Nightfall - Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: Crack! Crack!

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Under the big tree, people looked at the lad beside the big stone who was smirking at the magnificent scenery on the mountain top, all sorts of fellings welling up in their mind. They just smiled without uttering a word. Second Brother still sat there rigorously. A gray-haired scholar was reading an old book and it seemed that those happening around had nothing to do with him.

A melodious sound of vertical bamboo flute sounded, and it was from the man who picked up the long vertical bamboo flute lying on his lap to play the music; Then a secluded clank was played by a three-stringed plucked instrument; Seventh Sister picked up the embroidery needle as delicate as hair with her finger and slightly paddled it in the air, during which the tip of the needle trembled at a high speed, issuing some crisp sound similar to that played by metal instruments; The strong man lifted up the heavy hammer and smashed it to the ground, producing a sound perfectly matching the summit of the melody.

The sounds produced by the vertical bamboo flute, the three-stringed plucked instrument and the needle were mixed into a rather ancient song, which melodiously spread out from under the tree and shrouded the top of the mountain behind the Academy. The clouds between the cliff were stirred to slowly move ahead and the pines were slightly swaggering, seeming to welcome a guest.

Standing on top of the big stone, Ning Que listened to the ancient song that had floated into his ears. Then he turned back to see those boys and girls under the big tree, who had different appearances yet showed the same gentle smile. At the sight of the figure of Chen Pipi under the tree, he realized that those were Senior Brothers and Sisters on the Second floor of the Academy greeting him in this way, so he couldn't but feel warm in his heart.

Yet the warm feeling quickly turned to be spicily hot in his chest and abdomen. All those before his eyes went black and then he flopped down.



Prince Long Qing stood still on the lawn below the big stone, as if he didn't hear this moving melody at all. His young face, which was as charming as the spring peach blossom, was still perfect, yet it wasn't noticed when his hair had gotten dispersed, which was wet with sweat cluttering on his shoulder. He looked up and said, "It may be ridiculous. I was not graceful just now, but I really can't accept it."

Unnoticedly Second Brother stood up in the melody and came to the lawn. He looked at Prince Long Qing as well as the complaint revealed in his eyes, calmly saying, "If I were you, I wouldn't accept it either."

After a moment of silence, Prince Long Qing asked, "If you have extincted all your feeling and love and still can't see through, then who can?"

Second Brother looked at him with a touch of pity and answered, "If you want to extinct them, it means you are fearful of them in nature, whether it is for choice or something else. Although I do not know what you saw or experienced, I can see Ning Que is different from you, because there is no fear in his nature, so he needn't struggle to wipe it out."

Prince Long Qing stared at his eyes, and asked with strong puzzle, "Fear is the nature of humanity. If he is a man, he will certainly feel fearful. Ning Que is also a man, why not fear exist in him?"

After a long time of silence, Second Brother shook his head, seeming to think the issue really confusing. He then said, "Perhaps this is the difference between small fear and big fear. Both of you can overcome small fears in instinct, but as for big fears like life and death, day and night, things will be different."

Prince Long Qing got the meaning of his words. Then the end of his eyebrows suddenly tilted up, and he asked, "You mean Ning Que has no faith."

Second Brother replied, "Perhaps so."

Prince Long Qing startled, who then immediately shew a self-mockery sad smile, muttering, "Because I am so firm in my faith, so I was beaten by a guy who has no faith and always considers himself first. How can I be convinced?"

Second Brother answered after a moment of pondering, "Maybe he has faith, yet it is hidden too deep in his heart, and even the illusion along the stone path can't stimulate it out. Or perhaps even he himself is not clear about his true faith."

At this time, Chen Pipi carried Ning Que who were in coma on his back and walked off the big stone out of breath. For each step ahead, his plump face would gently tremble, which looked like ripples in the lake. He was well aware that the mentality of Ning Que was fiercely impacted, which had consumed most of his energy. Then after his final success of reaching the top, the sudden relaxation had made him fainted. Therefore, he was not much worried about him, just like those Senior Brothers and Sisters under the big tree, who all looked peaceful and calm.

Looking at the back of Chen Pipi and listening to the faintly calling for the little Younger Brother to fetch water, Prince Long Qing squinted at the thought of the guy who was at times mentioned by the hierarch Lord and that woman, then he incredibly asked, "That... guy is him?"

It seemed that Second Brother never intended to conceal the identity of Chen Pippi from others, so he nodded and answered, "It is him."

Prince Long Qing stared blankly at by that fat lad who was ordered about, recalling the sighs, regret or anger when the Hierarch Lord and that woman in red skirt mentioned him. He found it hard to accept the sharp contrast between what he was in legend and in reality - The lad in Taoist Temple, who was said to be more talented than that man by the Hierarch Lord, should just be a humble Younger Brother on the Second floor of the Academy!

The scene in front of him had greatly comforted him for he suddenly found what he encountered today was not so bleak and unacceptable. After a moment of silence, he then sighed, "A real genius like him should actually be ordered about on the Second floor of the Academy. I have intended to startle the Academy by successfully reaching the top, but now it seems really stupid and arrogant."

"A real genius is a genius no matter where he is."

Following his sight, Second Brother looked towards the big tree, saying, "Since he is a genius in the Taoist Temple, he will certainly be a genius in the mountain behind the Academy. Although you are still not comparable to me, yet you needn't be so disappointed. Actually your performance has been very good today. If it were not for the bit more favorable conditions and luck Ning Que had than you, the person I pleasantly greet now would be you."

Prince Long Qing sighed and made a deep bow to him, then he turned back to go down the mountain.



The tranquility of the lawn in front of the Academy had already been replaced by buzzing discussions similar to that of humble bees. Those bigwigs in high position still refrained themselves from showing curious, yet those ordinary officials, instructors and students couldn't depress their excitement and curiosity, eager to see the final result of today's contest to enter the Second floor. They just wondered who was the winner.

The professor in charge of opening the Second floor of the Academy slowly walked out. There seemed to be a little weird on his face, which was a mixed expression of being delighted and shocked, as if he wanted to laugh, yet refrained himself from doing so for his anxiety over something.

Few knew the origin or identity of the professor, including all the students in the Academy. However, this person presided over the whole process of mountaineering for the entire day, which indicated the noble status of him. After several inquirings, they finally knew that he was a Divine Talisman Master secluded in the Academy to practice cultivation, then nobody dared to disrespect him. The moment they saw him appeared on the stone step, they immediately stopped talking. However, the complex look on his face stimulated ripples in their heart again, who thus felt something unexpected things would occur.

"Huang He'er, what are you dawdling for?"

The only person on the spot who dared to speak to a professor in such a tone, called out his name directly and even deliberately added "Er"(the word used to call a child) to his name was naturally Yan Se, the Divine Talisman Master from South School of Haotian in Tang Empire. Whether in terms of state, generation or age, he was above Professor Huang He, what's more, he had already felt anxious about the result and couldn't help speaking so impatiently in the face of his dawdling.

"Now, I get the result of who can be enrolled into the Second floor of the Academy today."

Professor Huang He was unwilling to dispute with this Divine Talisman Master who was famous for his sluttery, so he just slowly announced to the crowd on the pavement.

Suddenly, Yan Se thought of something possible, so he quickly stood up and reached out his hand to stop him. "No hurry!"

At the moment when a full-sacle drama which had lasted for a day and a night drama was about to end and people could finally see the real look of the hero after he put down his silver mask. The drama was so rudely interrupted, so a catcall actually bursted out from the crowd on the pavement despite their revering to the identity and status as a Divine Talisman Master of Yan Se. - The law didn't punish numerous offenders. No matter how strong a Divine Talisman Master was, he still couldn't exterminate hundreds of people present here.

Professor Huang He bluntly gazed at Yan Se, thinking, "It was you that urged me to give the result, and now it was also you that asked me to hold it for a longer time, then what's wrong with you? So he helplessly asked, "Why?"

Yan Se rushed to the stone steps, and awe-inspiringly said with righteousness, "What a big event it was to open the Second floor of the Academy! Although the Headmaster of Academy is on tour and absent, you cannot be so perfunctory. Before announcing the result, don't you think you should first take a bath, change your dresses and burn incense to offer sacrifice to Heaven?"

His words suddenly stimulated louder hissings, and even the Prince Li Peiyan and Lee Yu could not help taking glances at this old Taoist.

Hearing the catcall from the crowd, even a brazen-faced person like Yan Se would feel flushed with fever. However, his strong thirsty for a successor had finally defeated his less sense of shame, so he rudely shouted to the crowd, "Who doesn't agree? Just stand up and rebut me!"

The crowd sank in silence again. No matter it was Priest Moli or those instructors and learned scholars of the Academy, all of them turned back, figuring silently in heart. "How dare we challenge you, a Divine Talisman Master of rather high state one-to-one? We are not mad."

Professor Huang He unhappily looked at him, "Uncle Yan, what on earth do you want to do?"

There were very few Divine Talisman Masters in the world, the rankings among whom were not involved with their respective sects. They used another set of simple system which was in another way also complex, so we needn't explain more here.

Professor Huang He asked Yan Se what he exactly wanted to do, but in fact, what he wanted was very simple.

"If the Academy announces that Ning Que is the winner, and if this result is known to all those present on the pavement which was then known to the world, it will be a done deal. Then how can my Younger Brother and I vie for him?"

Regardless of the indignant eyesight from all those on the pavement, Yan Se forced Professor Huang He to walk into a study room with him. Together with them were bigwigs who were qualified to be involved in the affair, or powerful enough to change the final result.



Priest Moli looked frustrated, feeling there must be something wrong with what he had heard.

So he cast an inquiring look on the Prince next to him.

Li Peiyan looked a bit weird too. He felt there was nothing wrong with what he had heard, then it might be Professor Huang who had made a mistake when announcing it.

In order to confirm it, he took a look at his niece next to him.

The delicate face of Lee Yu was emotionless.

Although she had countlessly thought of it, and numerously expected this result during this long time of mountaineering today. But when it really came ture, she was still violently shaken and hard to regain consciousness in a short time.

The eyesight of Priest Moli slowly scanned over those bigwigs, and all the responses were the kind he did not want to see. He slowly stood up and looked at Professor Huang He confusedly, asking, "You said the winner is... Ning Que?"

Professor Huang He nodded gently and answered, "Indeed, it is Ning Que."

Priest Moli stood by the chair, stiffened, and being speechless within a long period.

As the vice president of the Revelation Institute of West-Hill Divine Palace, this time, he led the delegation to visit Chang'an City of the Tang Empire following the order of the Hierarch, aiming to implement the agreement secretly reached by the two countries, that was, to send Prince Long Qing to the Second floor of the Academy.

Priest Moli didn't have the slightest favorable impression on the Academy. He thought it unnecessary for a God-favored genius like Prince Long Qing to enter the Second floor of the Academy. However, now that it was the arrangement of the Divine Hall, and the entire world knew that Prince Long Qing was going to enter the Second floor of the Academy, then he must succeed in entering it, for it stood for the honor and dignity of the West-Hill Divine Palace.

However, no one had expected that after such a long time of waiting, the one that would finally enter the Second floor was not Prince Long Qing but somebody else!

Thinking of the consequence if the result was known by the West-Hill, the possible punishment he had to suffer under the indignation of the Hierarch and the shaking of respect and revering towards the Divine Hall from billions of believers of Haotian Taoism, Mo Li felt bitingly chilly as if he was ice-washed from head to feet, mumbling, "Impossible, impossible."

Suddenly he raised his head and indignantly waved his hand to Professor Huang He to show his protest, "How can an ordinary Academy student defeat Prince Long Qing! The prince is only one step away from the Knowing Destiny State. What kind of things is that student! The Academy must have cheated in the process! "

If those outside the study room who were still waiting for the results knew it, they probably would have the same opinion with Priest Moli. You know, the student competing with Prince Long Qing today was not Wang Jinglue who was invincible prior to Knowing Destiny, but an ordinary Academy student whose name and even whose level of cultivation were unknown to the public?

Could a field mouse defeat an eagle? Could an ant defeat a lion? Could an embroidered lady defeat general Xia Hou? No! All those were impossible, unless the wings and sharp beak of the eagle were broken, the lion was decayed to a pile of rotten meat and the empress married the embroidered lady to general Xia Hou, and unless the Academy secretly played dirty!

At the same time those bigwigs in the study room threw their confused and questioning eyes towards Professor Huang He.

Professor Huang He refrained himself from showing his anger and explained with a poker face, "As far as I know, Prince Long Qing performed well in the mountaineering. If it were in previous years, he would absolutely enter the Second floor of the Academy. But as we all know, this year the Second floor only enrolls one person. And Ning Que has indeed surpassed the prince at the last moment."

In distraction, Priest Moli returned to his seat. Suddenly he caught the sight of Li Peiyan, the Prince, who seemed to be the last straw to save his life. So he said to him, "Your Highness, according to the previous agreement, the Prince is to enter the Second floor after replacing the Crown Prince to stay in Chang'an City. If he were not to be a student of the Headmaster of Academy, how can our West-Hill Divine Palace allow the prince to leave the Judicial Department? If the Academy tries to find reasons to refuse him, then... "

Li Peiyan slightly frowned, feeling rather embarrassed.

Royals of the Tang Empire had always been respectful and polite towards the Academy and never interfere its affairs. The problem was, they did secretly make an agreement about making Prince Long Qing a hostage in Chang'an City as the second-ranking figure of the Judicial Department of West-Hill Divine Palace, which was also recognized by the emperor. However, nobody from the royals of Tang Empire or the West-Hill Divine Palace could have expected that somebody would defeat Prince Long Qing to enter the Second floor of the Academy. So the current situation was totally beyond their expectation.

Li Peiyan looked at Professor Huang He, and after a second of hesitation he suggested, "We'd better give the matter a further thought... "

Professor Huang He was glassy-eyed.

Then Li Peiyan turned to Yan Se and the silent Eunuch in the corner, thinking now that the Emperor and the South School assigned you two to wait for the result here in particular, you should shoulder your responsibility of supervision and show your opinion and stance in this critical moment.

Feeling the eyesight cast by the Prince, Eunuch Lin stood up and smiled to explain, "His Majesty ordered me to get somebody back from the Academy, and it has nothing to do with you all talked about. I naturally can't represent the royal palace to show any opinion or stance."

"I'll show my opinion. I firmly object to allow Ning Que to enter the Second floor."

Yan Se huffed and puffed, "Even use the ass to think you can still find, how can that guy be stronger than Prince Long Qing? How can he reach the top earlier than Prince Long Qing? There must be some problem... with the Academy."

Professor Huang He's face darkened, and looking at Yan Se he rebutted, "Uncle Yan, although we have closer relationship, you still have to show evidence."

Yan Se stared at him and refuted, "Can the Academy prove it didn't cheat?"

Enraged by his unreasonable words, Huang He angrily said, "Uncle, are you starting acting shamelessly?

"Yes, so what?" Yan Se teased his wretched triangular eyes and shouted, "Anyway, Headmaster of Academy is not in Chang'an City now."

Now that the Headmaster of Academy was not in Chang'an City nor in the Academy, then as the Minister of Offerings of the South School of Haotian, what could make him scared? - As a divine and lofty Divine Talisman Master, he could actually unscrupulously spell his intention. He was really a shameless one aboveboard.

Those bigwigs in the study room were all stunned at Yan Se's impassioned opposition, and silently figured what had happened to the South School of Haotian which made it strongly support West-Hill Divine Palace today, given the previous dispute on the pavement.

Priest Moli also looked curiously at Yan Se, thinking that "Last year, this old Taoist had heavily humiliated the Headmaster of Revelation Institute when returned to the Divine Hall, and even had a big quarrel with the Great Divine Priest. But today, he should strongly protect it. Maybe it was for the sake of the big talent of Prince Long Qing?"

It was indeed for the sake of a talent, but to their surprise, the talented man who had caused Master Yan Se's strong opposition to this result and who he wanted to cherish was somebody else.

Professor Huang He looked coldly at Yan Se and said, "Uncle, although you are hig-positioned and respectable, after all it is a matter of the Academy. So No matter how strongly you object it, it will be useless."

Yan Se angrily craned his neck and scolded.

"The Academy is the world's Academy, so everyone has the right to show their confusion and opinion! It is also the Academy of Tang Empire, so as Tang people, I am more qualified to object it! You said the opposition is useless, but I still have to oppose! Ning Que can't enter the Second floor!"

It wasn't noticed that Lee Yu had secretly walked out of the study room to the pavement in front of the Academy.

An official, who stood behind her and just learned from Her Highness about the result of today's mountaineering, was suddenly stunned with mouth opened and tongue tied. He immediately recalled it was exactly him who had suggested Her Highness that Ning Que was not talented and not worth cultivating, but now all he could feel was regret.

"After this night, countless people will go to explore the unknown background of Ning Que, and that he had escorted Your Highness back to the capital will certainly be exposed."

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In an attempt to make up for the mistakes he had made, the official began to quickly think about tactics, and then he said in a disapproved way, "Anyway, Ning Que has closer relationship with us, so Your Highness should stay in your study to ensure that he can really enter the Second floor."

Lee Yu indifferently sneered, "Those inside are older than me and more experienced than me, but they has neglected the simplest things." "The purpose of the Academy to open the Second floor is to enroll students for the Headmaster of Academy. The success of Ning Que means the Headmaster has chosen him as his student. It does not make any sense no matter how long and how fiercely they quarrel."

Looking up to the mountain behind the Academy, she imagined how excited and happy the lad would be presently at the top of the mountain. Then she recalled her journey back last Spring which was filled with killings and his rejection to her, several tints of blank and confusion revealed between her browns, so she murmured, "At that time I thought I had already attached enough importance to him and offered sufficient sincerity at a big cost. But up to now do I realize why he should refuse me, after all, but I didn't really see him through."

Catching the expression of Her Highness, that official figured out where her disappointment came, so he comforted her in a whisper, "Your Highness treated that little handmaiden well, and I have heard that Ning Que and his little handmaiden are quite intimate, in this sense, He will be grateful to your kindness no matter when and what."

"These are two different things."

Lee Yu frowned and shook her head. After a moment of silence, she suddenly said, "Of course, they become one thing now."

People on the pavement in front of the Academy were all prick-eared, wanting to hear what those big shots were talking about inside the room. They also wondered who was the first to reach the peak and who could enter the Second floor of the Academy. Many of them noticed that the princess had left the room at an earlier time and quietly stood not far away, so they couldn't help peeping at her in order to find the truth from her facial expression.

It was not necessary for Situ Yilan to do so because she was quite intimate with Her Highness, so she directly walked to Lee Yuand made a bow, then she nervously looked at her and asked with trembling voice, "Your Highness, who won?"

Looking at the direction of the study room and listening to the faintly fierce quarrels coming from inside, Lee Yu suddenly tilted her brown suddenly and showed a mysterious trace of a smile. Then she decided to cut the Gordian knot and set it down ahead of schedule.

"He won."

From the simple words, Situ Yilan naturally seized the meaning that Lee Yu wanted to express even if she didn't mention the name of the winner. She raised his hand to cover the unbelievable exclamation that was about to burst out of her mouth, shock and joy filling her bright eyes.

Yet the exclamation finally failed to be continuingly covered, which finally broke the silence of the night in the Academy. The girl excitedly jumped up and ran to the crowd with a laugh, violently shaking the hands of her girl companion.

At this very moment, everyone knew the final result, even if Situ Yilan didn't say it out. The pavement sank in dead silence.

Zhong Dajun turned bruised, murmuring with his trembling voice, "how... how... how can it be him?"

Xie Chengyun slightly flickered, gently setting himself free from Jin Wucai's support. He stubbornly stood upright and looked at Situ Yilan with his pale face, asking in a hoarse voice, "You've already know he is hiding his strength? So you have been waiting to have a good laugh at us."

After that semester exam in summer, Ning Que had been ridiculed, dismissed and neglected by those students in the Academy, and only Situ Yilan and Chu Youxian treated him as usual. Chu Youxian was a dude from a rich family who originally bore a different trait from those Academy students, which didn't worth mentioning. However, Situ Yilan was from a big noble family, who should be the same kinds of person as Xie Chengyun. On the contrary, she should alreadys treat Ning Que well - Today, when Xie Chengyun and other Academy students were astonished to be speechless, they then carefully recall what had happened that day and would naturally believe Situ Yilan had already known Ning Que was hiding his real power.

Looking at the pale Xie Chengyun and other Academy students who were as stunned as woods, Situ Yilan sneered, "I do not know what kind of power Ning Que hides, I only know, if it were not for your sneers in the past six months, you won't turn to be biggest joke today."

In the eyes of all the students, Ning Que used to be a despicable guy and the biggest joke in Academy. However, having witnessed how he had reached the peak, those students were extremely humiliated to find tha her satire was so appropriate. In fact, they themselves were the biggest joke in the world.

With a loud clap, the remaining pastry in Chu Youxian's hand all fell to the floor. He looked blankly at the mountain behind the Academy, and thought in ecstasy, he actually got to know such a great guy. If father knew it, dare he continue to say I made bad friends in the Academy? Dad, you made a big mistake this time!

The pavement was as silent as a grave, where all the students were immersed in deep shame. Some of them lowered their proudly-raised head, and some even became numb and stunned after the mental shock.

At this moment, an angry shout sounded from the study room.

"The cultivation of Ning Que is so poor, and how can we let him enter the Second floor!"

The angry shout barely woke Zhong Dajun up from a huge mental blow. He raised his eyebrows and said quiveringly and quickly, as if he had seized the last sharp knife, "Listen! Listen! The speaker is Master Yan Se… "

"He said the cultivation of Ning Que is poor and he can't enter the Second floor. That's Master Yan Se! He is the Divine Talisman Master in legend and the Senior Brother of Master of Nation of our Tang. Even he thinks in this way, then who else can feel sure that Ning Que will definitely enter the Second floor?"

Zhong Dajun turned back to gaze at Situ Yilan and tremblingly said, "Do you hear that? Things are not what you have thought."

Inside the study room, Yen Se shouted with a ghastly pale face, "See, this is the token of our South School of Haotian, and what I have said today represents the attitude of the entire South School of Haotian. I think both the West-Hill Divine Palace and the emperor will show respect to it!"

Professor Huang He looked at him as if he were looking at an idiot. After a long time of silence, he frowned and asked, "Uncle, what on earth do you want to do here? Can you directly put out your request, and see if we can make a compromise?"

"Ok... " Yan Se quickly changed his expression. He smiled and pointed at Huang He, saying, "That's what you said. If later you can't give me a satisfying result, I won't agree."

Professor Huang He helplessly looked at the Divine Talisman Master who was perhaps of the highest seniority in the city of Chang'an, unfolded his hands and said, "You say first."

After making several coughs Yan Se said, "As for state and cultivation, Ning Que is quite far behind Prince Long Qing. Yet when it comes to unorthodox ways, he is barely potential and worth cultivating. So I think he is not suitable for the Second floor of the Academy, and he is more suitable to be my disciple. "

Although he had tried to express the idea as flat and natural as possible, his words still shocked those bigwigs in the study room. Professor Huang He strode ahead with his eyes widely opened, and Priest Moli even stood up surprisedly.

"You say... Ning Que has the potential to become a Divine Talisman Master?" Professor Huang He stared at him and inquired.

His reaction made Yan Se feel regretful about what he did, who secretly complaint to himself that he had held it back for such a long time, and how could he fail to tighten my mouth at such a critical moment? Then he decided to be case-hardened and said with a cold humph, "Yes, so what? He is first chosen by me. "

In this world, the successor of Divine Talisman Master was as rare and precious as the feather of a Phoenix in legends. It was of crucial importance for both the Divine Talisman Master and the school the Divine Talisman Master belonged to.

After hearing Yan Se's confirmation, those bigwigs inside could no longer remain calm. Priest Moli first rushed ahead and glared at Yan Se, questioning, "Uncle! Now that you find a candidate who has the potential to be a Divine Talisman Master, Why not inform the Divine Hall at the first time!"

"Nonsense, If I first inform you, will I still have the chance to get him?" Yan Se stared and answered.

Now it's time for Professor Huang He to show a smile. He then gratefully looked at Yan se and said, "Uncle, Now that the Academy knows it, do you think we will give Ning Que to you?"

There was a sudden change in Yan Se's face, who pointed at Huang He and furiously growled, "You, the shameless villain! If it were not for your promise to make an negotiation, I won't tell it to you!"

At the thought of the entrance of a new student to the Second floor of the Academy, and the probability of this new student to grow to a Divine Talisman Master, Professor Huang He felt rather comforted. He then said complacently, "Indeed we can negotiate. But if all negotiations have a preset result, then why bother to negotiate?"

Yan Se shouted angrily, "You're shameless!"

Huang He laughed, "I learn from you, uncle."

The answer drove Yan se mad, who then furiously shouted, "Ning Que is the only one I, Yan Se, has found to have good potential during half time of my life. If who dare to loot this disciple from me, we will be at daggers drawn. Even if his bones are broken and body burnt, I will go on sharpen his bones and sprinkle his ashes!"

Huang He shook his head and laughed, "Uncle, your words are so harsh and cruel. If it were not for the entire Academy behind me, perhaps I will really... feel scared."

"I, Yan Se, half time of my life... Ning Que... potential... disciple... at daggers drawn... bones broken... sprinkle ash."

Those words uttered by Yan Se under furious indignation spread out from the study room like a thunder, which then exploded on the pavement in front of the Academy.

The trace of smile Zhong Dajun just squeezed out now froze on his face, which looked funny.

If Ning Que's success to reach the peak and admission to the Second floor of the Academy was the first thunder exploded in the hearts of those Academy students, then the crazy and furious claim of the high-positioned Divine Talisman Master to get Ning Que as his disciple, which meant he would probably become a Divine Talisman Master in the future, could be regarded as the second thunder.

After the thunder-like shout, those students stood foolishly on the pavement as if they were hit by the lightening, not knowing what to say.

Looking at the pale face of Zhong Dajun, Chu Youxian sighed with sympathy, saying, "If I were you, I would go to fetch a piece of overnight sour tofu in the kitchen to hit myself to death. In this way, wasting fresh tofu will be avoided and the flavor of sour tofu will match the acid words from your dirty mouth."

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