Nightfall - Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: 1000

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Compared with the dazzlingly glowing Hengmu Liren, Long Qing who was fading into the darkness seemed like a very unimportant stain. But to the Eldest Brother, Long Qing was the more dangerous one. Of course he would also pay enough attention to Hengmu. Though the Academy was used to being the opponent of Haotian, it did not mean they would underestimate Haotian.

The young man in indigo gown was the most charming flower among the countless flowers transformed by the spring breeze and rain. Moreover, he was Haotian's gift to the human world and the legendary chosen one or successor as said by the followers. Although he was the Eldest Brother of the Academy, he still had to take this person seriously.

Hengmu had demonstrated an unbelievable state of cultivation and unpredictable changes. The burning Haotian's Divine Flame charged back into his body like liquid jade at an incredible speed and was restrained underneath his flesh and into his slashers. His body and slashers did not turn dark. Instead they became crystal clear with Haotian's Divine Flame reflecting inside. Lights were overlaid and reflected, and gradually transformed into the purest white lights. How terrifying would it be when those white lights spurt out of the crystal at once?

The Eldest Brother kept his hand half an inch away from his cudgel. He could clearly sense how terrifying Hengmu Liren's next strike would be. But somehow he kept silent and did nothing. No one knew whether it was because of his legendary self-confidence or because of the wisp of bouquet coming from the darkness.

Hengmu Liren's body became more transparent. The slasher in his hand and remaining twelve behind him had become icy. Pure and blazing lights were burning inside his body and the slashers. They became denser and denser and were almost about to blow up. Some lights exuded and immediately lightened up the relics of the imperial city in the darkness.

Meanwhile, the wisp of bouquet coming from the darkness became thicker and thicker as the pure lights did, despite the blowing wind.

People who looked at Hengmu was dazzled by the Divine Flame and painfully covered their eyes with their hands. People who smelled the bouquet felt dizzy. It seemed they had entered the Divine Kingdom and were temporarily freed from the real world.

The Eldest Brother stayed calm and gentle in the real world, standing under the pure lights and intoxicating bouquet. No one knew what he would do next.

He already knew before the wisp of bouquet appeared from the darkness because he had been tracking down that bouquet for the past few days. Otherwise why would he have apologized to Liu Yiqing before he died?

The Divine Halls of West-Hill sent such a powerful force to Lin Kang not only to kill Liu Yiqing. They were also trying to hunt down the powerful figures from the Academy. Then why did he still come?

He probably just came to say sorry to Liu Yiqing?

In the wisp of bouquet and white lights, he realized that the Divine Halls of West-Hill might have a chance to take him. The person in the darkness was so fast, and Hengmu Liren was unexpectedly powerful.

The bright, shining, dazzling, and compelling Hengmu Liren was right in front of him. But the Eldest Brother was not nervous at all. He squinted as if he was a country teacher looking at his naughty student.

He recalled his fish pond many years ago in a little town. There was one day when the evening glow was so charming that the water in the pond became brilliant. It was just like this young man standing in front of him.

He sighed and stepped forward to the right.

Hengmu Liren's world had become a bright world. The face of the scholar in front of him became white instead of pale. He was suddenly alert because he could not understand why his opponent was not nervous at all.

He was currently the most important figure of Taoism and knew many secrets. He was certain that Mr. First said sorry to Liu Yiqing because he did not dare to interfere. Even though he had showed up, he was too late to save him. It was not a plotted trap by Taoism but rather a coincidence. Even Heaven could not have predicted it. How could he survive it?

No one could predict when would be the moment. Just as no one knew when was the beginning of this world. Even Hengmu Liren himself did not know. He could not help from being alert.

At some point, probably the moment when the Eldest Brother stepped forward, thousands of bouts of Haotian's Divine Flame broke out from his body and slashers, spurted from the crystal, and jetted toward the Eldest Brother.

The next moment, the blazing Haotian's Divine flame would brighten up the darkness and dim the clear moon and everlasting starlights. He would illuminate the entire world. And the entire world would see clearly where he was.

Only the horrifying Divine Flame could burn the Eldest Brother of the Academy into ashes.

The wisp of bouquet from the darkness thickened all of a sudden. A sandy wind came from nowhere and lingered around the Eldest Brother with indescribable power.

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The Eldest Brother stayed still. He did not dodge because he did not think he could avoid Hengmu's Divine Flame while the wind was lingering around him. Additionally, he wanted to see more than the wind. He wanted that person to show up and expose himself in front of the entire world as Hengmu did.

It happened in an extremely short period of time, less than a moment or even a blink. It was impossible to describe it because nothing could be faster than the light, regardless if it was the Eldest Brother or the person who generated the wind. Therefore the result was obvious.

No one could have stopped this. But someone tried.

It was not because he was faster than the lights but because he devoured every single ray of light that spurted from Hengmu Liren's body.

Long Qing appeared in front of Hengmu Liren.

His body was enveloped in some dark fog. The blazing Haotian's Divine Flame was devoured and he turned extremely pale. He seemed like a ghost standing indistinctly in the dark fog.

There was a very slight droning.

All of the Divine Flame that was spurted from Hengmu Liren was devoured by Long Qing, except for a few rays of light that faded immediately into the darkness. They failed to brighten up the human world, not even the willows along the moat.

In front of the relics of the Imperial City, it became deadly quiet again. The moonlight and starlights fell on the ground.

The sandy wind and bouquet disappeared at the same time.

Hengmu Liren stared at Long Qing and felt a sense of death and horror coming from that dark fog. He was furious.

He had prepared for so long for this illuminating strike. With the help of the legendary figure in the darkness, he was almost able to burn the Eldest Brother of the Academy into ash. But it was all ruined by this person! He was stunned by Long Qing's terrible power and even more outrageous of what he did. What the hell is he doing?

After devouring the tremendous Haotian's Divine Flame in such a short period of time, Long Qing seemed seriously wounded and weird light spots appeared on his face.

He lowered his head exhaustively and panted for a while. Then he rose his head and looked at the Eldest Brother who was staring at him. He asked hoarsely, "Ning Que has been watching. Hasn't he?"

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