My Wangfei is a Man - Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2 Part 2

 Black line appears on the king’s face.  The emperor change face pretty fast!  He was like a good, close brother earlier on.  But now, he sounds like a father.  He even strokes his mustache. The empress smiling says, “Little king, now that you and Yao Yue are both here, why don’t you both stay for dinner?  Keep me and the emperor company.” “No!” two voices unanimously disagree, though not from the Jing Wang and Jing Wangfei, but from Dong Fang Hao Ye and the emperor. The emperor smiles hypocritically at the empress, “Ling Er, Jing Wangfei had to travel in haste yesterday because of Hao Ye.  Hao Ye himself has only gotten well, let us not impose on them.  Let them go home and get together.” The empress unhappily purses her lips, “They can get together anytime.  Yao Yue rarely enters the palace, I still have a lot of things I want to tell him!” Damn it &%[email protected]  The emperor and the king secretly curse.  The one the king curse is the empress, while the one emperor curse is his beloved woman.  “Ling Er, Jing Wangfei has accompanied you for one afternoon, isn’t it enough?  Let the young married couple go home and rest.”  Maybe the king thinks too much, but he felt as though the emperor particularly stress on the ‘one afternoon’ and ‘young married couple’ part. Lucky Bei Tang Yao Yue is alert.  When the empress seems like she is going to argue more, he steps in and says, “Your Ladyship, since the emperor said so, Yao Yue and the king will not disturb you two.” Dong Fang Hao Ye quickly retreats with him and even then, the empress looks reluctant. The emperor sends him signal as though saying, ‘hurry and take care of your bedroom matter!’ Dong Fang Hao Ye takes the hint and strengthen his resolution.  Watching Yao Yue and the empress’ reluctant goodbyes, he pats the small bottle tucked in his chest, ‘Beloved consort, just wait.  I will definitely finish our business tonight.’ Abandoning the soft sedan chair, Dong Fang Hao Ye stubbornly squeeze into Bei Tang Yao Yue’s carriage.  “Yao Yue, let’s sit together!” “Didn’t you have motion sickness every time you ride in a carriage?”  What?  How did he know?  He can’t remember anything. But since he already sits there anyway, the king couldn’t care less. 

He purposely brushes against Bei Tang Yao Yue, even purposely bumping into the carriage walls so he can lean on Yao Yue.  Smelling the faint scent from Bei Tang Yao Yue and seeing his handsome face, the king is extremely satisfied.  He was originally anxious upon hearing Liu Bo’s words about him sharing a room with Bei Tang Yao Yue, but now…..  hehe…….. “What are you laughing at?” “Huh?” Dong Fang Hao Ye tilts his head.  “I wasn’t laughing.” “Still saying you didn’t laugh?” Bei Tang Yao Yue looks at him in amusement.  Bei Tang Yao Yue pulls at his cheeks and stretches them.  “Aren’t you laughing now?” “Woo……. It hurts!”  Dong Fang Hao Ye’s face is stretched by his pulling, even his voice sounds a little different.     Bei Tang Yao Yue lightly smiles and let go. Dong Fang Hao Ye rubs his face, in all honesty, it didn’t really hurt.  Just he thought his hands were a little too cold. The quivering of the carriage makes his head quivers as well.  “Yao Yue, I feel dizzy.”  The king says as he leans on his laps.  “Massage it for me.” Bei Tang Yao Yue looks a little taken aback.  Seeing him so unperturbed, he hesitates for a moment, but in the end gently massage it for him anyway. The king is secretly overjoyed, he finally has a general gist of his consort’s personality; he may look cold on the outside, but he is actually very warm inside. Maybe its due to the fact that Bei Tang Yao Yue was the first beauty he saw after losing memory and is also his wangfei, he feels like a hatchling that just hatch from an egg, immediately placing Bei Tang Yao Yue as someone dear to him. Even though they are both men, for Dong Fang Hao Ye, beauty is before gender.  As long as he likes someone, gender does not matter. Just thinking about him failing to ‘finish’ Bei Tang Yao Yue takes its toll on his self esteem! After they reach the king’s residence, the king immediately order his people to serve dinner.  After that, he makes his preparation at his very own Yao Yue Hall.  He first bathe in fragrant rosewater, attended to by Xiao Dong.  Then, he carefully choose a pair of clothing, and orders Xiao Dong to prepare supper and alcohol.  After sending Xiao Dong away, he fusses over himself before waiting in front of a table. 

Who would’ve thought that Bei Tang Yao Yue will be so late?  The king waits and waits in drowsiness and in the end falls asleep. Someone shakes him in his sleep.  He opens his eyes and finds Bei Tang Yao Yue’s face in close proximity.  His eyes immediately opens wide.  “Why are you sleeping here?”  Bei Tang Yao Yue asks.  The king feels like a little wife waiting for her husband all night and can’t help but feels wronged, “Why are you so late?” Bei Tang Yao Yue freezes upon seeing the grievance in his face before he smiling says, “My apologies.  I was in the library, reading.  I lost track of time.  But you never waited for me before.” The king suddenly remembers his mission, his mood changing immediately before he pulls Bei Tang Yao Yue to sit in front of him.   He puts the cups on the table, “Yao Yue, let’s drink first!” “Why do you suddenly wants to drink?” Bei Tang Yao Yue asks in surprise. “Hehe, this is a good osmanthus wine.  Particularly good in the summer.  I specifically asked Liu Bo to take it out.”   This night can also be considered our wedding night, of course we have to drink well! Hehehe…… Dong Fang Hao Ye secretly laughs.  Bei Tang Yao Yue studies his strange expression and the way he smile.  He is secretly suspicious but didn’t think much of it and drinks it with a soft smile. And then, he sees the king staring excitedly at him.  He looks like….. like…… like a little dog staring at a meat. That thought made him uncomfortable.  He quickly eats some snack and heads over to the bed saying, “Hao Ye, it’s late.  Let’s rest.” “Yes!  Yes!”  Dong Fang Hao Ye quickly runs over to the bedside.  When he watches him undress, he can’t overcome his anxiety and swallows thickly. “What’s wrong?” Bei Tang Yao Yue sees him standing dumbly by his side with a tense expression.  He finally understands and smile, “Don’t worry.  You don’t have to be so anxious, actually we……… Who is it!”  A black shadow flashes in front of them. Before Dong Fang Hao Ye even gets to react, Bei Tang Yao Yue leap out of the window and chase after the intruder.  W-w-what’s going on?  Dong Fang Hao Ye is taken by surprise.  He hastily grabs a sword hanging next to the bed and jumps out of the window.  He can see a black shadow from afar, and another one chasing after it.  He can’t help worry and chases after them. The back mountain is a forested area.  In the dark night, even moonlight cannot penetrate the forest.  It is very creepy.

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 Dong Fang Hao Ye has only taken 2 steps into the forest when he spots a white shadow.  “Who is it!” he asks in surprise.  That person is taken aback as well, upon taking a closer look, it is actually his king. “Wangye?” “Liu Bo?” the king recognizes him and adds in anger, “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”  “I heard something on the roof.  I thought it was an intruder and chased after him.  What about you, wangye?” The king does not bother to answer him, “Liu Bo, did you happen to see Yao Yue?” “The wangfei?” Liu Bo asks in surprise.  “No.” The king panics.  He does not know if Liu Bo intends to sooth him or kick him when the old man says, “Wangye, you don’t have to worry.  Wangfei’s martial art is more than double of yours, he is a rare master.  You don’t have to worry.  You are only good at qinggong anyway.” The king glares at him.  Of course he knows his wangfei is great at martial arts, but the problem is…… the problem is……. the problem is his imperial brother’s little medicine is great as well.   The king panics.  He grabs Liu Bo and drags him into the forest.  Not too long later, they hear the sound of fighting from afar.   They immediately run towards the source of the sounds. Bei Tang Yao Yue is dueling with a man in black barehanded. The king rush towards them without thinking.  Liu Bo pulls him, “Wangye, with your level, you might as well not get in there and adds trouble for wangfei.  He can handle it.” The king angrily says, “I wasn’t rushing to help!  I was rushing to give him the sword!”  Liu Bo staggers and almost falls. Lucky he has been training well these two days, his technique is good.  He grits his teeth, saying, “Wangye, you don’t have to worry.  Even if there is no sword, wangfei can------ Huh?“  Seeing Uncle Liu’s hesitation, Dong Fang Hao Ye glance at Bei Tang Yao Yue who seems to gradually turning weaker. The king grabs Liu Bo in cold sweat, “Liu Bo, with your level, will you be able to finish that guy?” Liu Bo ponders, “Should be able to…..” The king did not wait for him to finish speaking and immediately kick him into the duel path before rushing to pull Bei Tang Yao Yue away.  “Yao Yue, are you okay?”

 “……I am fine.”  Bei Tang Yao Yue breaths heavily, his entire body is weak as he stumbles to his side. The king quickly hugs him by his waist.  Woah….. How slender….. How pliant…… How strong….. Pooh!  What was I thinking, this is not the time for such thoughts! “Yao Yue, let’s go!” “No!  M-must get him!” Bei Tang Yao Yue’s body is in great discomfort but he can still think straight. “Liu Bo, take this!” he flings the sword towards the old caretaker. Liu Bo immediately strengthen his blow upon receiving the sword.  “It’s okay, don’t worry.  Liu Bo will definitely take care of him!”  The king then very heartlessly leaves the duel matter to Liu Bo and runs off with Bei Tang Yao Yue.  Bei Tang Yao Yue’s legs no longer works halfway home.  The king embrace him, his heart filling with soft fragrances and warmth.  Bei Tang Yao Yue no longer has energy, he is breathing really hard, his soft breath fluttering against the king’s neck. The king’s heart gradually turns hotter. “En,” Bei Tang Yao Yue unknowingly made a sound and can’t help but to hug him around the neck and leaning in. Goodness….. the king’s feet turns soft.  He strengthen himself with whatever mental strength he has left and fly back to the king’s residence with a speed that is faster than anything he has ever done in his entire life.      
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