Nightfall - Chapter 1029

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Chapter 1029

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Ye Hongyu turned around and left the moonlight scattered on the terrace behind her. Her pale face regained a little color under the shadow of the night. She looked at the Hierarch quietly, but a myriad of thoughts crowded into her mind.

Xiong Chumo also looked at her quietly. Seeing her elegant figure outlined by the moonlight and her beautiful face, he once again confirmed that she was no longer the little girl he was familiar with, and he was somewhat angry.

Ye Hongyu was not surprised or angry while seeing him, revealing no expression on her face.

Xiong Chumo became even angrier because of her calmness. It unsettled him that his ugliest and most evil behavior in the past was now uncovered, but he was also puzzled and frustrated by her calmness. He would rather see that the Great Divine Priest of Judgement was enraged than know that she never took him seriously.

"What did you say to the Abbey Dean?" he asked.

Ye Hongyu didn't answer, and just looked at him.

When Xiong Chumo was silent for a moment and suddenly laughed, revealing a distorted pleasure on his ugly and old face. He said, "You are afraid of me."

Ye Hongyu still kept silent.

"Of course you are afraid of me."

There was a faint glimmer shining in the depths of the eyes of Xiong Chumo, and his voice trembled a little due to excitement, "You can't forget what happened to you in the past. When you found out it was me, you were too afraid to get revenge, because you didn't want to relive your most painful experience."

Ye Hongyu asked calmly while staring at him, "Why should I be afraid of you?"

Xiong Chumo turned pale slightly. He didn't understand her question. Isn't it obvious? Even if you are not afraid of me now, that poor little girl who had thin legs back then was definitely afraid of me.

His breathing became heavy, his eyes were stained with a bloody flush, and his voice trembled. "After you discovered the truth, you must have been angry and puzzled. You must be wondering why I, the Hierarch, would do that at the risk of irritating Ye Su. Actually I didn't even know the answer myself. Maybe I was jealous?" Looking at the moonlight falling on her hair, he was fascinated by her beautiful face.

Ye Hongyu replied calmly, "I am not interested in those things."

"Not interested?"

Xiong Chumo was stunned, and said incredulously, "You are not interested in these? That thing happened at the time when the Abbey Dean travelled to the South Sea and Ye Su went into the human world to experience the life-and-death struggles after coming back from the Wilderness. Don't you want to know why I did all that?"

Ye Hongyu answered without any expression, "You played a children's game while my brother was away. What more do I need to know?"

Xiong Chumo glared at her, and an extremely terrifying breath of destruction came out of his thin body. He opened his arms and said in amazement, "Children's game?" His voice became a bit sharp and unpleasant to hear, full of anger and unbelief.

"Children's game?!" He repeated loudly, "You think that was children's game? You cried so hard back then! You were asking for Ye Su, but he never came to rescue you. You have been suffering for so many years. I don't understand why you still pin your hope on that useless man. Ye Su can't save you!"

Many pictures kept flashing in Ye Hongyu's mind, stirring up the depths of her eyes. Then the pictures gradually disappeared and her eyes regained their normal indifference.

How could she ever forget that event? If she could, she wouldn't have tried to kill Chen Pipi when he saw her bathing in the Taoist temple back then. If she could forget, why would she never care that others saw her body? Wasn't it because she subconsciously thought her body was already dirty? But it didn't matter even if she couldn't forget it.

She looked at Xiong Chumo and claimed, "I am not those crazy professors in the Revelation Institute. I am not interested in your mental state. I don't care if you are jealous of him, mentally ill, or just want to fawn on the Abbey Dean."

Xiong Chumo stared at her beautiful face and said, "That is not a children's game!"

Ye Hongyu stared at his ugly face and replied, "But you are a child."

Xiong Chumo was extremely thin and much shorter than ordinary people, which was the reason why he had been hiding behind the radiating screen and making his shadow tall and big.

Back then, he irrationally and frantically molested Ye Hongyu when she was still a little girl, which might have something to do with his mental illness.

Ye Hongyu said calmly, "I know what you want. You want to see me sad, angry, and desperate, and you want me to feel ashamed for not being a virgin anymore. But you won't get these from me, because I don't want to play this children's game with you." She said children's game again.

Xiong Chumo was extremely angry, and the faint glimmer shining in his eyes became crazier. He said coldly, "I am not a child."

"You are shorter than a ten-year-old."

Ye Hongyu was much taller than him and was looking down at him. Then her eyes moved down and fell on the part between his legs. "Your genitals were damaged by Yu Lian decades ago. You can't do anything to me even if you wanted to. Why should I feel humiliated?" She said, "Judging from your height, you are a child. Judging from your mind, you are a child. And judging from your potency, you can only be a child your whole life."

Extreme anger occupied the body and mind of Xiong Chumo, but he gradually calmed down and squinted in silence for a long time. "So you see this matter as if you have been bitten by a mad dog? But you should remember that it leaves a scar anyway."

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Ye Hongyu said calmly, "Even a mad dog has teeth. Since your genitals are damaged, then you are like a dog without teeth. How could you leave a scar on me without teeth?" She acted calmly all along, revealing no mockery, deliberate pity or anger, which was exactly the worst ridicule and contempt. Because these were all facts even if Xiong Chumo was the Hierarch of the Divine Halls of West-Hill, the most powerful man of Taoism, the terrifying power of the State of Tianqi and the one who had abused her.

Under her calm eyes, he was just a childish man whose genitals was damaged and someone who could never grow taller.

"I will kill you," Xiong Chumo suddenly threatened. "Although I don't know what you said to the Abbey Dean, although you are very calm at this time, I know you wish me dead. Then I have to kill you."

Ye Hongyu looked at him calmly and replied, "Did you come here to enrage me? So I will make the first move? It appears that you are well aware that you can't start the fight."

For Taoism, the Hierarch was obviously more important than the Great Divine Priest of Judgement, but it didn't mean that he could do whatever he wanted.

After the Headmaster went to Heaven and Mr. Chen returned to the mainland, Xiong Chumo was no longer the most powerful man of Taoism. He returned to what he used to be, a running dog.

People always said that before one were to hit a dog, one should find out who was its master first. And of course, a dog needed its master's permission to bite others.

"You dare not to attack me first?" Ye Hongyu said without any expression, "Because you can't bear the responsibility of dividingTaoism, you can only see me become stronger and stronger. I will be strong enough to kill you one day, and you can't do anything about this. You can only keep falling into the abyss of despair, and you don't know when you will reach the bottom. You will endure endless suffering and pain. That will be my revenge." Her voice was still calm, so were her expression and eyes. She looked at Xiong Chumo in such a calm way, like he was already dead.

The Divine Hall of Judgement was quiet, and the moonlight fell on the terrace and her shoulders. At this moment, a voice came from the dark corner of the Divine Hall.

"Unfortunately, none of that will happen." The dark corner suddenly became bright. The person standing in the corner was bright, as if tens of thousands of light rays were coming out of his body. Nobody knew how he entered the Divine Hall of Judgement. Ye Hongyu squinted her eyes into a line, or a sword again.

That man was Zhao Nanhai. The Divine Skill of the Great Divine Priest of South Sea was derived from the light and he raised the state of his breath to its zenith at this moment, so he was bright.

Xiong Chumo did not know why Zhao Nanhai appeared, but he was happy about this, because it might mean that the Abbey Dean changed his mind.

Ye Hongyu looked to the entrance to the Divine Hall of Judgement.

The middle-aged priest was here too. He had been handling daily affairs in the Zhishou Abbey for decades and also had been standing behind the Abbey Dean's wheelchair for several years. He never did anything extraordinary, always acting like an ordinary person.

He was just standing there, like an ordinary person.

Ye Hongyu closed her eyes and tried to figure the matter out.

On the cliff yard at dusk, the Abbey Dean said that she could take Xiong Chumo's life. But she knew that middle-aged priest was not here to kill Xiong Chumo. Killing the Hierarch was not a wise choice for Taoism at this moment. Then the middle-aged priest was not here to kill the Hierarch. Why did he come here?

Long Qing went to the Song Kingdom, and Hengmu was in Qinghe. They were both not on Peach Mountain. The four people in the Divine Hall of Judgement at this moment were the four most highly ranked figures in Taoism.

Ye Hongyu opened her eyes, but was still puzzled. Why? Why does the Abbey Dean want to kill me?


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