Nightfall - Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Brother and Sister

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He said it coldly, calmly, yet powerfully. However, maybe the wolves didn't understand what he said or maybe the hunger was always more horrible than fear, they never stopped, roaring and rushing toward the mountain pass once again. Dozens of giant wolves made a charge. Their anger and steps shook the Wilderness and shattered the thin ice on the ground, their power was ghastly.

A leg harder than steel kicked out, smashing the first one's nail, then the second one's shoulder. A great power through his paws and fur hit him. That wolf howled in pain and rolled away, leaving a deep trace. He didn't stop until hit on the other two wolves and had no more strength to stand up.

The man slowly took back his leg and blankly looked at the direwolves getting closer and closer. Yet all of a sudden, several strong clusters of fire burst from his naked ankles. A gale blew without any signs. And the man bended his legs without anyone's notice, then he bounced up, like a rock shocked into the air more than ten feet by a strong power, fell down in a high speed, and then fiercely hit a wolf on the ground.

Bang! There came a loud sound. Gravel and black mud splashed high as if an explosion had taken place.

But the man didn't stop. He bounced up again, this time, not into the air but toward the direwolf group in a high running speed. He rushed into the direwolf group like a lightning. If he had a chance to wave his fists to hit wolves, he did it, and if not, he would use his body to knock them off. As for the sharp claws, he didn't avoid them or even payed a look, as if he was extremely confident with his steel body.

Yet the weight of Snowfield Direwolves was so much heavier than his, even though he hit as a rock and successfully defeated the array of direwolf and delayed their speed, he would also be hit by wolves and dropped on the ground every time, getting more scratches on his robe which was blooming like a flower.

Everytime falling on the ground, he stood up with an indifferent attitude, and then launched another attack. Although his furred robe had been torn into pieces, hanging at the waist, he had no emotion on his face. Those sharp claws left several scratches on his skin, yet they were inaccessible to his internal organs, not to mention that few slight scratches meant nothing to him.

Comparing with direwolves, the man's body was much smaller, yet his power was greater. When fighting against an iron man who could not be beaten by scratching nor biting, those brutal and powerful kings from frigid areas could do nothing. Shortly after the battle started, the direwolf group was repelled back a long way, leaving a large space, due to the man's attacks which were as hard as stones and as dense as raindrops.

A muffled roar sounded and issued an order.

The Snowfield Direwolves gasped, standing a semicircle along the mountain pass. They stopped fighting for a while. Staring at the half-naked man, their ordinary indifferent eyes finally revealed fear.

No one knew when the ten strong direwolves stopped attacking Tang Xiaotang. Their blood dripped off their white long fur, and they seemed particularly miserable. They stared at that Red Scythe in the little girl's hand and growled low in throat from time to time. However, nobody dared to defy the leader's order, so they got out of the way unwillingly, baring their fangs.

Tang Xiaotang gasped to the mountain pass, dragging her heavy knife. During this time, she took off her fur scarf, used it to wipe the blood flowing from her mouth and nose, and then casually squeezed it into her belt.

Walking to the half-naked man's side, she stopped and then turned around to stood side by side with him.

They stood side by side, facing those hundreds of Snowfield Direwolves who were almost hopeless for being cold and starving.



There was a slight uproar behind the direwolf group. The direwolves separated to make way for a direwolf. Just then a more giant direwolf slowly came up. This direwolf had smooth, supple and snow-white fur, and her body was much larger as if a beautiful and noble snow mountain. However, what was strange was that this super giant direwolf was peaceful and gentle and also walked carefully as if she was afraid to step on something by accident.

Tang Xiaotang was so astonished and said, "Wow, how can the wolf leader be so beautiful?"

Yet the man corrected her, "This is a female one. She is not the leader, but the wife of the leader."

Hearing this, Tang Xiaotang felt a little shock. When she carefully looked at the female direwolf, she saw an extraordinary strange scene which made her body a little stiff.

Because in front of the beautiful giant female one, there was a small body walking slowly. All the Snowfield Direwolves who saw this tiny body would lower their arrogant heads and reach out their legs to show their absolute respect and obedience. A few young and strong giant direwolves even whimpered due to fear.

That tiny body was also a direwolf.

This direwolf was actually very strong and in half a person's height, besides he walked not that slowly. But walking among these Snowfield Direwolves who were as giant as mountains, this direwolf surely seemed small and walk very slowly.

This was an ordinary direwolf.

But he had a beautiful wife with snow-white fur and he could order these fierce Snowfield Direwolves.

So the more ordinary he looked, the greater power he had.



This wolf leader was actually an ordinary male one. Even the most knowledgeable hunters in the north Wilderness tribe had never seen a creepy scene like this, however, this scene was real.

This ordinary male wolf came up and slowly look up to stare at these two human beings who were standing at the mountain pass. A hint of irritation and alert flashed through his eyes, through which some wisdom could be sensed.

After a moment of silence, the leader direwolf reached out his left paw and gently patted the hard ground for two times, and then he made a sharp but not aggressive howl.

The man in furred robe took a step forward. He stared at the eyes of the leader who was ten feet away from him, and then slowly shook his head.

The ordinary male wolf continued to reach out his right paw, stretching two paws forward, and slowly bowed his entire body. On the wrist of his body, the gray fur were standing on end and as hard as needles. And then the gray fur moved toward his neck with his deep breath, like hair on a lion's neck. The next time, a horrible roar resounded in the sky!


The howling echoed in the quiet Wilderness, causing a fierce wind. Some ices covering the grass and mud were shattered into the air by the thundering roar. The wind with dangerous power blew toward the mountain pass!

Hearing this roar, direwolves behind the ordinary male one were so afraid that they lowered their body and trembled with fear. It seemed that they even wanted to burry their body under the ground.

Yet the largest and beautiful female wolf was the only one that was not affected by this roar. She stood behind the ordinary male one, covering him with her giant body, and kept a wary eye on the direwolf group and the mountain pass. It seemed that if anyone tried to attack her husband, she would tear them into pieces.

Here came the howling and gale. Tang Xiaotang's left leg took a step back, deeply stepping into the mud. She held her heavy Red Scythe to ward off the gale power, and her small body couldn't stop quivering due to the gale, as if she would be blown off at any time and swallowed by the gale. From time to time small pieces of ice and branches shot at the knife like arrows, making out cracking sound.

The gale force was too strong. Even though there were only ices, branches and mud, it still had terrible power. Tang Xiaotang slightly bent arms, lowered head and gritted her teeth, which seemed very labored.

However, the man in furred robe was not affected at all. Just like the earlier time, he didn't hide or elude and was stern and forbidding. He stood in front of Tang Xiaotang, blocking most of the force. Those hard mud, branches and invisible power flapped on his body, creating an uncomfortable metal friction sound and even splashing numerous white air turbulence!

All of a sudden, the man took a deep breath, and then his face became red like fire. He stepped further, used his right hand to draw an arc in the air, lowered his body, and then jumped out and punched toward the ordinary male direwolf who was more than ten feet far away from him!

Boom! A blast caused by the fast power broke the gale and fiercely hit the head of the leader!

The ordinary male wolf tilted his head to one side due to this hit. And then some blood flowed from his mouth with sharp fangs. He seemed not to be severely injured, yet the howling was forced to stop.

The man took another step, ripped off those shabby fur hanging on the waist and shouted a wild roar at the direwolves who were not far from him-- Ao!

His roar had no power but filled with an intrepid taste, as if to let the wolves know that the Wilderness was a place being guarded by him and they had no chance to step forward!



Silently staring at the powerful man for a long time, the ordinary male direwolf made a deep roar. Hearing this roar, the direwolves behind him unwillingly retreated to a further distance, and the female direwolf who had been protecting him retreated to the back of the group.

Tang Xiaotang stood there dumbfounded and saw the retreating direwolf group. She wiped the blood without realization, and curiously asked, "Why they retreated? I don't understand why these giant direwolves would obey the ordinary one's order."

"The reason is quite simple." Answered the man in furred robe, "because he is the most powerful one."

The Snowfield Direwolves retreated more than ten feet, keeping a disciplined manner. However, that ordinary male direwolf didn't leave. He squatted not far from the mountain pass, silently staring at Tang Xiaotang and the man.

"What is he going to do?" Asked Tang Xiaotang

The man in furred robe didn't reply. He just silently looked over there, as if waiting for something.

At this right time, that beautiful female direwolf who was as big as a snow mountain came over from behind and stopped at the side of the leader one. She gentlely lowered her head and loosed her mouth to put a little ball of fur on the ground.

That little thing had snow-white fur, looking like a snowball which could move occasionally. The female direwolf used her big mouth to softly touch that snowball, and her eyes were full of attachment and unwillingness.

The ordinary male direwolf glanced at the female one, being irritable and fidgety. Looking at the sorrow in his wife's eyes, he didn't do anything but gently rubbed her head to show his comfort.

Seeing this, Tang Xiaotang figured out what the leader direwolf going to do. She was astonished and couldn't help covering her mouth with hands and her eyes were full of shock. And then she raised her head to look at the man standing right beside her.

It seemed that the man in furred robe had never expected that. After a moment of silence, he resolutely turned away and walked toward the mountain pass without looking back.

Looking at his back, the ordinary male direwolf made a sad and shrill cry.

Suddenly, a shadow covered his body. He looked up and found that the little girl had come in front of him. Judging from her expression and actions, it seemed that the girl had completely forgotten to stay alert to his attack.

Tang Xiaotang carried the baby direwolf in her hands like a treasure, without thinking that if this male direwolf got angry, she would be in danger. Looking at the male direwolf with her bright eyes, she said, "Don't worry. He won't against me, so your baby better be brought up by me."

Staring at the baby in Tang Xiaotang's arm, the ordinary male direwolf kept silent for a while and then turned away and left.

That female direwolf dragged her eyes away from her baby.

Tang Xiaotang raised her head and said, "I will take good care of him, I promise."



That overbearing yet commanding voice sounded again. And then hundreds of Snowfield Direwolves walked toward the broad Wilderness in the west. Tang Xiaotang vaguely saw that on the back of the tallest female direwolf that tiny ordinary male one was sitting there.

Seeing them gradually walking far away, and glancing at the few dead direwolves body left behind at the mountain entrance, Tang Xiaotang suddenly asked, "Can they find another new coniferous forest before dark completely fall? "

The man in furred robe glanced at the sleepy white wolf cub in her arms and replied, "They are direwolves, and we are humans. Snow deer nibbled the bark of the coniferous forests for living and direwolves eat meat of snow deer for living, yet we humans can eat both tree barks and vension, if necessary, we can even kill direwolves. "

"There is no love in the Wilderness. I don't care about the others, and you shouldn't care about the others, either."

Tang Xiaotang directly ignored him and held that direwolf cub more tightly in her arms, then replied, "He doesn't need you to feed him, anyway."

Those scratches on the man's body which were left in the previous battle, at this time, had already become a touch of white lines, and those earlier white lines had disappeared without a trace. No scratches could be found at the man's iron body not all. No ones knew what kind of martial arts he had and why his recovery ability was so great.

The wind began to blow and the snow started. Nightfall was coming. The direwolf group had gone far. The man and the little girl left the natural mountain pass and walked toward the south of the Wilderness. Their pace became faster and faster.

Sporadic tribes from north Wilderness were moving southward. Strong men in those tribes set off earlier to fight against barbarians in grassland, leaving the old, the woman and children at home who still had a long trip to reach their destination.

Holding the direwolf cub, Tang Xiaotang followed the man and asked questions about that strange southern world from time to time.

"Do we really need to go south? I think life in the Wilderness is very good."

"Tang, what does that world look like? You are always unwilling to tell me."

"Tang, have you ever been to Tang Kingdom?"

"Tang, since Tang Kingdom has deported us to the north Wilderness and it has been our hereditary enemy, but then why your surname is Tang? "

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"Is it to remind us not to forget the hereditary hatred?"

"But that is really meaningless."

"I'm really not used to living in strange places, but I heard that there are cities in the south and I am wondering what a city looks like."

The man called Tang didn't say a word until he heard this sentence. He stopped, stood in the Wilderness where was blowing and snowing, and then turned around. He looked at that little girl who was teasing the direwolf cub, and then he realised that she had been living at the Wilderness since she was born, so she never had a chance to see what a city looked like.

"Cities... are very big and have lots of building. They are lively and prosperous."

The man in furred robe recalled cities seen in Central Plains when he was a child and explained to her awkwardly.

Tang Xiaotang curiously looked up and asked, "What is a building?"

The man answered after a moment of silence, "Something likes tents."

Tang Xiaotang burst a laugh, which made her very cute, and said in an immature voice, "I see, a city is a giant tent."

The man in furred robe suddenly had a heavy heart. Watching this little girl, he had an endless mercy and pity for her, and then he said in a heavy voice, "The life in the Wilderness is too hard. You should not have life like this."

Tang Xiaotang replied, "Which life is not hard?"

"I heard a place which is not bad," The man in furred robe answered after a moment of silence, then he continued to say, "there is a Academy in the south of Chang'an, the capital of Tang Kingdom. "

Tang Xiaotang raised her arm to stab at the Fu characters on his back. And then she said with a smile, "Didn't you say that people in south call us left evils of the Devil's Doctrine?"

"I will visit the master. We have been separated for almost twenty three years."

Looking at her eyes, the man continued to say, "Nobody knows where he is. It may take a long time to look for him. I can't protect you during this period, so I need to find a safe place for you."

"Isn't it safe to live in the tribe?" Asked Tang Xiaotang.

The man shook his head and said, "Since we are moving to the south, there must be battles with Tribe of Savages in the Central Plains, which will definately startle the people in Central Plains."

Thinking that strange world and that Chang'an Academy she had heard about several times, Tang Xiaotang couldn't help but feeling lost and puzzled.

Seeing her expression, the man said, "The God is stern and merciless to us, yet we can still live, which means that only we human beings are the strongest and the most powerful creature in the world. There is no need to be worried."

"I understand." Raising head up, Tang Xiaotang replied, "Whether we can enter the Academy or not, I will live well."

And then the man said, "Before finding the master, I need to kill a person."


"A general of Tang Kingdom called Xia Hou."

"His surname is Xiahou?"

"No, his name is Xia Hou."

"I see, just like you."

"Yes. Tang is not my surname, it is my name."

Watching the direwolf cub in her arms, Tang Xiaotang suddenly remembered one thing. So she lifted her cute little face with bright eyes, and asked, "I have a question, the male direwolf's body was so much smaller than his wife's, so how could they bore a baby under this situation?"

The man was shocked for a while, and then he replied after a while, "I am your brother. You should ask your husband this question in the future."

The wind and snow started again. The Wilderness was cold, yet the conversation between the brother and sister was even colder.



A suburb in south Chang'an city. A stone path behind a mountain of Academy.

"People's feelings always present the most regret things in his own heart. So it is understandable for a fat man like you to find a girl who is cut and slender, yet has a tough character."

Glancing at Chen Pipi, Ning Que said in a serious tone, "The problem is, I still think that you should lose weight, otherwise what kind of girl could bear your two or three hundreds pounds weight? It's a problem if the difference of physical shape is too big after all."

Showing no interest at Ning Que's ironies, Chen Pipi reached out to break a branch, waving like a child, then said, "That's why I added a condition that that girl must have great power."

"You just want a powerful woman who painstakingly cultivates a strong power just to bear your weight?"

Looking at him and reluctantly shaking his head, Ning Que said to him, "I guess if there is such a person, then it is you that been rested on and can't turn over for the rest of your life."

Chen Pipi arrogantly laughed and said, "How can you find a girl who is more powerful than me? Even though this girl could be found, she must be an old woman living in the depth of a mountain. I am not blind, there is no way I will find an old woman."

Suddenly Ning Que bursted a laugh, asking, "Then what about the woman in West-Hill?"

"It is wrong to slap people's face and talk about their weakness!" Chen Pipi rubbed his bulging cheeks and answered angrily, "If we really fight, how can that crazy woman win? I avoid to fight against her because of her brother, whom I am afraid of and respect."

Ning Que said sincerely, "I wish you like a girl who has the strictest brother in the world in the future."

Chen Pipi scoffed at him, "I am an unparalleled cultivation genius, only few people in young generation are more powerful than me: two Senior Brothers, a Senior Brother in West-Hill, a dumb one and a person as a mute whose name is Tang. " "Eldest Brother and Second Brother don't have sisters. Do you think that I am that stupid to find girls from the left three people?"

Ning Que sincerely reminded, "Don't speak in absolute terms, leaving no room for compromise. If that day really happens, it will be useless to cry."

"Stop making fun of me. I don't know what kind of woman you are interested in yet, a woman like Sangsang?"

"Is Sangsang a woman?"

Ning Que shook his head and laughed, "A woman? I would rather to keep a dog."

Chen Pipi said, "I won't tell Senior Sister what you said just now."

Ning Que said seriously, "A bowl of crab porridge."

Chen Pipi stopped to threaten him and then recalled the topic they just talked, he shook his head and said, "Dog is for eating, not keeping."

Ning Que thought back a long time ago, as if seeing a snow-white dog in a flower bed. Keeping silent for a long time, he said, shaking his head, "I want to raise a Samoyed in my life, and then call him... Xiaobai. " 

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