Nightfall - Chapter 1096

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Chapter 1096: 1096

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Chapter 1096: A Bold Change For The Better

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If the greenery in the valley formed a complete picture, then the Abbey Dean would be a part of it as well. However, at the same time, he was also outside of the picture. More specifically, it seemed like there was another smaller picture hidden in the complete picture, and the Abbey Dean was actually part of the smaller picture.

The smaller picture was a mezzanine of the breath of nature. It was a secondary dimension that existed between the dimension of reality. As he stood in that space, it seemed that he was very near, but in reality he was a lot further away. It seemed like he was in the picture, but in truth he was inside another picture that was inside the picture.

The parameter within a few feet of the Abbey Dean’s surroundings was affected by the breath of nature exuded by the mezzanine, hence it felt like the season of spring was at its peak. Baby green buds decorated the trees and yellow flowers were dotted everywhere among the grass. Ning Que’s iron cutlass of thousand slashes cut out the Yi Talisman, it could slice the green buds and blooming flowers into pieces, but not the coming of spring. Spring inherently took no form.

The spring breeze blew, and the leaves swayed in the wind. The Abbey Dean’s figure flashed to a safe distance, approximately ten yards away from the edge of the lake. Far away from the terrifying Talisman Intent and blade intent, which prevented him from entering the area.

It was like the wall of a fortress, people from the outer side cannot enter, but at the same time the people on the inside cannot exit as they please. It became a prison cell in the end, regardless of the fortress or lake.

Ning Que had gotten himself imprisoned twice in Chang’an city, hence he was no stranger to this situation.

“You should not have left Chang’an city,” called out the Abbey Dean as he stared at Ning Que, his expression calm and gentle as always, reminiscent of the spring breeze. It was as if he was an elder that understood all that happens under the sky, providing sincere and genuine advice, “You do not have any chance of winning.”

Ning Que knew that what he said was right. His biggest hope to gain victory over the Abbey Dean or the Drunkard, who were both Grand Cultivators, would rest on the most powerful weapon in his arsenal: the God-stunning Array in Chang’an. It was passed down by his teacher, and to leave Chang’an would mean abandoning the weapon ten thousand miles away from him. In other words, it amounted to suicide.

But he had to leave Chang’an.

On that fateful day, while snowflakes fell gently in the wind, he had made this decision and will not regret it. He was aware that the Abbey Dean planned to kill Sangsang, and he was the only one who could find Sangsang before the Abbey Dean does.

I should stop thinking about had happened, but instead think about is about to happen.

Ning Que looked the Talisman Intent that completely surrounded the lake. He remained silent as he tried to figure out his next step. The moment the blade intent disappeared, he would leave, as far as he could. Sangsang would be safe if the Abbey Dean could not perceive her world.

Everything he did was to provide a chance for her to escape, although it might eliminate his own chances of surviving. He glanced at the big black horse, fully aware that it would most likely die alongside him. Regret and pity for the creature raged in his heart.

However, the big black horse did not meet his gaze. It refused to see the apologetic look in his eyes. It wasn’t acting cute or demonstrating its usual antics of silliness or arrogance. It was merely staring sharply at the Abbey Dean who was at the other side of the lake, like a warrior ready for the final battle.

Ning Que felt rather touched. He smiled softly while caressing the mane on its neck. Abruptly, his smile disappeared, seriousness washing over his face.
A clear cracking sound could be heard coming from behind him.

The recently erected wooden shack appeared by the lake edge. Sangsang held onto her hip as she slowly emerged from the shack. She had returned to the mortal world, dismissing her own world.

“Why did you come out?” Ning Que asked with no small amount of frustration.

“I felt unwell.” Sangsang strolled by the edge of the lake as she held onto her swollen belly, ignoring eye contact with the Abbey Dean on the opposite shore. She declared expressionlessly, “I’m blaming you for this.”

“Which part of you is feeling unwell? And how exactly is it my fault?”

“You made this, so of course it’s your fault.”

Ning Que was speechless, grumbling in his mind: Weren’t you the one who wanted this? Of course, at times like this, there was no reason to argue about this matter. As for her reason for exposing herself, how could he not know?

He did not plan to ask any further, all because he thought the answer would be too mushy. Despite that, Sangsang beat him to it and said, “I can’t bear to see you leave. I… I want to be with you, and I’m already so used to having you by my side.”

Being used to someone’s presence was indeed a beautiful thing.

Ning Que held her hand as they sat down together on the stump of an old tree. Sangsang looked rather tired, but her eyes gleamed with life, a feeling of satisfaction that hadn’t been experienced before.

After listening to her soft yet meaningful confession, victory or failure did not seem as important anymore.

As Sang Sang approached the edge of the lake, the Abbey Dean was silent for a long time before he bowed, his actions still respectful, even worshipful as one might even say, as if he was still a believer of her.

Ning Que meditated as he sat on the tree stump, hoping to recover the Psyche Power that he had lost to the Yi Talisman. His eyebrows furrowed slightly in contemplation as he observed the Abbey Dean’s behavior.


Why did the Abby Dean want to kill Sangsang? He helped Ye Su became a sage, caused the New Stream’s uprising, and led to the falling apart of Taoism. He destroyed Haotian’s foundation of faith, weakened her and made her pay a painful price, just to kill her?

Where was the logic in this? Where was karma when one needed it?

This was a mystery to the Academy, and more so a mystery to the rest of the world.

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“Taoism and the Academy originated from the same line. However, it was not because of the fact that the Headmaster of Academy was once a student of Taoism, as people might think. Instead, it is because we think and solve problems from the sole perspective of humans.”

The Abbey Dean stood by the edge of lake, a leaf that appeared out of nowhere pinched between his fingers, resembling a miniature flute. “Although we embark on the same path, nevertheless our final destinations are different. The Headmaster of Academy yearns for an overthrow of our core values, but I do not.”

Ning Que did not attempt to express his views regarding the issue at hand, because he had attempted it before, thus he understood that it was nearly impossible to change a person’s outlook in life.

“What do you plan to do?” This was the question he was most concerned about.

The Abbey Dean looked at Sangsang, who was by the lake edge. He stood there in silence for a long time before smiled enigmatically, declaring, ” I would like to guide the suns and moons to turn over a new day, to make a daring change for the better.”

A daring change for the better.

What does day represent? It is not the sky, but Haotian, she is the one and only deity who was widely revered and worshipped by humans. She was the guardian and ruler of the world, as well as a core belief of Taoism.

The Abbey Dean wanted to turn over a new day.

He intended to replace Haotian.

Sangsang stared at him. “Why?” she asked softly.

That was Haotian’s question.

The Abbey Dean answered calmly, “Because you are incompetent and incapable of carrying out the responsiblities of Haotian anymore.”

Sangsang raised her eyebrows slightly, her voice emotionless as she spoke. “Foolish.”

For mortals or believers to judge Haotian’s actions, from the teachings of the West-Hill’s point of view, it was not only an act of foolishness, but also a sign of disrespect hence an unforgivable sin. However, the Abbey Dean did not agree with this statement.

“You have failed.” The Abbey Dean watched her with a soft gaze, traces of sympathy glimmering in his eyes. “Many years ago, when you wanted to set the trap for the Headmaster. You awoke from the Divine Kingdom and projected your consciousness into the mortal world. From that moment onwards, you have lost.”

Sangsang squinted her eyes slightly.

Ning Que felt uneasy and tightened his grip on Sangsang’s hand.

“The trap that you set up, was it really intended to kill the Headmaster? Was it because divine intervention is so unpredictable, and you could not come up with any better ideas, thus you had to personally visit the mortal realm? No… Unless you did not even realize that the trap you set up was merely out of curiosity. You wanted to know what it was like in the mortal world.”

The Abbey Dean looked at her with pity in his eyes. “It proves that you are not Haotian anymore once you develop curiosity. You will begin to possess human characteristics, hence you are unable to return to the Divine Kingdom. This is proof.”

Sangsang said stoically, “So? Then what?”

The Abbey Dean continued calmly, “Taoism awoken you during the times of chaos, in hopes that you would protect the people. Once you are unable to do so, Taoism will naturally replace you.”

“Therefore, I will do whatever it takes to end your life.”

“After that, I will personally appoint a new Haotian.”

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