My Vampire System - Chapter 1019

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Chapter 1019: 1019

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Chapter 1019 - A order powered by will

Away from all the fighting, standing on his own in the middle of the desert was the man known as Eno, but at the same time claimed not to be him. He was so far away from the battlefield that if a human was to look out to the desert, they wouldn't be able to see him. As for Eno though, when he looked at the battlefield, he could see everything that was going on in the distance. Everything he needed to see.

'The humans have decided to come and help you, but this will be where the real test happens, Quinn.' Eno thought. 'As for the shelter, with how many strong forces they sent, I'm surprised that it's still standing. It's a shame the other one is no longer there to send information.

'Did they send this many people because he knew I was going to be here?' Eno thought.

'Maybe I should send the other one to the Shelter to help the others, if any of them are still alive.'


Out on the field, the students who had ranged abilities were firing off non stop. The ranged ability users were targeting the Dalki that were on the far edges and towards the back, while the stronger ones had formed units with the teachers to fight them toe to toe.

The teacher that seemed to be the most effective out of them all, was Peter. He had equipped his beast weapons known as the Tonfa that had been especially made for him. It was a strong baton-like object that would be placed under Peter's forearms and also stuck out a bit longer than his arms could reach.

With this, he was able to strike the Dalki at full force without having to worry about his own body taking damage. Even if he didn't feel pain, at times when using his full strength it would break his own limbs. This object had solved most of those problems and he was able to do more damage than before.

Shiro, who was fearless, had dived right in with the teachers even though he was asked to stay at the back. However, when he had reached a Dalki and was staring one down, he froze for a brief second. The Dalki swiped and Shiro attempted to dodge but through his movements he knew he would be too slow.

Before the hand could reach Shiro, Peter had slammed it down with his weapon to the ground and then put both of them together and hit the Dalki in the stomach like a baseball bat. Soon several ranged abilities were also hitting the Dalki in the head, causing it to stumble backwards.

"All students, do not engage!" Peter shouted. "They're faster, stronger, and will kill you in one strike!" Peter shouted.

With the help of everyone, the Dalki forces were quickly dropping.

However, this wasn't what Quinn wanted. Having used his soul weapon for too long he had no choice but to cancel the soul weapon. The pain was affecting his whole body and was making it hard for him to even move. Now he was left fighting using his shadow and his fists like before.

Quinn had quickly thrown out a blood swipe and caught it with his shadow creating the shadow scythe. Swinging it outward, he had hooked a Dalki by the neck and slammed it down into the ground.

Now that he had the second stage of Qi, if Quinn coated the red aura with it, it would last until the Qi vanished as well. This would give Quinn a permanent shadow scythe to use. He hadn't brought out two since he needed to use his other hand from time to time.

When the Dalki was pinned to the ground, that's when Quinn could see the chaos that was happening. A teacher had been slashed by a claw of a Dalki, and had split through the beast armour slicing them in half.

Another Dalki had jumped over the line of support, ignoring the teachers and was just hitting the students left and right. Each hit was devastating and it was clear the students wouldn't recover from the strikes. They all continued to blast and hit the Dalki, but the abilities did seemingly nothing.

'The students are too weak to even do any damage to them!' Quinn thought seeing this. 'As soon as we knew the Dalki were going to attack we should have sent them off somewhere.'

But where could Quinn send them? Even at the shelter the Dalki had landed.

'Eno, what the hell are you doing!' Quinn shouted with anger.

A group of students were currently on the floor, shaking and they had wet themselves making a puddle in front of them. Their teacher had just died trying to protect them and a Dalki covered in blood was looking at the three of them.

Most of the Dalki were still centred around Quinn, they knew he was the biggest threat. What was distracting him more than ever were the Dalki who were jumping into the centre of the students just to hurt people that stood no chance.

Continuing to try to protect the students around him, Quinn used the shadow lock skill whenever possible, putting them into a space where the Dalki couldn't get to. At the same time, Quinn also raised shadow domes over other students. Although this wouldn't do much in terms of helping him attack or get rid of the Dalki, it made some of them hesitant to move forward.

Each time Quinn would be distracted, he would be hit by the Dalki as he was not able to raise his shadow in time, and his health was getting lower and lower by the second. When it got to a certain point, Quinn went searching for a weak Dalki. Upon finding one, he made his hand in a claw-like shape, then performed the hammer strike.

This time, due to his hand being in a claw-like shape, his entire arm would go through the body. It was a move that wasn't focused on being an internal attack. Once he had their blood on his hands, Quinn would take it in, giving him another power boost and healing him slightly.

[29/50 Dalki defeated]

'Damn, I'm surrounded again!' Quinn noticed and was getting frustrated that there was a certain group of Dalki that wouldn't get off his back. To make matters worse, they were all two spikes as well. Their hits hurt and he couldn't slack while fighting them. Whenever he did to save a student, he would pay for it.

"Get out of my way!" Quinn shouted, swinging his scythe and stretching it out, he planned to hit all four of the ones that were constantly on him. Three jumped out of the way, while the last one took the hit. It had pierced his hands and they were bleeding, but at the last second while being skidded across the room, he let go jumping and Quinn could see his scythe heading straight for the student. He quickly had to get rid of his shadow, dropping the red aura from the end of it to avoid touching the student.

In seconds the other Dalki were upon him again.

"I can't do anything!'

Whenever Quinn attempted to fight the Dalki, even if he couldn't see the students the worst thing for him was that he could hear their cries.

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"I just wanted to see my parents one more time before I go. "

"Why did this happen to us, will someone stop them?"

"It hurts, it hurts so much."

Gritting his teeth and blasting blood sprays of fists at the Dalki, Quinn was beyond frustrated.

"Attack me, fight me! Why do you have to go for them!" he screamed, punching his enemies in front of him, hoping they wouldn't get back up, but they did.

Looking around, Quinn was trying to figure out an answer. The Dalki weren't fighting this smart before so something had to have changed, and that's when he noticed that a Dalki at the very back hadn't gotten involved.

'It's him!' Quinn thought, staring at him. 'I have to kill him, I need to get to him!'

Quinn was punched but he blocked attacks with his shadow and continued to use Shadow lock on more students. However his MC points would soon run low if he continued to do that. It was a demanding skill, and blocking the strong attacks even with his newly acquired 1000 Mc points, were going down fast.

"That guy..he needs to die!" Quinn shouted at the top of his lungs, Quinn shouted covering up his head as two Dalki punched him at the same time.

'Get rid of him!' Quinn said almost as if it was an order.

At that moment, a black mist appeared from his body and started to float through the sky. It went over all those that were fighting and a black portal started to appear behind the two spiked Dalki who had yet to move.

From the portal. A large claw came out, striking the Dalki. At the last second they had spotted the creature but even lifting their hands, the claw shed through their strong skin. Jumping back quickly, the Dalki thought it was safe, but the Boneclaw appeared through a shadow behind it and stabbed it through its body with one of its hands before swiping with its other giant clawed hand, hitting its head. The claws went through easily and the head was no longer attached to the body falling to the floor.

"The boy still has the Boneclaw." Eno said, surprised and still watching the fight from a distance. "I knew he had obtained it, but to still have it at this stage. In that case, maybe Quinn isn't too innocent after all." Eno said with a smile.


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