My Vampire System - Chapter 748

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Chapter 748: 748

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Chapter 748 An interruption

The amount of plants that had been summoned was a total of ten. Whether or not this was the girls from Daisy's limit, or they were still holding back was unknown. However, compared to the start of the fight, there were now two different plants that had been created.

The regular plants were just able to consistently shoot out large thorns that were strong and coul pierce decent tier armour. While the new types were elemental plants, they were able to shoot out ice and fire, and were just as strong as the regular thorns. This was the girls soul weapons, an enhancement type that was able to change the attribute of their plants.

The three girls were sisters and they all held the same ability, while their soul weapons each contained a different elemental attribute. They fought mainly as a trio all the time and had never lost a fight doing so.

This was where they had gotten their confidence from, when finding out the duel would be a team of three on three matches, due to their abilities they could never see themselves losing and it looked like they were just about to win another match as well.

The head of the plant's that surrounded Peter all opened wide. Even if he covered his head, if the fire was strong enough it would burn his body and everything inside including the brain. It would be the end for him.

"No!" Fex shouted, he swung his needle and managed to scratch Peach slightly on the belly with it, the needle had filled up a little and then he proceeded to stab himself in the shoulder, giving himself a boost.

'If I have to, I will use my vampire powers to save you!' Fex thought. 'It was my fault that Blip died and I can't just let someone else die in front of me again!'

The mouths of the plants had already opened, and out from them, the fire thorns were released.

"I'm sorry for being such a disappointment of a son, mother, father." Peter said, as he closed his eyes.

"You're not a disappointment," A voice was heard. "And if you're sorry, you should tell them in person.'

A wall of shadow wrapped around both Peter and Quinn, the attacks had hit it but they remained there floating in the air, the flames flickering slowly inching their way deeper into the shadow. When the shadow lowered, the thorns moved again, colliding into each other causing a small explosion of flames.

That's when they saw Quinn had entered the arena off to the side. He didn't have a mark on him, and Peter was behind him by his side.

"Did you see him enter the arena?" Mona asked.

"No, but I might have been too focused on the fight." Owen replied.

"Or he had moved too fast, that shadow ability is certainly a handy one, I wish I could figure out how it worked." Oscar said.

"What are you doing!' Helen shouted. "You can't just enter the arena whenever you want, this is an official duel."

"This match is over, team B forfeit due to me interrupting the fight," Quinn said. "I only blocked an attack that was going to kill one of my own."

Folding her arms, it was clear that Helen was frustrated.

"This is how duels are, if a person isn't strong enough on the battlefield and was meant to die, then they were meant to die."

Quinn looked at the three girls, he hadn't activated any skills and didn't even have his beast gear on at the moment, his eyes had changed and were a piercing red. As he stared at them, the girls all felt a shiver run down their spine.

'What is this, is it an ability?' Helen thought. 'My body, it's telling me to run away'

"I never planned on killing any of you, but if you had killed him, the three of you wouldn't even be speaking to me right now." Quinn said.

'If that is your wish master, then I can deal with them now.' Mist started to show from out of Quinn's back and the others thought he was getting ready for an attack.

"No, not now." Quinn said, and the mist started to enter the marking in his back, disappearing away..

The participants of the duel returned to their areas, and were busy getting healed. If they didn't have a strong healer then the military was happy to lend out theirs but there weren't actually any major injuries from both sides.

The others talked about what to do about Quinn's interruption, but in the end, thought it was fine because he hadn't attacked or hurt the other team, only defended the attack.

Peter had also returned to the ship, to deal with his special diet, giving him full energy for the next fight.

'Even after fighting those guys in the Vr game, I haven't improved at all.' Peter thought.

It took years for people to learn hand to hand combat, maybe some geniuses could learn it quicker, but Peter wasn't a genius and was slow at learning. He always had been at everything in life.

It was why he always decided to just head in wildey, relying on his strength and healing abilities, it was the only thing he really could do. It had worked for him so far, but it wouldn't work at the current level of opponents they were facing. Something needed to change.

"The next fight will be between Pure group B, against the Cursed faction Group A." Oscar announced.

Cursed faction Group A was Quinn, Nate and Paul. The three of them entered and were ready. They hadn't talked to each other, or discussed anything about what they were going to do.

The reason why, because both Nate and Paul knew whatever they said right now, wouldn't get through to Quinn.

When group B from Pure had entered the arena, the online chat started to go crazy.

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"These three are really strong, they were part of the top factions before they got disbanded."

"There's Tulk, the man who had taken on fifty men all on his own at the same time. Beating three will be a walk in a park."

"Oh, and don't forget about Fareen, I heard she was the one that had created the alliance back then in the first place. The other two agreed to follow her so she must be strong."

"I also regaonise the last guy as well, Demon man Kubo. They say he will do anything and everything to get the win. All these guys are members of Pure?"

"Pure must have recruited them after the attack, don't you remember, they were growing really fast but something happened and they were beat by Pure."

"Well, these three together might be stronger than the main team of Pure."

"Do you think the Cursed faction has a chance of winning?"

"No! Are you kidding. The only person worth watching on their team is the ex head general. It was probably because of him they have gotten this far."

No one seemed to think that the Cursed faction had a chance of winning, including those in the Pure team.

"Watch out for the one called Paul," Fareen said. "We get rid of him, then we've already won this fight."

[Place your bets now, who will win, Pure team B or Cursed team A, click here]

A link was provided on the livestream chat, and it led people to the same site where people were betting before. Not only were people able to bet on the overall outcome of the match, they were even able to bet on the individual outcome of matches.

Typing away on a holographic screen, not too far from the fight itself, was Logan.

'The cursed faction is in need of money. And what better way to make money than this.' the master mind who had been behind all the betting systems so far, was Logan. It was the perfect way for the Cursed faction to solve their money problem.


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