My Vampire System - Chapter 525

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Chapter 525: Chapter 525 14th seat gone

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Chapter 525 14th seat gone

It had been a good two minutes, and no words had left from Arthur's mouth. He just continued to stare at the chamber in front of him.

A few minutes ago, Quinn had explained to Arthur everything that happened. Everything the Boneclaw had shown him. How really it was the one that had attacked Arthur's men, on the behalf of its master at the time. The master being the first king Eno.

At this point, any words would have been better than no words, Quinn was wondering just what was about to happen at any second. Would he lash out, would he call Quinn a liar? There were so many possibilities.

He didn't want to make Arthur an enemy, he had helped him out so much, if anything he deserved to know the truth to whatever was going on.

"I have to find him." Arthur finally spoke. "I need to hear it from his own mouth, and after that, I'll ask him myself what he's planning to do."

Arthur wasn't angry, he wouldn't allow an incident that happened so long ago to control him. It was hard to get angry about something that happened many years ago. More than anything, he was disappointed. He understood why Eno had decided to do what he did at the time and in the end, none of his men had died that day.

The problem was he had been tricked by a so-called friend. If he had gone so far for his goal, then Eno would do anything. Which meant there was a reason why he was still awake. Someone as craft and smart as Eno wouldn't have been woken up by accident.

"You believe me then?" Quinn asked cautiously.

"Of course," Arthur replied. "What do you have to gain in all of this from lying? It would make no sense to try to turn something like this on me, and I can't see how you would know what the first leader looked like otherwise.

"Quinn, I would ask you to leave this Eno business to me, but I feel like you have your own reasons for wanting to find him. If I find him before you then I promise I will bring him to you so you get your answers." Arthur said, and he started to walk out from the tomb heading for the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Quinn asked.

"It's time for me to leave this place. It never was my home, it never felt that way for the years I was here and I still don't feel welcome now." Saying that, he remembered there was one place where he did feel welcome at the moment, and that was the shelter he had arrived at and made together with Ruby. "I will go looking for Eno and find out what happened to my people. I have spent too much time here and I will take my leave. If the king asks about me in the meeting, tell him I have already left."

Quinn was about to shout to him, tell him to stop. He still had a lot of things he wanted to learn from Arthur. Didn't he want to know of the outcome. He could at least stay until Quinn figured out what to do.

But then Arthur had already sunken in his shadow and disappeared. It was clear that he had made the decision to leave this place, and he meant it when he said he was leaving now.

It felt a little strange for Quinn, Arthur was always his back up during a tough situation in negotiation. It was because of him many of the vampires chose not to touch him. With him gone, that would all change.

Realizing this, Quinn knew one thing now. He didn't want to stay here; he wanted to go back to earth. This wasn't his place to be. The problem was for the first time he would be in negotiations without Vincent or Arthur.

While thinking of this, he felt a soft touch on his left shoulder, and then another on his right. Turning his head, he could see his two fellow knights placing their hand there.

"Don't worry Quinn," Edward said.

"We have your back," Leo said as well.

Even in a place like this he still ahd people who cared for him, and he had met some great people in the vampire settlement.

'If only there was a way for all of us to go back together.'

Heading back to the castle, the only thing that had changed was he now knew his suspicions were more than likely true. The first king was out there alive and most probably on earth. Right now more than anything he wished he could talk to Vincent about it.

Tell him why he thought the first king had helped him create the system used in the book. He carried moving forward until he eventually sat in the large throne that faced the glass pane looking out at the city. It was the best thing about the castle, the view.

"Before the meeting, we could use this time to announce to everyone that you are the king here," Edward suggested. "It is the perfect time while morale is high. I hear the people outside have heard of our strength and good deeds."

[Quest received]

[Inform the people of their leader]

[Reward: reputation points +100]

For the first time, this was a quest that Quinn wasn't too bothered about. In his mind, seeing Arthur be able to leave so freely like that, he wanted to as well.

"I think I will want to wait for the results of this meeting. Tell me, what options do you think they will give to the humans?" Quinn asked.

"I know you want to save them, but it will be a tough one," Edward replied. "Unlike your friends, they are just one or two people and are students at that. But this time it was a head general. One of the big fish. It will be impossible to wipe their memories and send them back to earth. It will just lead to further investigation."

"The best thing to do is just to never send them back. The humans will simply think they have gone missing on the red planet. They can carry on doing investigations there and will find nothing. Then the vampires will just wait them out. In a few hundred years, the humans will completely forget about this event. It's a short time for us, anyway. This has happened a few times in the past."

It was as Quinn had thought, but there had to be a way, otherwise killing them on the battlefield would have been better than letting them be used as a food source. "And what about turning them? That was another option that was given. Will it at least stop them from killing them…or using the humans as food?"

"A mass turning like that, Quinn I don't think you understand. Not every vampire has the ability to turn their victims into a vampire. It's a draining process. Most vampires are born into this world rather than turned because of this." Edward explained.

Quinn understood now why his slots to turn more people always increased as he leveled up and evolved. Even if he was to use the remainder of his slots, he couldn't save them all.

For the rest of the day, Quinn had decided to rest, and while doing so he would try to rack his brain to find if there was anything he could do.

The girls hadn't returned, but he knew they were safe. He hadn't told them, but Edward had sent one of his own trusted men to look over her.

As for the Boys, they were still busy trying to find out any new information they could from the Dalki, and Vorden and Logan had made their decision. To both of them, their abilities just meant too much.

So Logan had made a video diary of sorts. Explaining everything they had discovered during their time here. He had thought of trying to trick the vampires, but he couldn't really think of a way that would favor Quinn if they had been found out.

The next day had arrived and as expected there was a visitor at the tenth castle. It was finally time for the meeting to start. Quinn had chosen to take Edward with him as they were only allowed one vampire knight into the council room.

While leaving Leo behind to take care of the others if anything drastic was to happen.

When they were in the room, all of the seats were filled apart from the fourteenth seat. The punisher's seat where Arthur would sit.

'He really did go.'

The other leaders looked in confusion and waited, and it looked like even the king was waiting as well, so Quinn decided to speak up.

"Arthur has said that he has decided to take his leave. Something had come up and he won't be coming back." Quinn said.

"Thank you for informing me." The king replied. "I guess we may start the meeting. Please bring him in."

The doors behind the king swung open wide and walking into the room Paul was seen.

"There is a reason why I have allowed this human to enter this room today, and it's because there is something serious going on. Something serious happening on Earth."


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