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Chapter 323: Two birds in one stone (2)

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Chapter 323: 323 Two birds in one stone (2)

Yeowun sealed her once more just an hour ago. But this amount of coldness meant that the seal was broken. Wang Jing shouted, “Lord!”

“Follow me!”

Yeowun ran toward the guesthouse and Wang Jing quickly followed. As they went to the guesthouse, cold air was storming around the building, freezing everything around it. In the yard in front of the house, Hu Bong was bleeding from his mouth as he protected Gam Rosu, and two others were standing against Yogun who was standing tall with her silver hair fluttering through the wind.

“I… I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

“We need the Lord or Elder Yang.”

They were Mun Ku and Hou Sangwha. This happened when Yogun woke up from her sleep. The terrifying cold energy quickly turned the tide against them.


Mun Ku’s breathing turned white as if it was winter. She was protecting her body through internal energy, but the coldness still made her shiver.

“It’s coming!” Hou Sangwha shouted. Yogun stepped on the ground, and white ice needles appeared and thrown upon them.



They both jumped up at once and needles were stuck into the ground.


Mun Ku then threw an energy bullet toward Yogun, but it disappeared even before it got close to Yogun’s body.


Yogun then gathered her hands and reached out and a cold storm struck against Mun Ku and Hou Sangwha who were still in the air.



Both of them quickly protected themselves with energy barriers, but it still threw them backwards. Then they rolled on the ground, but they jumped up to take a stand. But there weren’t countless ice needles surrounding them anymore.


“Sangwha, are we dreaming?”

This wasn’t the level that any martial artist they knew. It was as if they were against the legendary Winter Witch or something. Yogun’s eyes that glared toward them were now becoming transparent.

Hou Sangwha’s large axe became covered with blue force qi over its blade. Mun Ku also readied with her hands with force qi to attack whenever. The two women became tense. Yogun then reached out to them and gestured clenching her fist. Countless ice needles then tried to come down at them.

It was then that the ice needles stopped in the air. Two women then heard the voice from behind.

“That was close.”

“M-my lord!”

It was Chun Yeowun. Yeowun was able to arrive in time and defend the attacks from the ice needles. But he didn’t come alone this time.


A middle-aged man with curly hair appeared in front of them and swung his hands toward the ice needles. With that, a powerful energy line was drawn in the air and shattered all ice needles into dust. The person who showed such astounding prowess was Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing.

‘That is amazing. If he can do that, he probably could have blocked my air sword too.’

Yeowun was astonished. Wang Jing was surely worthy to be considered as one of the top five warriors of Yulin.


Wang Jing called out to his daughter with a concerned look. He knew that his daughter would be in bad shape from the severe coldness, but she was in a terrible state.

‘I have to hurry.’

Wang Jing then charged toward the silver-haired woman, Yogun. Yogun began creating thick ice wall by collecting ice dust as she seemed to feel dangered by the appearance of a powerful presence. But it didn’t work against Yeowun, so there was no chance it would work against Wang Jing either.

Wang Jing was able to get to Yogun even before ice wall was finished. All ice needles that struck upwards from the floor also turned to dust. Wang Jing was surely very powerful man.

He quickly pressed on Yogun’s blood points to seal her down. But the seal that only required him to use 50% before it didn’t work anymore. Powerful yin qi defended the interference of energy coming into the body.

‘She’s gotten worse.’

Wang Jing then increased his power up to 80% and sealed her down. Yogun flinched and with her blood points being blocked from circulation, the coldness around them became to subside. But it was still very cold around Yogun.

Yogun, who was now passed out, was shivering as if she was feeling cold from the energy that was coming from her own body. Wang Jing frowned. Yogun had never been in such a bad state.

‘No… what should I do? It will take at least half a day to get down to Yongho village.’

Wang Jing thought he had to take her to Gam Miyan at Yongho village, but Yogun didn’t seem to last long against the extreme coldness coming from the yin qi. That’s when a muscular old woman walked toward them with Yeowun by his side. The woman was Godly Doctor Gam Rosu.


Wang Jin frowned at a familiar face when Gam Rosu walked over and checked Yogun’s pulse as she was trembling severely.

“A-are you a doctor?” Wang Jing asked and Yeowun nodded instead. After checking Yogun’s state for a while, Godly Doctor Gam Rosu became grim and spoke.

“Ah… yin qi has spread all over her body at last… she won’t last a day at this rate. My Lord, you have no choice anymore.”

“W-what are you talking about? Ma’am!! What’s become of my daughter?!”

Wang Jing began to shake at the fear of his daughter’s possible death and Godly Doctor Gam Rosu spoke seriously.

“She will need a balance of yin and yang through mating.”

“Mat… WHAT?!”

Wang Jing’s face turned weird at the unexpected words.

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