Nightfall - Chapter 536

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Chapter 536: Who Could Foresee Destiny

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After hearing those words, Ning Que still maintained his impassive expression.

Long Qing could not help but feel a little disappointed.

However, at this moment, Ning Que suddenly left the horse carriage unexpectedly and stabbed Long Qing's belly like a viper with a sharp sword that he had drawn with his right hand without anyone noticing.

The sword had always been hidden in the black horse carriage.

Saving his last bit of power in respite, he eventually won that opportunity.

And this opportunity could not be missed.

Thus, it was the sword style of Liu Bai that he performed.

It was Long Qing's belly, or more accurately Long Qing's spleen that he stabbed.

Because he knew that there was a hole in Long Qing's chest.

However, a corpse of a fallen knight quickly toppling over on to Ning Que's sword finally fell on him, followed by heavy maple trunks, winds, and rainwaters. They all turned to be violent attacks against him.

Ning Que had already been very exhausted, even seeming like a lamp that was running out of oil. He could not bear those attacks at all. Consequently, his sword style immediately disintegrated, and he was severely wounded. He fell to the ground, his bones broken and the blood spurting from his mouth.

"I know exactly what kind of person you are. You are like a cockroach who is hard to kill. Even when dying, you intend to give one last bite."

Walking toward him, Long Qing looked down at him calmly and said, "However, I meant to leave this chance for you as I want you to know how it feels when you realize that the hopes you have gained are but just shadows of bubbles."

"In the past few years, I have suffered the endlessly painful cycle of feeling hopeful, disappointed, and hopeless because of you. Today I'll pay it back."

Covered with blood all over, Ning Que wearily sat at the carriage wheel.

"I watched your performance in the battle just now. Your strength is really amazing, so is your speed and your stamina. Thus, there is only one possibility; you've joined the Devil."

Long Qing's eyes filled with excitement, he said, "Ning Que, you really didn't disappoint me. You're so lucky that you've gained lots of things in your life, including the aura of Talisman Taoism from the Academy, Devil's Doctrine, Liu Bai, and uncle Yan Se. Even though I swallowed Master Zhang's, it was much less delicious than Yan Se's, wasn't it?"

Looking at him, Ning Que wearily said, "It is that happy to be a madman?"

Rather than listening to what Ning said, Long Qing, with his eyes brightening, said excitedly and tremblingly, "If I swallow you and your little handmaiden full of Divine Light, can you guess how strong I will be? Or is there any possibility that I can directly enter the peak of Knowing Destiny State and even cross the line between heaven and man?"

"Even though you don't look beautiful, you shouldn't have such beautiful daydreams."

Although Ning Que was too exhausted to stretch out his fingers, he still remembered to mock him.

After hearing those words, Long Qing naturally recalled the banquet in Chang'an where he was humiliated by this person for the first time, his Taoist Heart trembled. Taking a deep breath before calming down, he said, "After you luckily learnt so much lost knowledge, have you ever thought that you would eventually give it all to me?"

Before he even finished those words, his bright eyes became increasingly bleak.

The distinct line between the white of his eyes and his pupils turned thick and grey like the overcast and rainy weather.

Watching Long Qing's eyes changing weirdly, Ning Que knew that his last moment was coming soon.

He could not be reconciled to his defeat when he thought that he would only benefit this madman after he practiced hard for a lifetime. He could not be reconciled to his defeat when he thought that Sangsang had not sealed the deal even though they have slept in the same bed for a lifetime. He could not be reconciled to his defeat when he thought that he had suffered all kinds of misfortune for a lifetime, but he did not get to enjoy his hard-won fortune.

Afterall, was there anyone who would die readily in the face of death?

Especially such kind of terrible death.

Looking at Long Qing's grey eyes, feeling his exanimate but greedy aura, and getting into the sense of perception from his eyes, Ning Que said, "Even if I become a ghost, I will certainly fuck Flower Addict."

After finishing those words, he wearily leaned against the wheel and did not think about what would happen next any longer.

At this moment, Sangsang was in the carriage,

only a half step away from him.

He hoped that if they could live another life, he would only be a half step away from her from birth.

While exanimation was an illusion, greed was the essence. The aura from Gray Eye, entering the sense of perception of Ning Que, found that the originally storable and strong Psyche Power had already dried up, and he felt regretful.

Immediately, It explored Ning's sense of perception from inside to outside, searching for the deep remnants of his Psyche Power, precious battle experience, consciousness fragment, as well as the wisdom inherited from predecessors, as all these were the essence of cultivation state.

After learning the Gray Eye method from Sha book of Tomes of Arcane, Long Qing had performed it many times. Even Master Zhang from Mountain DargonTiger and masters from Martial Art Sect all became dry and dead bodies under Gray Eye. He had gotten very familiar with how to swallow other people's cultivation state.

However, today's situation was somewhat weird.

No sooner did the exanimate but greedy aura sink into Ning Que's deep sense of perception than it filled with fear wanted to escape, seeming like it had touched something.

This caused it to fear because it was faintly aware that those things were not to be touched.

However, it was too late.

In Ning Que's deep spiritual sea, some pieces of fragments seeming to have felt the aura of Gray Eye or have been inspired started to shine increasingly bright, followed by more and more fragments.

They looked like beautiful pearls.

It was like a sea of pearls.

Every pearl represented a piece of consciousness fragment.

Some pieces of consciousness fragments originating from sword mark on the stone wall of Devil's Doctrine's Front Gate belonged to Youngest Uncle of the Academy, brave, fearless, and strong to the extreme. How would they be swallowed by such evil tactic?

What made the exanimate aura frightening was the largest number of consciousness fragments of the same kind among all. Although the aura could greedily swallow everything, those fragments seemed to be more greedy and thirsty than it did.

Those fragments originated from Master Lotus.

It was all the things including wisdom that was left by him in the world.

The practice of Taotie was one of them.

It was the real Practice of Taotie.

Gray Eye was originally from Tao Tie, but it was less bloody than Tao Tie as it was modified by predecessors of Haotian Taoism, and it was less powerful too. In other words, the Practice of Taotie was the real ancestor of the Gray-eye Tactic.

When Gray Eye met Tao Tie, It was like a shark encountering a killer whale. They all were very greedy and exanimate, and they could not coexist with each other. However, Tao Tie was very strange, as it would truly wake up only when capturing the same kind as food. Thus, it grew more greedy and bloody.

In the bottom of Ning Que's black spiritual sea, countless consciousness fragments lit up in turn, seeming like to respond to a certain mysterious rhythm, and it, like a certain breath, produced extremely frightening swallowing power.

Hardly did the exanimate aura from Long Qing make a silent cry when it was captured by the consciousness fragments left by Master Lotus and was swallowed directly.

Those consciousness fragments sleeping for years had woken up.

The autumn rain continued. The fire in Red Lotus Temple had died out for a long time, the whole world was lost in dark.

Dead silence struck around the black carriage. Those fallen knights who were still alive struggled to sit up, unable to walk for a moment. They looked at Ning Que and Long Qing with complicated emotions.

It was at that moment that Ning Que suddenly opened his eyes.

However, the pair of eyes was totally different from his previous eyes.

Behind the eyes were calmness and complex, and it also seemed that there were both mercy from Bhadanta and coldness from devils in them. People were unaware how much wisdom and life experience was hidden behind the eyes.

When this pair of eyes looked at Long Qing, showing slight scorn.

Long Qing had already sensed that something was amiss, as not only did he fail to swallow Ning Que's cultivation state but also his Gray-eye Tactic was severely damaged.

And when he saw Ning Que's aged eyes, he became frightened and silent.

It was the fear of the unknown, and it was the fear of things out of control.

The scorn in Ning Que's eyes became increasingly heavy.

Long Qing got increasingly cold.

Suddenly Ning Que stretched out his hands and tightly held Long Qing's shoulders.

Then he lowered his head to bite Long Qing's neck!

Long Qing made an extremely mournful cry.

On the grass by the carriage were terrified fallen knights, not knowing what had happened.

Having no feelings at all, Ning Que kept biting Long Qing's neck.

He tore Long Qing's skin and muscles apart with his teeth. No sooner did he taste the sweet blood than he began to suck hard. His jaws rose and fell as he sucked greedily.

Ning Que was delirious, not knowing what he was doing at all.

He just felt very thirsty and wanted to drink water.

feeling the liquid, he kept sucking.

All of sudden, he vaguely felt that the liquid he drank was not water, as the warm liquid contained lots of complicated tastes, some of which were good and some were bad.

Logically speaking, he shouldn't have known where these tastes came, but the information automatically appeared in his sense of perception.

Some of those tastes belonged to Elder of Martial Art Sect and Master Zhang from Mountain DargonTiger, and among them there contained a very strong taste from a Taoist surnamed He. Besides, there was a freshest and most comfortable one which he knew coming from Heavenly Power Pill, as he remembered its taste in his deep memory.

Ning Que gradually woke up.

Those consciousness fragments of Master Lotus left in his sense of perception started to show the details of The Practice of Taotie.

Ning Que had naturally refused the aura released by Tao Tie, but his survival instinct that one should drink water when one was thirsty drove him to learn naturally.

A very cold, strong, and greedy aura gradually enveloped his body.

At the same time, Long Qing's body was also enveloped.

Struggling to pick himself up, Zi Mo wanted to walk to the black horse carriage, but when he felt the cold aura from it, he was too scared to step forward.

Under the tree on the cliff, he had once thought that the Priest that he saw was the legendary Tao Tie.

However, tonight in front of the shabby temple looking at Ning Que covered by cold and strong aura, he gradually became aware that the monster walking in the dark Underworld should be like that.

As Ning Que woke up completely, his eyes returned to normal.

Slowly moving his teeth from Long Qing's bloody neck and looking at pale and frightened Long Qing, he smiled bitterly. As he still had Long's blood in his mouth and on his teeth, the smile was even more terrible than the devil in Long Qing's eyes.

"Eating people ... needs no technical skills, thus it is not difficult to learn."

Tightly holding Long Qing's shoulders, he recalled the desperation sprouting when he had been dying and the words that Long Qing would eat Sangsang, the bitterness in the smile turning into calmness. He said lightly, "After you luckily learnt so much lost knowledge, have you ever thought that you will eventually give it all to me?"

It was the words that Long Qing previously said to him before he intended to swallow his cultivation state.

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Now Ning Que returned the original words to him.

The wheel of fortune always came so steeply beyond everyone's imagination.

Who could know what his true fate was?

Long Qing had once thought that he knew, but now he found himself aware of nothing, his eyes filled with horror.

He felt that the aura from Ning Que vaguely restrained him, It was the first time that he felt that Ning Que was so terrible that he desperately wanted to escape despite the reason.

Letting out a bitter yell, Long Qing forced out his damaged natal peach blossom.

Then he did not hesitate to destroy the peach with the powerful Psyche Power of Halfman Taoist inside his body.

The black peach broke into the finest powder.

The impact brought by the terrible power directly catapulted both Ning Que and Long Qing apart.

Ning Que cracked the horse carriage wheel.

Long Qing was hurt more seriously, lying in blood on the ground.

The autumn rain continued.

The black peach had caused black rain.

And the blood became blood mist.

They all floated around the ruins of the shabby temple.

Reluctantly and venomously looking at Ning Que, Long Qing snarled in a quavering voice, "Kill him!"

With that, he fainted.

The fallen knights were so loyal to Long Qing that they immediately climbed with their hands toward the black carriage on hearing those words even though they were seriously injured.

At this moment, Ning Que was digesting a large amount of aura that had been swallowed just now, unable to move.

No matter the partial cultivation of Halfman Taoist or the medicinal power of Heavenly Power Pill, they both took time to be digested.

Leaning against the broken wheel, he closed his eyes.

It seemed that those fallen knights really had a chance to do so.

However, at this moment, outside the quiet Red Lotus Temple there was a violent neigh!

The Big Black Horse, like a black lightning, rushed through the autumn rain and raised its forefoot, directly crushing the chest of the fallen knight who was nearest to Ning Que.

Zi Mo, pale-faced, had never thought that even an animal from the Academy was so terrible!

Bitterly making a choked cry, he suddenly lowered his chest and took the secret method of West-Hill Divine Palace to burn his life, regaining his full strength with the fastest speed.

With a violent yell, he hit the horse's head with his fist as quickly as the strong wind.

Neighing violently, the horse collided with him without any fear.

The collision produced a huge thud.

Bending its forefoot slightly, the horse wheezed painfully.

After all, it was not like the old yellow bull, it was unable to defeat a master from the peak of Seethrough State.

It was at this moment that Zi Mo noticed Ning's eyelids flicker. He could not help feeling cold, guessing that Ning was going to wake up. He shouted, "Get on the horse and leave with our lord first!"

Opening his eyes, Ning Que saw a number of fallen knights riding toward the foot of the mountain.

However, the strongest fallen knight commander was standing in front of him.

Getting up from the ground, Ning Que asked, "You want to stop me, don't you?"

Zi Mo said, "Even though I can only live for another three months, I can stop you now."

Ning Que said, "You will fail to defeat me."

Zi Mo said, "I want to have a try."

Ning Que looked at those fading figures in the rain without any emotion on his face. He just easily waved his hands back to break a hole in the carriage, reaching for the iron bow.

Zi Mo frowned slightly and said, "You don't have any more arrows."

Through the hole, Ning Que looked at Sangsang who was in a coma and the Big Black Horse who was injured.

He drew the iron bow.

As there were no arrows on the string, it was an empty pulling action.

The string buzzed, seeming to crack the cloud.

There appeared a very deep bloody line on Zi Mo's chest.

He confusedly looked down at his chest.

Ning Que again pulled the bow, and the string started to rise again.

Every time the string buzzed, he became less fractious.

Thus, he pulled the bow ten consecutive times.

Ten feet away from Ning Que, Zi Mo had ten bloody lines on him. Like sand mountains collapsing, blood and flesh flew everywhere.

Ning Que placed the bow behind him.

He stood in the cold autumn rain, thinking thoughtfully.

From this moment, he had entered the Knowing Destiny State, and he was a real Taoist master.

However, this promotion was a little bit different from the previous two times.

He was only exhausted rather than joyful.




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