My Vampire System - Chapter 742

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Chapter 742: 742

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Chapter 742 The new Cursed Ship

The decision to have the duel out on the planet where the Demon tier was located, was a careful one. Why? There were a number of reasons, but one of the main ones was due to new information that had been received, about how closely the Dalki had been watching them lately.

They could see that the Civil war fighting was dying down and was coming to an end. If the Human's were in the Dalki's position, they wouldn't give them the chance to recover and attack them while they were recovering.

So they needed to get moving and fast. The military, Bree and Graylash family already had their main spaceship with their forces stationed and hovering just outside the planet and each ship had their own unique design as they landed.

The Graylash ship was large and quite thin, tall almost like a tower. It's design was mainly white with certain sections of the ship coloured blue. The Bree family ship was mostly brown, it was flat like a pan but at the very end on it's left side and right side two towers could be seen. The whole ship itself looked like a giant beast, perhaps to remind everyone what their power was.

Finally, the military's ship had landed and they had chosen to bring one of the new Bertha models to show off to the others. A top state of the line ship, there were only eight of them in existence.

There was no shelter on the planet, but each group had already done extensive scouting on the planet, so they knew where the safe areas were and where the demon tier beast was located. They had chosen a safe area well away from the demon tier beast.

They didn't want any unexpected interruptions to happen during the fight. When all three ships were stationed, out from them, walking onto the cold hard surface were the leaders. The planet they were on was quite the unique one, the surface was shiny and mostly a clear blue substance like a crystal.

But it was as hard as a diamond, much of the land was uneven and they were on the few stretches of land that were flat.

Exiting from the ships, each leader came out with around thirty or so people behind them.

Everyone knew there were more on the respective ships, but this was the number of agreed upon people that would be taking part in the demon tier hunt. Too large of a force and too many lives would be lost, but too little, and they would never be able to kill such a devastating beast.

Even if most of them didn't come back alive, it would be worth it for the demon tier weapon, that's how valuable a demon tier weapon was considered.

"Oh, today will be an exciting day," Owen said as he felt the chill of cold air on the planet.

He looked over to Mona, who was wearing her witch-like outfit and pointy hat. Standing by her side, a humanoid bast which was floating in the air, glowing almost like a spirit. None of the others had beasts with them, as they had all remained on the ship.

When Oscar had arrived, he did so wearing his usual military uniform, however, this time he came knowing the stakes, on his back a box that was as large as himself. The moment he stepped foot on the planet, the others knew what was in that box, a demon tier beast weapon.

One of the two known demon tier beast weapons known in existence. Standing by his side he had brought two head generals along with him, while the others remained looking after earth.

First by his side a female head general who went by the name Zera. She had red fiery hair and silver plated beast armour. She looked like a knight in the olden days, apart from her modern military uniform that could be seen underneath.

Then, the next head general was someone many didn't recognise as they hadn't seen him in any meetings before, this was because it was someone who had recently gotten a promotion, joining their ranks.

He was a muscular stocky man, but the thing that stood out, was one of his arms was robotic. The man was previously a general at the second base but was now known as head general Duke, of the second military base.

"It is good that everyone has kept to their promises, now all we need to do is wait for the others." Oscar said.

"We are already here," A female voice was heard. Walking towards them in the distance was a woman with a white overcoat and on the back, it had the number five proudly written. It was Lucy from Pure.

Behind her, thirty people had also arrived, and included in that group of people, were both Layla and Cia.

The three leaders were standing next to each other, while their people stayed back. They wanted to prove that they were no longer fighting amongst each other, and they also wanted to know the opinions of others.

"I recognise those guys with them." Mona said, looking at the three standing by her side. "They were part of the faction alliance that got destroyed by Pure. Quite powerful people, maybe Daisy won't be the winners in this after all."

"It seems Pure also have chosen not to send their leader, are they that confident?" Oscar said. "I was sure that after finding out the event would take place on the Demon tier planet, that they would bring their full force."

"The other question is, were they here before us? I saw no other ships in the area and it appears as if they have just walked over." Oscar mentioned.

The Pure group stayed quite the distance away, and Lucy walked ahead, with her she brought over the two groups that would be participating.

"These three will make up group B of Pure." Lucy said, pointing at the previous alliance. "Myself and these two will be group A."

From Group A, one of the participants was none other than Layla herself.

Now they just needed to wait for the other's to arrive. The next ship landing was the Daisy group. They also introduced themselves and the main group consisted of Helen, Ivy and Peach.

The group B were less known, and it seemed like they were putting all their eggs in one basket making group A the strongest group.

"Now just one more." Oscar said.

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That's when they saw a similar ship arriving at the scene. Everyone had brought their flagship spaceship to show their powers, and after much discussion, Sam had convinced the others that it was something they needed to do as well.

Upon seeing the large ship, that's when the look on many faces of the people there had changed. From before, a few new changes had been made to the Cursed ship, one the colour design. It had gone from the normal boring metallic colours and had been coated in mainly black, with a few different sections made red.

At the front of the ship the words Cursed could be seen. A slash was made through the words and at the start and end of the word two fangs could be seen sticking out from the bottom.

However, what had shocked them more than anything was the spaceship itself.

'So that's what happened to the missing Bertha.' Oscar thought. 'But how did it end up in their hands, just who is in charge of the cursed ship?'

The others also recognised that the ship design was the same as the military's one, and now they were questioning just what type of connections they had.

"We never saw this when we were on the Crow's planet." Helen said. "Did we underestimate their strength. I thought the only group we had to worry about would be Pure."

"Quinn…" Layla thought, seeing the ship.

"A grand entrance I see." Owen chuckled to himself.

The ship landed, and coming out from it were Bonny and Void, who began filming as soon as they had entered the large ship. They had not seen anything like it, and now seeing the military have one similar they were equally as confused.

The answers would soon come, as the members participating in the Cursed duel, started to descend from the ship, and there was someone who Oscar and Duke recognised well.

"Paul... I thought you were dead?" Oscar said.


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