Nightfall - Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: Preaching

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Ye Hongyu was speaking nonsense, and that was the reason why Ning Que did not understand her.

Although Ye Hongyu spoke with a southern accent, it was in the standard Central Plain language. Ning Que said that she was speaking nonsense not because he did not understand, but because he had to pretend so at this point in time.

He was very calm, and even a little bit confused. In fact, his body had stiffened like a block of wood when he heard the words 'joined the Devil' and his heart had almost stopped beating.

Ye Hongyu closed the book on the table, keeping the paper sword in the book safe from the autumn breeze. She looked at Ning Que who sat quietly under the tree and said, "You would be able to earn money if you pursue acting."

Ning Que thought that she was being lame, so he waved his hands at her in denial, not wanting to respond to what she said.

Ye Hongyu picked up her book and walked to the tree. She looked at him and said, "We have fought many times in the house by the lake. Do you think I cannot differentiate the aura of Heaven and Earth from a Martial Arts powerhouse and the aura of those from the Devil's Doctrine? Do you really think I'd believe that you were practicing both Martial Arts and talismans that spring in the cliff cave of the Academy? Or do you think I'm an idiot?"

The Tao Addict was of course not an idiot. There was no point in keeping up his pretense anymore.

Ning Que thought of what the Headmaster had once said, that the Youngest Uncle had not let an enemy's weapon ever touch his clothes after joining the Devil. He couldn't help but mock his own low cultivation state.

He raised his head and looked at Ye Hongyu. He said, "Even if you have guessed something, you should know that I won't admit anything. There is no need for you to continue insinuating."

Ye Hongyu said, "I just don't understand. We were traveling together in the second half of our trip in the Wilderness. When did you cultivate in the Devil's Doctrine's arts?"

Standing upright, she looked down at him and continued, "The Devil's Doctrine aura in your body, I want to know where comes from. Master Lotus... or Mr. Ke?"

Ning Que shook his head and said, "I don't know what you're saying."

Ye Hongyu frowned slightly and said, "What's the point of pretending now?"

Ning Que said, "There are some things that we have to keep up the pretense of until the very end. Even though you have been chased out from the West-Hill Divine Palace, you've said that you will serve Haotian all your life. Then why do you think that I'd be dumb enough to confess anything in front of you and then be remembered by you?"

Ye Hongyu looked at him and said mockingly, "Are you afraid?"

Ning Que said, "Even though I have not seen how the West-Hill Divine Palace deals with those from the Devil's Doctrine or seen the cruel acts of the Judicial Department, I have heard about them."

Ye Hongyu smiled, "So even a disciple of the Academy like you does know fear. As long as the Headmaster is still alive, who could do anything to you without evidence?"

"Of course, I understand that it is always power that speaks in the world. When the Youngest Uncle traveled around the world, the West-Hill Divine Palace didn't dare to do anything."

Ning Que said. "But I am much weaker than the Youngest Uncle. As long as the Haotian Taoism Sect doesn't gain control over the Academy and as long as the Headmaster is still alive, you can only pretend not to know something even if you do, just like what I have been doing. That is because nobody can bear the consequences of the truth being revealed."

Then, he smiled and continued, "But don't you put too many hopes on the status quo in the world and don't think that you'd be able to get me to admit anything. Since the Headmaster lives well in the world and the West-Hill Divine Palace can't do anything to me, I have no reason to get myself into trouble."

Ye Hongyu said, "But I already know about this. When the Headmaster dies, I will prove to the world that you have joined the Devil and then kill you."

"You have wanted to kill me since we first met in the Wilderness. But you haven't managed to do it yet, and you even need my help now. So don't say such things in the future and just do it."

Ning Que looked at her and said, "Also, there is something that we have differing opinions about. I don't think that the Headmaster will die before me. That is why you will never be able to prove it."

Ye Hongyu looked pensive when she heard that and she did not speak for a while.

Ning Que stood up and flicked off the leaves that fell on him. He walked out of the garden and suddenly stopped at the stone doors to say, "Your brother is in Chang'an."

Ye Hongyu was speechless as she looked at his back. She said incredulously, "He has never entered the Tang territories all these years. Why did he suddenly visit Chang'an?"

"How am I supposed to know about that?" Ning Que said.

Ye Hongyu raised her eyebrows and asked him in barely concealed anger, "Why are you telling me now?"

Ning Que turned around and said to her, "I am now the master of Chang'an. Mr. Ye Su is a guest, and so are you. I have no reason to tell a guest that there's a new guest in the city... Even though the two of you are siblings, I was just being friendly by telling you. However, I am not obliged to tell you. I am willing to tell you now because I wanted you to be happy. Consider this a form of bribery."

Ye Hongyu mocked him and said, "Are you bribing me not to tell the West-Hill about you joining the Devil?"

Ning Que said solemnly, "Why do you think in such an ugly way? Even if you have guessed it and told the West-Hill, what can they do to me without evidence?"

Ye Hongyu was surprised to see his indifference. She said, "Then why are you bribing me?"

Ning Que asked, "It isn't a violation of the rules if a Talisman master brings a martial cultivator as his escort servant to battle, is it?

Ye Hongyu nodded and said, "This is the rule of the cultivation world."

Ning Que looked at her and said seriously, "Then are you willing to be my escort servant and kill Xia Hou with me? As you know, that general is really hard to..."

He did not say out the word 'kill' yet.

Ye Hongyu opened the book and touched the tiny paper sword with her finger.

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"We're just having a discussion. Why are you getting so worked up?"

Ning Que said, pretending to be calm. Then, he rushed out of the gardens like a frightened dog with his tail between his legs.

Chang'an was a magnificent city. The rain and wind from the south would cease and clear up, and the bitter cold from the north would turn gentle when they reached here. The downtrodden would become confident, and the proud would turn subdued and peaceful here.

The Great Divine Priest of Light had worked in a shop in this city for half a year after leaving the Peach Mountain. The successor of Zhishou Abbey, Ye Su, became a preaching Taoist in a Taoist temple in this city.

No one knew of Ye Su's identity in the little Taoist temple. The skinny Taoist who held the lecture the other day still remembered how the lecture had failed and did not wish to let him stay. However, Ye Su took out a letter from the West-Hill Divine Palace, and the skinny Taoist had no reason to keep him from seeking shelter in the temple.

Ye Su did not have to pay to stay in the Taoist temple, but he did not wish to be a freeloader. He took over the preaching duties of the Taoist temple and begun to spread Taoist knowledge. He left the temple the next morning and began giving out leaflets in the surrounding street stalls, inviting the neighbors to listen to him preach about the truth of Haotian Taoism.

Standing on the stone steps, Ye Su began his work. His explanation of the West-Hill classics was very clear, but also boring, in which words like Haotian, equality, benevolence and blessings appeared from time to time.

Not many people came, and if they did, they left quickly.

The path before the little Taoist was deserted in the autumn afternoon. A few sparrows stopped at the stone steps looking for food to survive the winter they were doomed to die in. They did not notice the person standing on the steps and thus were not frightened.

Ye Su looked at the sparrows at the stone steps and felt lost. He wondered why the people of Chang'an were not interested in the teachings of Haotian. Then he scolded them in his heart and thought that it was really a nation without beliefs and they did not even understand the teachings that he taught.

The skinny Taoist walked out with a bowl of noodles in his hands. Looking at Ye Su, he sighed and said, "Even though I do not really understand your teachings, I know that you have studied in the West-Hill. You might have even traveled to the Revelation Institute. After all, preaching is difficult. You do not need to feel guilty about it."

Ye Su said without any expression, "You shouldn't play music to a bull. I am not guilty at all."

The skinny Taoist had gotten to know Ye Su better and did not look at him in awe like he did in the beginning. He mocked him, saying, "You can't force the bull to drink. You have to think of other ways."

Ye Su frowned and said, "What right do these people have to waste my efforts?"

The skinny Taoist said solemnly, "All people in the world are subjects of Haotian. They should enjoy the warmth of Haotian. For tens and thousands of years, our ancestors in Haotian Taoism had been spreading the teachings of Haotian in the wilderness and the countryside, and they had experienced many difficulties. Do you think they check whether every single person that they are preaching to is qualified before they start preaching?"

Ye Su looked at the ordinary-looking Taoist. He suddenly felt that the Taoist's expression was more determined than the officials from West-Hill. He was surprised and after a moment of silence, he said, "I have learned something."

The skinny Taoist smiled and asked, "Do you want to learn how to preach?"

The Haotian Taoism had spread their teachings to many countries. The Taoist temples did not have to put in too much effort in preaching. Everyone was born a believer of the West-Hill Divine Palace.

Ye Su had traveled to many countries and this was exactly what he saw over the past decades. That was why he was annoyed and confused when he had encountered so many difficulties in teaching the masses about Taoism on the streets.

He frowned and said, "Is there any other way to preach?"

The skinny Taoist said, "According to what we usually do, we would give out food or wine after our preachings. If there are festivals, we will organize a gathering. If we have enough funds, we will invite singers to sing Taoism songs, which will definitely have good results."

Ye Su grew angry when he heard that. He bellowed, "That is ludicrous! Preaching is a sacred thing. How could it become a parade for exchanging interests? This is blasphemy!"

The skinny Taoist looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. He said, "Everything on earth was bestowed upon us by Haotian. This is our blessing. That is why we believe in Haotian. Isn't this an unalterable fact? Why are you so agitated? Who would believe in religion if there were no benefits at all?"

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