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Chapter 281: 281

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Warriors frowned at Hu Bong’s strong protest. They had to let Gam Rosu prepare to leave, but blocking her from tending to the patient also seemed to suspicious.


Gam Rosu then walked over and placed her hand over Hou Sangwha’s wrist to check on the pulse. She then frowned weirdly.

‘Her pulse…’

The warrior then asked the doctor.

“Is it bad?”

Gam Rosu fell silent for a second, but nodded in response.

“Yes, I will have to take a look. Don’t worry. It will be quick.”

“….Hmph. Okay.”

The warrior nodded and allowed Hu Bong and Hou Sangwha to enter. Hu Bong then helped Hou Sangwha walk inside and had her lie down on the bed. He then spoke to the warriors who followed into the office.

“We should get out.”

Warriors frowned at the unexpected request.

“What are you talking about? We have to protect Granny Gam…”

“Wow… are you saying that you will stay and watch a woman’s private parts? Are you serious?”


Two warriors became dumbfounded at Hu Bong’s words. Hu Bong then pointed at Hou Sangwha’s breasts and shouted.

“Do you really want to see her naked body!?”


Two warriors became dumbfounded and tried to protest in order to explain.

“N-no! I mean we are just…”

Godly Doctor Gam Rosu then added onto Hu Bong’s claim.

“I will need to take off the patient’s clothes. You men should stay outside. …Are you going to tell me you are going to stay and watch her get naked?”

“Ugh… Okay. We’ll be outside. Make sure you do this quickly.”

They were ordered to stay by the doctor and never let her stay with these people without their watch, but there was no use. Hu Bong made a ruckus, so they couldn’t take their eyes off from her chest. They insisted that the doctor make this quick and went out with Hu Bong.

Early morning. The energy of the environment became very full. Every time he circulated the energy, it felt like if he was one with the environment. And on the ground at the cliff, there was a large crater that was not there last night. And within that crater, Yeowun stood. His eyes were full of understanding unlike before. He took in a slow deep breath and let out and opened his right fist.

‘I don’t have any limit over my internal energy anymore.’

Every time he circulated energy within, the internal energy replenished instantly as it sucked the energy from the environment. At this rate, he had no limit of any energy usage unless he uses the strongest skill which would require huge amount of energy usage.

‘I can also increase the output to almost three times.’

His limit of energy usage, or the limit to control the energy within him also increased by a large amount. It was not even close to when he was yet a superior master level. Yeowun gasped with astonishment.


‘I’m lucky. I’ve reached supreme master level!’

With unexpected understanding, Yeowun was able to break the barrier. He was trying to find the balance between sword movements of Sword Force of the Sky Demon, but it actually worked to help him break the barrier to go up to the supreme master level. Yeowun looked up to yet dark morning sky. The color was now turning to dark blue. It was the sign that morning was almost here.


He wanted to take this time to focus on creating the new sword skill, but he had wasted too much time here. He was trying to find the way out, but instead came across the traces of Father Chun Ma and forgot about his servants above the cliff.

‘I didn’t find the balance among the movements… but I got something else.’

He wasn’t talking about becoming the supreme master warrior. He was talking about something different.

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‘Let’s get out first.’

With his minds coming back to reality, he became concerned about lot of things. It must have been shocking to his people to see him fall to the cliff with fires over his body. It was especially concerning to think about Mun Ku. Yeowun expected Mun Ku would think he’s dead and be terribly sad from it.

‘How should I go up?’

But he couldn’t find a way up yet. After thinking about it for a while, Yeowun looked at all swords that were stuck on the ground and the wall and thought.

‘Wait… I don’t need to find a way anymore. I can just make a way.’

At the same time, in a hidden mansion within Sword Creek, a man with black clothes entered Hing Wunja’s room.

“Is it prepared?”

“Yes, Elder. The doctor is done with her preparations.”

“Good. Are they still sleeping?”

“Yes. We have eyes on them. I will take a look at them again just in case.”

There were five warriors standing watch at the medical room where guests were sleeping. If there was any problem, they would have known already.

“Go check and return with watchers down to the secret passage. Bring the doctor there. I will take my monks from the clan.”

“Yes, Elder.”

If guests realized something was wrong, they would have left the mansion already. They planned to unlock the entrance to the hidden mansion, so it was likely that the enemies will rush in quickly. That would help them escape without any danger. The black-clothed man took the final mission and went to the medical room.


He frowned as he got to the front of the building. Something was strange. There had to be two watchers on the roof, but they weren’t anywhere to be seen.


He then carefully opened the door and peeked in. There were five shadows over the bed in the dark room. He heard light breathing, so it certainly these people were still sleeping.

‘There’s no problem here. Then where did they go… w-wait.’

The man became shocked and walked in through the door. There was supposed to be six people in the room, but there were only five.

‘Who’s missing?’

The man then carefully walked over to the bed and checked the face of the person on the bed.


The man on the bed was one of the watchers who had to be on the roof. He had his blood points sealed and had fallen unconscious. The man checked on everyone’s beds, and they were all those who were assigned to stay on watch.

“They’re gone!!”

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