Nightfall - Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: Weeping Willow

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Looking back on his experience, he left the City of Wei and traveled to Chang'an, to be accepted to the Academy. Then, he read the cultivation book desperately and passed the examination of the back of the mountain. However, he had no time to learn anything and was sent to the North of Yan Kingdom as the leader of the students from the front Academy. Now, he believed that this decision was made by both His Majesty and the Academy.

When he arrived at the Wilderness, he was informed by the Imperial Center Administration that the Front Gate of the Devil's Doctrine in the deep Wilderness had opened and the Tomes of the Arcane had appeared. Therefore, Ning Que had no choice but to go towards the north. Undergoing so many tests and even torments, he finally inherited the legacy of his Youngest Uncle, which could be seen as the manifestation of the Headmaster of the Academy's will.

His Majesty and Master Yan Se also entrusted the big tactical array of Chang'an to Ning Que. All of these were solid proof of the imperial court's and the Academy's trust and expectations of him.

Ning Que had already realized this. Therefore, it was not surprising to him to hear what Li Yu had said before. However, he had never ruminated that experience on account of that even for somebody as indifferent as him, he thought that the experience was full of sorrow.

"I don't believe that this situation will become reality in the near future. "

Ning Que said.

Li Yu bitterly said, "Sometimes when I think about the future, I feel nervous, sorrow and a sense of being at a loss. Talking about this may sound inappropriate, but everyone will get old and pass away. Now, it seems like my father is at the prime of his life. Actually, his health condition is not that good. Before I was married to the Golden, I had inquired about his health condition from the Imperial Hospital. My father was seriously injured in those years. Henceforth, he hasn't fully recovered and has always coughed. The medicines can't do anything for him. "

Thinking about that time when he met His Majesty in the imperial study, he recalled his straightforward criticism and his constant cough, which made Ning Que fall silent.

"Although Xu Shi is at the peak state of Martial Arts, he is old now. Besides, everyone knows that he has been suffering from a lung disease for a long time which can only be nursed but never cured. "

"It seems like the most powerful backer of our Tang, the Headmaster of the Academy will be evergreen. But he is more than 100 years old now. Can he live forever? "

Looking at Ning Que, Li Yu said peacefully, "It is an irreversible rule for people to come and go. Nobody can go against the current. The Headmaster of the Academy and my father are thinking about the future. How can we leave it be?"

Ning Que took over the mulberry tea from Li Yu, which was already cold. He walked back to the desk and put both of his hands on it. Thinking silently for a while, he said, "At least this situation can still last for many years. "

Li Yu furrowed her brows slightly.

Ning Que said, "The Headmaster of the Academy and His Majesty can still be alive for another 20 years at least. At that time, I will be much more powerful. Maybe Eldest Brother or Second Brother will take over the responsibility and position of the Headmaster of the Academy. I think at that time the Tang Empire will be as powerful as it is now. So I don't think we should consider too much about it."

Li Yu said, "My request for you is quite simple, which I have told you before. When the decision for the imperial succession to the Tang throne needs to be made by the Academy, please stand on my side."

Ning Que did not turn back. He raised his hand looking at the ancient trees outside the window and the Yanming Lake in the remote part of the woods and thinking about what the lake should look like in the winter. Thinking of Xia Hou, and his inseparable relationship with the queen, Ning Que said, "If that day comes, I will not support the queen."

This was a satisfactory answer to Li Yu. But she still felt a little regret that Ning Que did not want to express his attitude directly. Looking at the view of his back, she felt at a loss and sighed softly, "If I had known what you could achieve, I would have never left you when I first met you."

Ning Que turned back and said, "At that time, we were two worlds apart. Besides, I am not a person who is willing to be controlled. So don't feel regret over it. "

Li Yu walked slowly towards Ning Que. She looked into his eyes and it seemed that she wanted to know more about him.

"I would not control you, but I can stay with you. I've been wondering that if I didn't stand up beside the bonfire then, could we have stayed in the same world?"

Recollecting the bonfire in the Northern Mountain Road, the maidservant, the fairy tale, and those conversations, Ning Que said with a slight smile, "The main reason is that what you offered me then was too little."

Hearing that, Li Yu clearly figured out that the experience had touched him a lot, but made him evade. With mixed feelings of pity and joy, she said, "If I had known that your little handmaiden would one day become the Great Divine Priest of Light of the West-Hill Divine Palace, I would have offered you the highest price."

Ning Que laughed and asked, "What is your highest price?"

From the perspective of normal girls in the world, Ning Que's appearance was more amicable than handsome. His smile was very cute, especially for his little freckles and his small dimples. The ladies in the House of Red Sleeves were attracted by his dimples, freckles and his friendliness at the beginning.

Li Yu looked at his smile fondly. She raised her hands unconsciously and touched his small dimples in his face and said, "You freckles look lighter and lighter. "

Ning Que felt the smooth skin of her fingertips and was distracted. He said, "Sangsang would give me her spare cosmetics from Chenjinji Cosmetics Store. Maybe that is the reason."

Li Yu suddenly came to her senses and withdrew her hand.

"I am the one who was taken advantage of."

Ning Que stared at her and said in a serious tone.

Li Yu blushed, but there was no sense of shame in her bright eyes. She looked up and teased, "If you're not afraid of Sangsang's jealousy, you can touch my face."

Ning Que coughed twice and curbed the impulse to feel her smooth and pointed jaw. He put his hands behind and asked, "Where is Sangsang?"

"She must be telling stories to little Wild."

Li Yu rolled her eyes and said, "I shall stop making fun of you and find her."



Ning Que and Situ Yilan walked around the Yanming Lake and they chatted casually in the cool and gentle breeze. Sometimes, they needed to push aside the annoying willow branches in front of them.

Situ Yilan did not take part during the spring war in the Wilderness and was a little upset because of that. However, this kind of frustration was ridiculous in Ning Que's mind.

"I don't understand what you're thinking. What's the point of taking part in a war?"

"Don't you feel bored if you can only read books in the Academy and do needlework at home?"

"I am a man instead of a woman. If I were you, I would not feel bored."

"This is not in accord with what you've said in the Blue Water Battalion."

They were walking on the green stone path in an atmosphere that was totally calm and innocent, which is the same as that time when they were beside the blue sea and white beach in the frontier fortress.

"Keep away from her."

Ning Que opened his mouth and commented suddenly.

Situ Yilan looked up at him. Knowing that he referred to the princess, she was confused and asked, "I don't understand. What do you mean?"

There were always willow branches fluttering on Ning Que's face which made him kind of annoyed. He picked a branch and said, "When you were young, you could pridefully ride horses with her. But if you want to be a female general of Tang, you should realize that these are two entirely different things."

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Situ Yilan thought quietly for a long time. Then, she raised her head and said to him, "I want to be the female general of Tang, instead of a general controlled by anybody."

Ning Que knew that she understood him and nodded in appreciation. He knitted a locust with the willow branch and gave it to her. He said, "This is your reward."

Situ Yilan took over that cute locust made of willow branch and felt happy. She said, "You made this so quickly!"

Ning Que picked another willow branch and said, "When Sangsang was young, she always cried from hunger. So I found some branches and knitted them into small toys to make her happy. I've made quite a few these, so I can do them quickly."

Looking at his face, Situ Yilan made fun of him and said, "Look at your reflection in the lake. You will notice how detestable your look of pride is right now."

Ning Que proudly said, "I am good at it. Why can't I be proud of it?"

Situ Yilan blinked and asked, "Which one made you feel proud, your ingenuity or coaxing Sangsang?"

Ning Que said. "Both, but the latter one makes me feel even prouder."

Situ Yilan coughed twice lightly and asked with smiling, "There was a time when everyone in Chang'an knew of your affair with the Calligraphy Addict. Many people including Wucai have seen you traveling with her hand in hand. But after a few days, you started dating your little handmaiden. It is surprising that Sangsang suddenly became a lady of the Grand Secretary Mansion. But your relationship is much more surprising."

Ning Que was shocked and asked, "Can't we?"

Situ Yilan lifted that locust in front of her eye mischievously. She said, "You can, but many people said you toyed with the Calligraphy Addict's feelings. They thought you were shameless."

Ning Que shook his arms and said angrily, "What? How did I toy with her feelings? I'm already in such a state. What do you all want me to do?"

"What's more, when did we travel together hand in hand?"

Ning Que put his arms in the breeze, and protested angrily, "I've traveled with her. But I've never touched her, not even her hands!"



The new houses around the Yanming Lake were completed. Due to Sangsang's ardent request, Ning Que did not hire any stewards or maids or waste any money on a celebration.

But as Li Yu and Yilan came here to congratulate him, Ning Que thought he should still play host. Therefore, he returned to the back of the mountain of the Academy and invited his Senior Brothers and Sisters to his house.

Not surprisingly, his Senior Brothers and Sisters had no interest in this kind of thing. He felt relaxed but also a little embarrassed.

However, the next day, Chen Pipi and Tang Xiaotang came for a visit.

Ning Que pulled the oar and felt angry when he looked at the fat guy lying in the boat who sighed and urged him to move faster. He thought that ordinarily Sangsang was the one who pulled the oar and he was the one who enjoyed, but why he should serve that fat guy when he was here?

He could only keep this complaint in his mind. Because the Academy, to be exact, Second Brother devoted particular care to brotherhood and politeness. Chen Pipi was his Senior Brother, so he could ask Ning Que to do something. Although Ning Que was reluctant to it, he dared not argue with Second Brother.

"Can't you be a little faster? Didn't you have lunch today?"

Seeing that the boat ahead was going to enter the lotus field with Tang Xiaotang on it, Chen Pipi felt anxious and bellowed at Ning Que with rage.

Ning Que threw the oar and raged, "You've eaten all of the lunch. What can I eat?"




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