My Vampire System - Chapter 745

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Chapter 745: 745

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Chapter 745 Secret of Pure

A winner of the duel hadn't been decided yet, and the others only came to realise this when they heard Lucy say the words "this duel is over." Everything happened so fast, so sudden and too quick.

"What just happened?" Bonny said. "The two of them didn't even start fighting. The Daisy group haven't used any of their abilities yet."

"Do you think that they used an ability?" Void asked.

"No, the person in front, I'm sure there's a big shot in the Pure group. They shouldn't have any abilities. If their leaders did, it would go against their whole philosophy."

But if it wasn't an ability, then what was it? Void opened up another holographic display. It was still live streaming the events in the arena, and at the same time he was going through the footage that he had just caught.

A split screen was made so the audience could see what he was doing, and he started to watch the moment those on Daisy fell to the floor. From the clip alone it seemed like there was nothing fishy, as if they had just fallen.

No attack , and no movements from any of the members of Pure, but in a single frame, the screen had distorted for a second, becoming a blur.

'Was it in that moment, or was it something that the Pure member had done causing the recording to distort? What could interfere with the recording like that.' Void thought. No matter how many times he went through the clip, it would distort at that exact moment.

It was clear they weren't going to get any answer from the video clip.

"Do you have an idea of what she just did?" Owen asked.

"No," Bree replied. "I didn't see anything, I can only guess it was an ability."

"It's not an ability," Oscar interrupted. "I guess you two haven't had much run-ins with Pure to be saying that. Their tougher members have learnt how to harness this unknown power we are unaware of, we still don't know the full extent of what it can do but we're sure it's not an ability."

What Owen had made note of, was the fact that the military was somehow sure that it wasn't an ability. He was sure that they must have captured some Pure members to find out this information.

'Just what things do you do behind the curtain?' The dark side of the military that wasn't very publicised.

At that moment, Lucy had done something strange after being declared the winner. She started to walk to the edge of the platform, and stared straight at Void, looking into the camera.

'She's not going to use that strange ability on me is she?' He gulped, but held the camera steady.

"Everyone watching, listen well. I am one of the founders of Pure and what you just saw me do is something called Qi."

Hearing this, had confirmed Quinn's thoughts, but he had never seen Qi used this way before. Somehow she was able to knock out the others. Also, what was Pure's aim revealing this information to the public?

"Qi is something we have started to teach members at Pure. It is something every single human can learn, regardless of where they have come from. How strong your Qi is depends on you. It isn't dependent on some group holding the secrets to an ability, or if someone doesn't have enough credits.

"We have chosen to roll this out to our members slowly. Of course, when one has a power others don't have, their are always those that abuse it. While we slowly introduce it to everyone at Pure, we will punish anyone of those that feel the need to abuse this, just how the military and the powers you see before you, abuse their powers."

After Lucy was finished with what she had to say, she decided to head back to where the other Pure members remained.

"A promotion for Pure, and right after an impressive display of their powers." Sam said. "It's clever. They will feed off the frustrations of those in the war that felt like they had a weak ability. Seeing this as a way to improve themselves, and everyone else who decides to not share their powers, will be seen as villains."

Quinn was wondering if teaching everyone Qi was really a bad thing or not. Especially during times like these when people needed to protect themselves. In a way, what Pure wished to do and what the Graylash family were planning to do were no different.

Just replace Qi with the lighting ability and it was the same. However, there was one thing Quinn didn't like about both Owen's and Pure's idea. With Truedream gone or missing, Those that had an ability couldn't learn a new one or remove one, and what of those with abilities. What would Pure and Owen do with these people?

He was afraid that the answer would be a Purge. A reset to make things better.

'So that's one of the things Qi can do. It looks like Abdul wasn't lying when he said there were three different stages of Qi. If I was to learn that, then it would be one more thing I could learn that would help me grow stronger.'

"We will now be moving onto the next battle, which will be Daisy team A, against the Cursed faction team B." Oscar announced.

Since Sil was no longer allowed to participate, there had been a little change in the teams. Team A, now consisted of Quinn, Nate and Paul. While team B had Fex, Dennis and Peter. It was discussed that Fex was more suited to take the leader role in the other team due to his quick thinking and unique ability.

Before Fex walked across the bridge, Nate walked up to the three.

"Wait" he called out, and placed his hand on Fex's shoulder. "Try not to hit their pretty faces."

"What about me! You square head!" Fex shouted back. "I thought you were going to say some words of encouragement, but I find your routing for the other side?"

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As for Dennis, he too had been stopped, but it was from Linda who had been a lot quieter ever since her brother's death.

"Dennis, if it's dangerous give up. This fight isn't worth risking your life for." She said.

Dennis gave a nod, and understood, he was the closest person to Linda after Blip. If he passed away, he didn't know how it would affect her.

Finally Sam had his words of encouragement to say as well.

"Remember, these guys are strong. Each one of them, will at least be as strong as a head general or even more. Their AAA Rank adventures, so I'm sure you know what that means. You have thought against emperor tier beast, right? Well think of your opponents as a legendary tear beast, and that's the wall you have to climb."

The three of them walked off, and Helen with the two by her side had entered the arena as well.

"So these are the dumb bimbos that chose to bet on themselves winning this whole thing." Peter said out loud so they could hear. "They lost the first match, and they're going to lose the second one as well. You might as well give us the money now."

The vein on Ivy's head could be seen bulging, looking like it was about to pop.

"Don't get angry, it's properly part of his plan." Helen said. "It seems like they are so weak that they have to resort to mental attacks like this one. There's a reason why we are so confident, and why we were close to becoming one of the big four great families."

"Close though, right?" Dennis said. 'Which means you never did, and I agree with Peter. I think today you will only be..close."

While the two groups were fight talking to each other, Fex wasn't taking part in it. Instead he was concentrating on something else. He had his eyes closed and was focusing in his chest.

Usually, when he did this, he would see a hard red crystal, but day by day he had been chipping away and now, it shined brightly like a flame.

'This is my trump card.'


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