"Leo… I need to ask, I gave up my people willingly to you. I will be honest, part of that was because I saw you." Paul explained. "Just tell me, me and my people will be safe, will they not. You won't let those innocent soldiers die for no reason."

Leo wanted to give a reply, but the truth was he didn't know the answer. He knew Quinn didn't want this outcome either, and he wasn't to blame. They were all just in a bad situation.

Hearing this, Quinn started to think about their fate. Due to Paul's position on earth, they wouldn't be able to just wipe their memories and send them back. They wouldn't have the same option as Logan and Vorden.

in this strange place, even Quinn couldnl;t make any promises to them. It was clear from what Arthur had taught him before, he needed to choose the people he cared about most, and that was himself and his friends.

The king's castle was up ahead, where the fate of the humans would be decided.


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