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Chapter 891: 891

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Chapter 891: Young Master Lu, Young Master Gu And the Rest Are Back

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After Jiangsui exchanged glances with the subordinates, two of them strode towards Leng Xuan.

The people that the Responsive Dragon had loaned Gu Si were all merciless and top-notch men. Their auras were extremely commanding.

Leng Xuan could immediately tell that she was no match for the two subordinates coming towards her. Just as she was about to turn around and run, someone grabbed her arm and pushed her forward.

The two subordinates grabbed her shoulders and dragged her to the coffee table, pressing her arms on it.

Leng Xuan struggled against the subordinates.

Gu Si tapped the blade of his dagger on his palm. The light reflected wickedly off the knife. He walked over slowly..

Leng Xuan looked at Gu Si with fear. She kept repeating, “Don’t you dare. Gu Si, don’t you dare.”

Gu Si walked over to the side and sat down beside the coffee table. He tapped the dagger on Leng Xuan’s arm.

Leng Xuan’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as she stared at the dagger unwaveringly. “Gu Si…”

Right after she spoke, Gu Si spun the dagger in his hand, grabbed it tightly, and stabbed Leng Xuan’s palm with it mercilessly.


A deafening shriek reverberated throughout the villa.

The scene was etched in everyone’s memory. They had never seen Leng Xuan humiliated like this before. They had also never encountered a person whom Huo Zhi and the Head Elder could not deal with.

Gu Si was only a child…


Gu Si threw the dagger onto the floor. Leng Xuan’s blood splattered on the floor.

Leng Xuan leaned on the coffee table, both hands covered in blood. There was a pool of blood on the coffee table.

Fissure fracture.

Her injury was many times worse than Gu Mang’s. She was trembling uncontrollably.

Gu Si got up and walked towards his men. “Retreat.”

“Yes,” they said in unison.

Gu Si’s men split into two groups and formed a pathway towards the front for Gu Si. Then, they walked out majestically, Gu Si at the head.

Just as they reached the entrance, Gu Si slowed down.

Jiangsui, Bai Sui, and Bai Qingqing were caught off guard. They stopped and looked at Gu Si. Then, they stared blankly as Gu Si ignited the lighter, raised his arm, and tossed it backwards.

The blaze illuminated the hall. Everyone inside tensed up as their fear reached a new peak.

Gu Si left the Leng residence without turning back. The lighter landed on the floor. The flames spread quickly thanks to the gasoline coating the floor.

A ferocious blaze arose behind Gu Si accompanied by many screams.

Bai Qingqing had completely frozen. She tried to follow Gu Si stiffly. Bai Sui did not seem affected. Jiangsui also had not expected Gu Si to really set the place on fire.

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As for Responsive Dragon’s men, their scalps turned numb as they glanced at Gu Si, a half grown-up child.

At the same time, at the hospital.

Because Old Master Bai was around, Jiangsui left two men to guard Gu Mang’s room.

Currently, Gu Mang’s ward was pitch-black and quiet.

Gu Mang lay on the hospital bed with her body turned to one side. Her arm, which was covered in a plaster cast, was suspended in mid-air as it hung over the side of the bed.

Just then, the hospital window opened.

A black clad figure hopped into the room swiftly. The cloaked man looked at the bulging duvet. After standing still for a few seconds, he approached her.

When he reached the side of the bed, he moved Gu Mang’s injured arm back under the duvet carefully.

Then, he sat by the bed and gazed at her face.

Because the room was very dark, he could only see the fuzzy outline of her face.

The black clad man sat by the bed. After a while, he reached out and caressed the girl’s face.

Usually, Gu Mang would have woken up immediately, ready to fight as soon as she sensed someone walking around inside. However, she had taken sleeping pills before going to sleep tonight.

She was sleeping peacefully. She did not react even when he touched her face.

Suddenly, the man heard something through his earpiece.

“Young Master Lu, Young Master Gu and the rest are back.”


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