Nightfall - Chapter 571

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Chapter 571

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Chapter 571: You Can Be White If You Want To Be

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Besides being a little shocked when hearing Master Qishan asking Sangsang to join him in Buddhism, Ning Que didn't have much of a reaction. However, in his heart, he was disturbed.

Let Sangsang cultivate in Buddhism? When she recovered, she would need to stay in the temple for the rest of her life to recite mantras and be a vegetarian? Even though Sangsang's hair was yellow, drooping, and wasn't much to rave about, it wouldn't suit her to shave it all off, would it?

Ning Que naturally had these thoughts. Then he thought of what Second Brother once said about Buddhism. The more he thought, the more he found problems with this proposition made by Master Qishan.

Taoism and Buddhism loved to suppress one's rationality with fear. They then promised a beautiful future to lure one's stupidity and make people follow their words without any suspicion.

Master Qishan had described the chilly aura in Sangsang's body in a horrifying way, and just as he was on the brink of despair, he suddenly asked Sangsang to practice Buddhism. It really was like those Taoist priests in the Taoist temple, asking old ladies to donate some money.

Was the Master poaching people from the Academy and the Divine Hall? Ning Que's expression was solemn but he didn't want to think too much. The Master didn't seem like such a person and moreover, Sangsang's body was more important. Master Qishan represented her last hope and they had no choice but to respect him. Hence he took a deep breath and asked as calmly as he could, "Why does Sangsang need to cultivate in Buddhism?"

Master Qishan hadn't expected that a simple suggestion from him could make Ning Que think so much in such a short time span. He said kindly, "Buddhism focuses on their disciples but that is actually a lie; even in front of Parinirvana, it would be impossible. Any Buddhist that wants to become a disciple is a fake Buddhist. This is a wild idea and when one practices Buddhism, one is, in fact, practicing oneself, finding the release of one's mind from one's body."

Ning Que said, "I have read 2 books on Buddhist mantra at the back of the mountain in the Academy and I know some Buddhism sayings. Master does not need to recount this in detail. I only want to know how this has anything to do with Sangsang's sickness."

Master Qishan said, "Sangsang is a big world and naturally, light cannot expel or destroy the chilly aura in her body. But Buddhism is different; Buddhism seeks release instead of suppression. It wouldn't incite any hostility from the chilly aura and can even let it become awake and release itself."

Listening to these seemingly whimsical but truthful words, Ning Que thought for a long time but asked a little confusedly, "Then, to what state must she practice Buddhism until she can expel that chilly aura?"

Master Qishan untied a string of prayer beads made from mahogany and placed them on the floor in front of the futon. He looked at Sangsang calmly and said, "If she can become Buddha one day, she would be able to gain release."

Ning Que asked with slight bitterness, "Master, you must be kidding. After so many years, only Buddha has managed to attain this. Even if Sangsang really has an affinity with it, how can she practice to such a state?"

Master Qishan laughed and said, "When she was a dying baby, did you once think that she could become the Lady of Light of the West-Hill Divine Palace? How then can you be so sure that she cannot become Buddha?"

Ning Que replied, "Even if Sangsang was the best cultivator in tens of thousands of years, becoming Buddha isn't something that even masters can attain in a short period of time. There is no time."

Master Qishan asked, "Can you think of a better way?"

Ning Que was startled and said, "No."

Master Qishan replied," Then, practicing Buddhism is the only way to treat her illness."

The only way is the best way.

This was something that all the disciples in the Academy understood very well. Ning Que naturally understood too, thinking that Sangsang's illness could relapse at any moment and time was precious; he didn't consider for very long before making a decision.

Before making his decision, he certainly did not forget that important thing.

He looked at Master Qishan seriously and asked, "Does Sangsang need to shave her head and be a nun? Of course, there isn't a problem if she needs to be a nun for a few years to cure her illness, but if she does become well, will the Buddhism Sect stop her from returning to a secular life and force her to sit on the lotus seat to be worshipped by the monks?"

Master Qishan looked at him dumbfounded; he was surprised that he was most concerned about this as he said with a sigh, "Of course she can practice Buddhism at home too. She wouldn't need to shave her head and become a nun."

So long as Sangsang doesn't become an old nun with an evil face like Quni Madi, to cure her illness, Ning Que was willing to accept any other price. He was relieved with those words as he said without hesitation, "Master, please."

Please what? Naturally, it wasn't for him to sit down but to ask Master Qishan to impart Buddhism to Sangsang.

Even though there were many mantras in the back of the of the Academy's mountain, Ning Que understood that since Master had allowed him to bring Sangsang to the Lanke Temple, only Master Qishan could become Sangsang's master.

Sangsang and he had much chemistry and upon hearing this, she knelt on the futon and bowed to Master Qishan.

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Master Qishan laughed heartily and said, "At my dying age, I still have a chance to accept such an extraordinary disciple... Buddhism banished greed, but thinking of the fact that my name might be recorded in mantras due to this disciple and spread for generations, my calm heart that hasn't been tainted by any external things for a long time is a little agitated."

Ning Que said in an extremely good mood, "Guan Hai had his final disciple position stolen from him. He might be even more annoyed."

Master Qishan laughed and said, "I really have no idea why the Headmaster accepted such a mischievous student like you."

Ning Que laughed and said, "He is always angry at me for messing up his beard; he can't do anything about it."

The laughter subsided as the cave grew quiet again.

Master Qishan looked at Sangsang and said, "Countless years ago, The Great Zen Master's gifted wife rose and accepted the intelligence of Buddha. The idea of not creating was frowned upon and one had to learn the chanting method. That is the easy method of the chants in the Buddhism Sect today."

He continued, "This method of reciting is simple; if one has an evil thought, place a black stone behind you. If one has a kind thought, place a white stone in front. Slowly one will cultivate till the number of white and black chess pieces are the same, as one's heart turns pure and the black stones stop, leaving only white stones."

Sangsang said, "Master, please impart your skills."

Master Qishan shook his head and laughed, "The black and white belong to the chessboard, the method is a matter of playing chess. The Wa Mountain cultivates the art of black and white. However, you have passed 3 rounds and your insights are akin to what the Divine Priest of Light has said. Your heart is transparent to begin with, what is there left for you to practice? You need to practice how to turn the black stones to white stones."

Sangsang was a little confused and asked, "Black is black, white is white, how does one change them?"

Master Qishan took out a black chess piece and placed it among the mahogany prayer beads.

He then looked at Sangsang and said, "If you want it to be white, it will be white."

Sangsang looked at the black chess piece and suddenly felt it familiar-looking.

There were many black pieces on the chessboard; they looked incredibly similar and almost the same.

However, she could even see the minute differences between the chess pieces.

She remembered. This black piece was the one that had fallen off the board in the afternoon.



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