Nightfall - Chapter 594

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Chapter 594: 594

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Chapter 594: Tearing Through the Array!

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Sixteen years ago, in the manor of the Official of Counsel in Chang'an, the beloved concubine gave birth to a tanned baby girl. The mistress of the manor determined that the child was of the devil. Not far away in a woodshed, Ning Que picked up a cleaver and began to kill.

In the faraway northern Wilderness, a black ditch appeared. Haotian Taoism youth Ye Su, young man Tang of the Devil's Doctrine, as well as the young monk – Qi Nian – all watched the ants move their home under a tree beyond the black line. They watched warily, for a long while, not daring to move forward. And, on the other side of that black line, a scholar was reading by the pond. He would rest when he was tired, and, during his break, he would take off the wooden dipper hung at his waist to get drinking water. His body was filthy, but he was peaceful and happy.

Sixteen years later, Ning Que no longer used a chopper to kill people – he had gotten used to using his iron bow and arrows. Sangsang was still tan, but her face had become extraordinarily pale. She weakly laid in Ning Que's embrace and watched the Big Black Umbrella growing thinner under the Light of Buddha, waiting for the final moment to come.

The once-youths have all grown up to become the most powerful existences in the cultivation world. Ye Su grew less arrogant and indifferent. Tang did not seem to have changed. Qi Nian changed the most of them all. He had not spoken for many years. It was as if he had really become mute. And the scholar stood beneath the steps outside Lanke Temple, his robes fluttering. The wooden dipper tied to his waist, swaying. Dust seemed to float away from him, and his expression was serene.

They had once gotten together because of Son of Yama's coming. And, sixteen years later, those who had gotten together, without being aware, were once again gathered because of Daughter of Yama's awakening. The passage of time and changes in the world were often lamentable.

Orderly chanting reverberated throughout the courtyards of Lanke Temple. Yellow-garbed monks on the stone platform were covered in blood, but still seemed benevolent beyond compare. Their voices were long-since hoarse, and sounded more like crying, however, still – very solemn.

The Light of Buddha tactical array managed to miraculously withstand the intense attack from Academy's Eldest Brother. The tactical array grew even more stable after Ye Su raised his right hand and infused Haotian Taoism aura into it.

Qi Nian looked down towards the direction of the temple gate at the foot of the mountain with a firm and determined gaze. His expression grew more and more serene, as he knew that his plan was about to succeed. The world could finally get rid of the terrifying prospect of destruction.

Even though he could not see what was happening outside Lanke Temple, Ning Que knew that Eldest Brother had tried his best. However, as he watched more and more Light of Buddha streaming through the thinning Big Black Umbrella and looked at Sangsang in his arms, who looked ever closer to death, he could not help but feel anxious and even desperate.

If Eldest Brother could not break through Lanke Temple's Light of Buddha tactical array before the Big Black Umbrella was destroyed, then Sangsang would be cleansed by the light and turned into smoke.

Ning Que had never felt hopelessness. If he were the only one facing danger, then he would tell himself, 'What's the point of feeling hopeless if you're about to die?' However, if it was Sangsang who was in danger of dying, he could not stop himself from feeling hopelessness. Because if Sangsang were to die – and he were to live – that would be true agony.

Then, the tired, old voice rang in his ears once more. He had heard this voice earlier in the temple before Master Boshu rang the Yue laan Bell.

"If Mr. First cannot break through the array and Big Black Umbrella can't withstand, take Sangsang and rush toward me. If Mr. First breaks through the array, no matter how much Qi Nian and Ye Su fears the Academy, they will still choose to kill you and Sangsang. That is why you have to rush toward me when the time comes."

Master Qishan was being helped up by Guan Hai. He leaned against the shattered stone steps. His head was lowered and he panted painfully. No one noticed his lips moving.

Ning Que guessed that it was master's secret method, which allowed only him to hear. He was a bit touched but did not turn around to look. He merely glanced from the corner of his eye to see Master's withered hand landing on the chessboard.

That was the chessboard left by Buddha.

Master Qishan's voice rang again.

"Find a way to lessen the Light of Buddha coming from the peak of Tile Mountain, then, I will activate the chessboard and allow you two to hide inside. As long as you can successfully enter, not even abbey dean or Chief Preaching Monk can destroy the chessboard left by Buddha. When Mr. First enters the temple, I will have Guan Hai give it to him and take the board back to the Academy. I trust that Headmaster would be able to find a way to release you."

Lanke Temple was facing the strongest opponent in its history – Mr. First of the Academy. His cultivation state was even higher than that of Lotus. While Ning Que was the wayfarer of the Academy, had risen through the states extremely quickly and had even injured Qi Nain – he was not as strong as these truly powerful World Wayfarers. Meanwhile, Sangsang was still unconscious. She had been subdued by the Light of Buddha and was currently at her weakest. That was why the monks in the temple, Qi Nian and everyone else had placed their energies at the temple gates and did not notice his change in expression.

Ning Que was so nervous that he did not notice the details in Master's words. The master said that he would have Guan Hai give the chessboard to Eldest Brother and count on the Headmaster to solve it.

"Ning Que, I only hope that no matter what you encounter in the future, you will not become a second Lotus. You can be Mr. Ke or anyone else, but do not become like Younger Brother Lotus, because that is too painful."

Master Qishan's sorrowful, regretful voice reverberated in Ning Que's mind.

After a moment of silence, Ning Que lowered his head slightly.


the three halls – front, middle and back – of Lanke Temple shook violently. Several plum trees suddenly shattered and countless walls were reduced to pieces. The seventeen ancient bells stopped and the Light of Buddha tactical array was broken!

Someone had barged through the temple doors. Wherever the person passed, monks were tossed into the air. Several cultivators puked blood and flew up at least a hundred feet into the air. Several Buddha statues were thrown into the air as well.

Neither those in front nor behind the temple could see what was happening beneath the mountain. They only saw approaching billowing smoke. Everything the smoke could reach got tossed into the air.

A trace of shock crossed Qi Nian's eyes.

Ye Su's expression was unusually grave.

Tang, who had remained silent all this time, suddenly looked up. His eyes were burning with fighting spirit.

The Light of Buddha tactical array could not be broken even by Mr. First of the Academy. So who was it?

Earlier, at an unspecified time and location in the Kingdom of Qi.

This was the most famous scenic spot in the area, but this section of the mountain path was very remote and people rarely came here. The sounds the extraordinarily white horses made while walking were especially clear.

Second Brother Jun Mo sat on the white horse, poised and elegant. However, he seemed a little stiff, as he kept his upper body straight no matter how the horse rocked.

The little servant rode on the white horse at the back. He looked extremely adorable riding the tall horse. He looked up towards the front and curiously asked in a childish voice, "Young master, why have we suddenly come down from the mountain?"

Second Brother said, "Teacher told me a few days ago that Senior Brother wanted to lie to Youngest Brother and Sangsang, and have them seek treatment at Lanke Temple. But I think that Senior Brother and Qi Shan are both too honest and do not know how to lie. So I'm worried that Youngest Brother might see through them and run away with Sangsang. That is why I have to guard at the foot of the mountain and be prepared to capture them."

The little servant thought to himself that while Mr. First and Master Qishan were too honest and did not know how to lie, his young master was not any better off. What right did he have to say that of the other two people?

"Then how long do we have to stay here for?"

Second Brother said, "If the old monk Qi Shan isn't as talktive or boastful as the other bald guys, then we'd have to stay around for three months. Sangsang should be healed by then."

After a momentary pause, he continued, "If they were really going to enter the chessboard, Youngest Brother would definitely follow. Then, we'd have to wait for two years or bring the chessboard back to the Academy. However, even if the old monk Qishan were better than the other bald guys, I suppose he must still be greedy. I'm afraid he won't let us take the chessboard away."

The little servant asked bewilderedly, "Then do we really have to guard here for two years?"

Second Brother said sternly, "Jia Lun, reading ten thousand books is much better than traveling ten thousand miles. This mountain is the neighboring mountain to Tile Mountain. Even though it cannot be compared to Tile Mountain, the scenery here is good. Admiring this scenery and cleansing your heart as you travel with me for these two years will aid in your cultivation. You might even be able to travel a thousand miles then."

The little servant sighed helplessly and thought that it was alright if they had to travel ten thousand miles. But circling the same mountain every day and looking at the same scenery was unbearable for anyone other than his young master.

Then, there was a sudden gust of wind.

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Second Brother looked up with his brows slightly furrowed. He suddenly felt something and paled before angrily yelling, "Damn it!"

He waved his hand to beckon the servant.

The box containing his sword flew towards him from the little servant's cradle.

Second Brother stepped on the horse's back lightly, his wide sleeves fluttering, and landed in the forest by the mountain path.

The little servant yelled urgently, "Master, that's not the main path to Lanke Temple!"

"The straightest road is the closest, and the closest road is the main road..."

Second Brother's voice could be heard from the forest as it grew fainter and fainter.

When the words 'main road' reached the little servant, Second Brother was already nowhere to be found.

Eldest Brother looked at Lanke Temple before him.

Countless lacerations had already been visible through his cotton robe. The cut up cotton was tinged with blood.

He had, in a short period of time, collided with the Light of Buddha tactical array of Lanke Temple thousands of times. The tactical array flickered, but he was also greatly injured.

He still had not managed to enter Lanke Temple.

Eldest Brother followed the Light of Buddha with his eyes and looked at the stone statue of Buddha sitting at the peak of Tile Mountain. He made a decision.

Right at that moment a cloud of green smoke rushed over, kicking up a storm of pebbles.

It had been a long weary journey.

Jun Mo had arrived at Lanke Temple.

He was covered with dust and was even dustier than Eldest Brother. However, his high crown was still straight and did not move an inch.

The two brothers glanced at each other and did not speak.

Jun Mo coughed lightly.

The autumn trees outside Lanke Temple trembled, their green leaves fell.

On Tile Mountain – red leaves fell.

Jun Mo used his finger as a sword and piercing it into the Light of Buddha.

He yelled madly.

His black hair, underneath his high crown, was blown about, dancing wildly.

His fingers came down on the dome of Light of Buddha with difficulty, but without stopping. He tore a tiny hole through it.

Eldest Brother's cotton robe suddenly trembled, leaving a streak of shadow in the sky.

Eldest Brother had disappeared from the front steps of Lanke Temple.

As fast as lightning, he had entered the temple and arrived at the seventeen halls of the temple.

He seemed to have appeared at all of the seventeen halls simultaneously.

Under the roof, in the building, before the corridor, by the plum tree...

Eldest Brother broke the seventeen ancient bells.

The Light of Buddha tactical array had been broken!
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