Nightfall - Chapter 531

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Chapter 531: Scattered Horses and People

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Surrounded by green mountains, the Red Lotus Temple suddenly became chill in the autumn rain.

Long Qing waved his robe sleeves. A storm was raging.

The wave of his sleeves was filled with his anger.

The waves of anger came from the hole in his chest; the years of humiliation and pain, the despair he experienced, and the great difference between the beginning of today's battle and his expectation.

In his expectation, as a man who had mastered unique skills, inherited the Halfman Taoist's astonishing cultivation, and entered an extraordinary Knowing destiny State with the help of the Heavenly Power Pill. He could gracefully return to the cultivation world and easily vanquish Ning Que, taking revenge and leaving his enemy in despair.

However, he was at a disadvantage from the very beginning of the battle. To be precise, he was very passive and had no chance to fight back. He had not been able to unleash the mighty power of a Knowing destiny State cultivator before he was severely injured.

He almost failed to resist the attack of six Primordial Thirteen Arrows and there was another one on the iron bowstring. After seven arrows, Long Qing suffered greatly and felt extreme humiliation and anger.

The simple action of waving his sleeve contained his long-suppressed anger and lusted for a fight. Once they were released, the power generated would shock everybody. Over the broken stone stairs of the temple, the rain suddenly disappeared. Countless raindrops were all caught up in his sleeve and rushed toward the black horse carriage.

The strong and fierce Qi of Heaven and Earth moved in the rain almost as fast as the arrows. Every raindrop seemed to have become an arrow or a solid rock.

What made Ning Que feel inexplicably frightened were the flying water drops rushing toward him. Under the rain-free daylight, they seemed to be a faint black, reeking with a weird sense of danger.

Ning Que held his breath, shot the seventh arrow and pushed Sangsang into the carriage as quickly as he could. At the same time, the black raindrops arrived. He had barely managed to place the big black umbrella in front of him to cover his body.

The sky was full of black raindrops. They hit on the surface of the big black umbrella like serried arrows.

Many of them hit the carriage.

The black carriage shook violently as if it would roll over at any time. It seemed like a lonely boat on the ocean.

The raindrops were too many and too spread out that not even the big umbrella could fend off all of them. Ning Que did not notice that some raindrops had drifted into the carriage through cracks and fell on Sangsang's body.

He held the umbrella handle tightly, his right-hand joints were slightly white and blood flowed from his lips.

It was not because of the black rain, but his release of the seventh arrow. He shot too hastily and he was somewhat afraid of the black raindrops, so the arrow did not hit Long Qing.

The Primordial Thirteen Arrows consumed a large amount of Psyche Power. When they were first invented, Second Brother had told Ning Que that the shooting of several arrows could greatly weaken him.

Now he was way more powerful so he could shoot all 13 arrows. But today, he shot seven of them in succession without any breaks, like seven continuous flashes of lightning in the sky. Such frequent shootings were very terrifying. He did not do this even when he fought against Xia Hou last winter at Yanming Lake.

Thanks to his improved cultivation of the Great Spirit, his body became stronger after joining the Devil. Otherwise, he would definitely be too weak to stand after shooting seven arrows in succession. Now, the muscles on his arm were severely strained and he felt great pain in his right shoulder. He could not pull the iron bow for a short while.

What chilled and shocked Long Qing the most was not the power of Ning Que's arrows, but his toughness and strong will in battle because he knew Ning Que very well. Although he still did not understand why the sixth arrow could hit him.

If he did not shamelessly avoid the arrow using the hole in his chest, he might have been greatly injured or dead. Since he had reached the Knowing destiny State and could be integrated with the surroundings, he did not understand why Ning Que, a Seethrough Realm cultivator, could locate his position.

Long Qing realized that Ning Que had many secrets and perhaps, they were not on him but around him. For instance, the little handmaiden who held the big black umbrella.

Long Qing looked at Ning Que's wet but expressionless face, and said with a strange look, "You are a monster."

Ning Que stared at Long Qing standing behind the stairs and the hole in his chest, and said, "You are the monster."

Long Qing stepped down from the stairs and said expressionlessly, "Thank you for the comment."

Ning Que answered, "You are welcome."

Long Qing continued, "You are about to die."

Ning Que said, "Why?"

Looking at the iron bow in Ning Que's hand, Long Qing said with a smile, "Can you still shoot?"

Ning Que's heart sank but his smile was more sincere than his opponent, and he said, "I'll have to show you."

Long Qing said, "My knights have come. If you can, please show me."

Ning Que's smile stiffened gradually.

Long Qing looked more elegant.

The sound of hooves became clearer in the autumn rain. A dozen black knights finally arrived at the front of the temple.

The seven continuous arrows were seven flashes of lightning. It had been a very short time after Sangsang cried out Long Qing's position. So the knights must have moved at an astonishing speed.

Ning Que was at the peak of the Seethrough Realm. Even if he was invincible below the Knowing destiny State, even if he had many powerful weapons other than the Primordial Thirteen Arrows and had the confidence to challenge general Knowing destiny State cultivators, he could not defeat Long Qing on his own. Since Sangsang was very sick, they could not even break the siege of the Seethrough Realm knights.

At the time, Long Qing was not sure if Ning Que could shoot another arrow, so he did not attack immediately but vigilantly waited for an opportunity. However, even if Ning Que could refresh himself and shoot again, he could would not easily decide the target between Long Qing and the ferocious fallen knights.

It seemed the ending of the battle had been decided and they were desperately hopeless. However, Ning Que, at this moment, relaxed his stiff smile as if a long dry land was suddenly moistened by a cool spring.

Long Qing noticed the change and grew alert.

The cold autumn rain which kept falling on the Big Black Horse could not extinguish the testiness and a lust for war in its eyes. But as Ning Que's smile changed, the testiness disappeared immediately. The horse looked at the knights rushing toward the carriage with contempt as if they were a group of idiots.

As he approached the carriage, the front knight started activating his Psyche Power. His right hand left the reins and started to produce a Sword Formula. The flying sword on his back wheezed. His black horse panted feverishly. As it sped up, the horsehair around its neck flew in the rain, full of power and beauty.

At this time, a strand of horsehair floated in the air.

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The insignificance of the fact did not attract any attention.

But Long Qing's countenance suddenly changed. He uttered a shrill warning.

But the knights could not stop their high-speed sprint even if they had understood his warning and wanted to obey the order with discipline.

They could no longer leave the battlefield.

A battlefield that Ning Que had prepared for them.

The black horse right at the front stepped heavily into the mud. It rushed onto the green hill first and found itself unable to move anymore because its hoof had been cut off.

And then a thin red thread appeared on its thick neck.

More red threads started to appear on its body.

Because of the uneven forces in different parts, the red threads gradually become wider and then separated.

The horse's entire body became a mass of meat pieces suspended in the air, with blood looming between the pieces.

The head of the horse was quietly separated from the body and continued to move forward. One could even see the hot mist sprayed from the nose and hear the sound of breathing.

A horse in a sprint had become countless pieces of flesh and blood.

The scene was extremely weird.

The fallen knight on horseback had almost the same experience.

As his right hand left the reins and produced a Sword Formula to call his flying sword, a red thread appeared, quietly cutting his hand in two.

A red thread appeared on his fingers.

The fingers fell like ripe fruit.

And then, his arm was cut into numerous thin slices and thinner pieces.

His neck was severed.

His whole body was cut off from the middle and cut into thinner pieces.

He fell from the sky with the horse that had been cut into pieces.

They were like a collapsing glacier.

A second ago, there were a Seethrough Realm knight and a valiant steed.

Now, there were only two piles of flesh and blood on the green hill.

As the most powerful commander among the fallen knights, Zi Mo was the first to respond to Prince Long Qing's warning. He felt the weird and horrible aura in the rain and instinctively pulled the reins. He wanted to forcibly stop even if his horse was choked.

The horse shrieked in pain, reared as if standing like a man and continued to rush forward uncontrollably. Zi Mo grunted and left the horseback, falling heavily on the muddy ground. He then quickly stepped back. Looking at the rain before him, a panicked look appeared on his pale face.

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