Nightfall - Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: The Fight between Two Different Opinions (Part II)

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As if making a footnote for Eldest Brother's words, Tenth Brother Ximen Buhuo touched the strings of his instrument and Ninth Brother Beigong Weiyang tapped on his flute. As they were doing it, wonderful music leaped from the instruments and floated in the room. As the tonality started, people also started discussing heatedly.

"Ning Que was quite close with the daughter of General Yunhui, Miss Situ, and if the imperial court wanted to arrange a marriage for him, I think the bride should be her. At the same time, the Old Chancellor appreciates Ning Que's calligraphy, so maybe the bride could be Jin Wucai. But if we remember what happened in the past, Princess Lee Yu actually contacted him a lot, and even now they are still in close relations."

"But I think an arranged marriage is disgusting! It might be called an allied marriage, but somehow I feel like we are selling Youngest Brother to the House of Red Sleeves, except that in those officials' mansions, there is no Mistress Jian."

"It is not like that, I think Eldest Brother just wanted to decide the marriage for Youngest Brother before the Palace forces him to accept an arranged marriage so that we could refuse the order from His Majesty without being too rude. Speaking of that, we haven't had a wedding for many years, it is time to have one!"

"But I don't know whether the Calligraphy Addict is nice, I didn't see her today. Our Youngest Brother is an orphan, we should think carefully for him. Since she comes from the Great River Kingdom, she should be living in the Ministry of Rites. Should we go to the city together and have a look at the girl for him tomorrow?"

"Have a look? She is a girl, not an antique. And I need to remind you, Fifth Brother, she is the successor of the Master of Calligrapher. I am afraid she might be at the same level with you in cultivation. If you two fight, you will probably lose, as you have been busy with playing chess these years and neglected cultivation. If you upset her, she might even kill you in Chang'an City!"

Eldest Brother shook his head many times as he listened to the silly words these silly people said.

Seventh Sister swept the shells of the nuts on the ground into a small dustpan and looked at Eldest Brother. She said with a smile, "I like that girl. She has a round and soft face. If they get married, I will get the chance to pinch her face every day, that will be nice."

Her words reminded Chen Pipi of the torture he had suffered all these years when she pinched his face, he unconsciously raised his hands and touched his face. But he forgot his hands were injured and it hurt so much that his eyebrows knitted together.

Holding a cup of tea in his hands, Sixth Brother said honestly, "It is quite rare for a girl to stay in the hot smithy for such a long time. Based on this, I think she is good."

Fourth Brother nodded, "It is good to have someone who truly understands talisman."

Exchanging a look, Beigong Weiyang and Ximen Buhuo put their instruments down and said in chorus, "It is great that everyone likes her. Since you think she is good, we will think so too."

Rumors about him and Mo Shanshan had been spreading in the city since they came back from the Wilderness. And people in the back of the mountain also knew it. It would be a perfect match as they liked each other very much and when Eldest Brother proposed it everyone who had seen her liked her.

It seemed like the marriage of Youngest Brother in the back of the mountain would be decided right now.

But at this time, a voice sounded in the room.

"It is not good."

Seventh Sister frowned slightly.

Everyone looked at Second Brother in surprise as it was really unexpected that he should oppose Eldest Brother. After all, he respected Eldest Brother the most and he did anything he said without any hesitation.

Seventh Sister said scornfully, "What do you know about romance?"

Second Brother was expressionless, he lowered his head and looked at his shadow.

Eldest Brother looked at him and asked mildly, "What is not good about her?"

"I am not saying that she is not good."

After being silent for a long time, Second Brother said, "I just think if he must get married, there is a better girl."

Eldest Brother looked at him and asked, "Then who is that?"

Second Brother rose his head slowly and looked at his eyes. He said slowly and firmly, "Sangsang."



There were many Senior Brothers who had no idea who Sangsang was. They realized that the girl better than the Calligraphy Addict in Second Brother's eyes was actually Ning Que's handmaiden after they asked Chen Pipi.

Fourth Brother said, "In the Academy, we never judge people by their identity. But it is illegal if one marries his handmaiden according to the law of Tang Empire. That is a problem."

Second Brother said, expressionlessly, "That is not a problem. We just need her expulsion from Tang Empire."

Fourth Brother glanced at him and didn't say anything.

Eldest Brother looked at his eyes in silence for a while, and then he said with a smile, "I insist on my opinion."

Second Brother looked back and said calmly and firmly, "I also insist on my opinion."

"Most of the Younger Brothers and Sisters agree with my opinion," said Eldest Brother.

Second Brother said expressionlessly, "You said we shouldn't consider this thing based on your relation with Mo Shanshan, but it is a fact and no one can neglect it. So their opinion is meaningless."

Eldest Brother said calmly, "Fine, their opinion should not be considered. But what about mine?"

"I don't know why you think Mo Shanshan is the perfect girl for Youngest Brother," said Second Brother, looking at his eyes, "But I want to know the reason why you wanted to take her as your sworn sister in the Wilderness. Had you already started preparing for today at that time?"

Eldest Brother laughed and said, "I just think she is really nice and they would become a good couple, that is all."

Second Brother didn't laugh, "But why aren't Sangsang and Ning Que a perfect match?"

Eldest Brother looked at him for a while and said thoughtfully, "Why do you think Sangsang is better?"

Second Brother stood up and walked to the window. Looking at the stars hung above the waterfall, he said, "At the day when Yan Se and Wei Guangming died at the same time, I and Pipi climbed the mountain after the fight and saw her kneeling on the ground and gathering their ash. I know she is kind and I also know that she and Ning Que will be together."

The room was so quiet that even the sound of a brush pen moving against the paper was heard. Chen Pipi's nervous voice broke the silence. He said, "I also think Sangsang is quite nice."

Eldest Brother smile with a mixed expression, he looked at Chen Pipi and said, "Then why do you think she is nice?"

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After thinking for a while, Chen Pipi answered, "I can't list specific reasons, but she is nice in every way."

Eldest Brother was a little surprised to hear this answer, he shook his head and sighed. "Nice in every way."

Eldest Brother was, of course, the head of the back of the mountain, he was so kind and mild that all the Younger Brothers and Sisters liked him and were never scared of him. They always followed what he said. But Second Brother ruled the back of the mountain well, he was in charge of everything and all Younger Brothers and Sisters didn't dare to oppose his opinion.

Usually, it was easy to make a decision when discussing things. Everyone would agree with Second Brother, and Second Brother would agree with Eldest Brother. A situation like today never happened before.

"I think what Second Brother said makes sense, although I have no idea what 'gathering the ash' means."

"Are you saying that Eldest Brother was wrong then?"

"No, I am not. Both of them are right. It is me who has not got a clear mind, and because of that my view is definitely not as good and thorough as theirs. So, I am just going to follow their lead and agree with them. Whatever girl they think is suitable will definitely be the most suitable one."

A deliberately said funny conversation didn't break the ice. Instead, it made the awkward situation even worse and the room sank into silence again.

Looking at Second Brother seriously, Eldest Brother said, "Younger Brother, you don't understand many things."

Second Brother looked back and said, "No, I don't. I don't know why you are against Sangsang, is it because she is the successor of the Great Divine Priest of Light or is there some other reasons? You never want her to be together with Youngest Brother, but do you know that it is not fair for her?"

After being silent for a long time, Eldest Brother said calmly, "I am not against her at all. But I admit it that I don't want Youngest Brother to be together with her."

Second Brother stared at his eyes and asked, "Why?"

Eldest Brother said, "I don't have any reasons, it is only based on my feeling."

Second Brother said, "Senior Brother, I have always believed that everything has a reason."

Eldest Brother looked at him and said, "You don't have to know the reason. Our master knows."

Second Brother said, "Then why don't we wait until he is back?"

Eldest Brother said, "Because the Palace already sent the message of arranging a marriage for him."

Second Brother said coldly, "But no one will dare to actually do it if we don't agree."

Eldest Brother frowned slightly.

Second Brother said, "It has been ten years since I saw you frown. Why did you frown? Because you also agree that this is not right?"

Eldest Brother was still frowning. He shook his head and said, "I frown because I found that you have never changed after all these years. You are still the hot-blooded youngster, who only believes in rules but can't see the big picture."

Second Brother said angrily, "Our master will not ask us to change the path only because he can foresee the dangerous turns or dark figures down the path. He will not punish an innocent person for a thing that might happen in the future. I think you are wrong today, Senior Brother."

People at the back of the mountain never saw a scene like this. They never saw Eldest Brother and Second Brother have different opinions or argue with each other. At this moment, the fact that the argument already turned into severe criticism and it shocked everyone so much that they didn't even dare to make more noise when breathing, let alone talk.

Silence still ruled the room. Only the sound of a soft pen brush sweeping on the paper could be heard.

People all looked at Third Sister writing around the corner. She liked the quiet and talked a little. She didn't have frequent contacts with others, but everyone knew that even master praised her wide range of knowledge and her broad and long-term view. They were hoping that she could break the deadlock.

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