Nightfall - Chapter 665

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Chapter 665: The Northern Goshawk

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Ten miles away from the east and west of the massive chariot where the Hierarch from the West-Hill Divine Palace was located were two other godly chariots. The one that was facing east, dark red in color and appearing deadly was the godly chariot of the Great Divine Priest of Judgment, Ye Hongyu. The one that was facing west with an elderly man sitting on it, whose face was filled with deep lines and wrinkles, it belonged to the Great Divine Priest of Revelation.

Just as that black horse carriage dashed out from the Desolate Man's tribe and down south, the Great Divine Priest of Revelation, who had kept quiet since the start of the battle till now and had lowered his head to silently read the scriptures, he suddenly lifted his head and glanced towards the northern Wilderness. He saw that row of dark clouds forming into a line and said gently, "Pitch black."

After a few moments, the tall and huge silhouette in top chamber of the massive chariot trembled and raised his head to glance at that dark cloud in the north. He said in a heavy voice, "The dark night is falling. What are all of you waiting for?"

The tone of the Hierarch Lord was not that heavy, yet his voice was extremely loud like thunder. As the loud voice echoed all around the massive chariots, the faces of the priests and the powerful men by the chariots turned pale immediately. After listening to the content and realized the hidden warning of the Hierarch Lord's words, their faces became paler.

It was only a handful of people who could see that black horse carriage like the Great Divine Priest of Revelation and the Hierarch Lord during the Wilderness battle; however, it was extremely eye-catching for that dark heavy cloud in the north to move south as the black horse carriage moved. There was no need for a long time before everyone's attention was on that cloud in the sky.

Dead silence fell onto the battle site where the camps of the two parties were located. Then a loud cheer sounded at the Desolate's side, while the atmosphere at the West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army became slightly tense. Some had even revealed a look of fear.

Due to that battle, the commander of the West-Hill Divine Palace's divine guard, Luo Kedi, left Ye Hongyu and returned to the Hierarch Lord's side. He was badly injured by Ning Que till he almost died at Chaoyang City, yet after a short period, his wounds seemed to heal. This might be because the Hierarch Lord had used the Divine Skill to heal him.

Upon listening to the deafening order from the Hierarch Lord, Luo Kedi responded in a low tone. He then waved the flag in his hand and commanded his Divine Hall coalition camps, which were stretched over 20 miles, to attack.

The battle that was paused for a short moment was resumed. Under the command of the leader from the exhausted Divine Hall and the Divine Skill blessing from the priest in red, the battle seemed to regain its power and courage as it called upon the Desolate towards the frontline. Numerous horses stomped across the land. The smoke and dust danced wildly in the sky. The entire land trembled restlessly.

The Desolate warriors were also extremely tired, but regardless if they were middle-aged men with slightly silver hairs, or even juvenile youngsters, they were all ready for battle. They did not cheer like the coalition forces from the Central Plains, neither did they look excited. They just quietly and peacefully held on to the axes in their hands.

Both parties met on the Wilderness at last. The axes met the knives. The fists met the horses' heads. The swords met the bodies. The talismans met the flying axes. Numerous heavy sounds clashed with each other and sounded from the Wilderness. Countless war horses shrieked and fell onto the ground. Dozens of riders fell from the horses and onto the ground. Just as the Desolate Men fell, countless sharp weapons decapitated them.

Luo Kedi, who was on standby and stood beside the massive chariots, gazed at the tall and big silhouette in the top chamber. He knew that the Hierarch Lord was very displeased with the progress of the coalition forces. He bit his teeth tightly and roared as he lead his subodinate divine guard and a thousand of uncomparably powerful Papal Cavalrymen from the West-Hill Divine Palace toward the north.

The two thousand Desolate warriors, who remained behind the Desolate Man's tribe and did not participate in the countless battles previously, stayed still as they watched the movement of the massive chariot. As they noticed that the West-Hill Divine Palace had finally made use of the legendary Papal Cavalrymen, these Desolate warriors began to act as well, as they dashed their way to the frontline.

Just then, a collection of hooves' sounds was heard from the west of the Wilderness. The sound of the hooves was very heavy, and this probably meant that the weight of the cavalry and war horses was similar. The sound was concentrated yet rhythmic. They were unlike torrential rain, but more similar to thousands of people beating the drums at the same time. One could imagine the discipline and superiority of these cavalries.

More than 10 thousand of superior cavalries from the Tang Empire attacked again and within a very brief moment, the Desolate who were battling on the right side could no longer contain the pressure. They began to have signs of breaking down.

The leaders of the forces from the Tang and the Desolate Man's tribe guessed the reason for the Divine Hall coalition armies to attack them crazily again—that black horse carriage was the variable. For this might either be meaningless or it could directly modify the outcome of the battle, they attacked without any hesitation or retreat.

They had the confidence to withstand the attack of the Divine Hall coalition forces till the arrival of that black horse carriage. Though many may die under this situation, when over ten thousand of the Tang cavalries dashed towards them, they sensed danger.

Yet at this point, the battle field on the Wilderness was in a mess. The strongest warriors from the Tang and the tribe had no way to assist the Desolate on the right. Moreover, even if they were to get there in time, they have no way of defeating these Tang riders who were already in the frontline.

Hence, they continued to kill the people in the middle silently and violently, hoping that this would damage the vibe in the Divine Hall coalition armies, or even better, to destroy those legendary Papal Cavalrymen. If they could accomplish that, this would probably not be a definite defeat for them. They could perhaps have a chance of winning, or at least, delaying the moment when all Desolate Men were destroyed.

In the middle of the Divine Hall coalition armies were the South Jin Kingdom troops. The South Jin Kingdom always thought of themselves as the world's second strongest nation and the South Jin Kingdom cavalries boasted themselves as the world's second strongest troop as well, until they arrived at the Wilderness. After battling with the Desolate Men, they finally understood how embarrassing such boasting was. Moreover, at this point, they were faced with the powerful attack from over two thousand of the strongest warriors from the Desolate Men. Their formation was in a mess, and there were a few cultivators who were stomped to death by the horses.

The powerful man from the Sword Garret of the South Jin Kingdom, Cheng Ziqing, wore an ordinary South Jin Kingdom cavalry uniform and rode on horseback. Though he was waving the sword in his hand left and right to kill the opponents, his eyes were fixed on that powerful leader of the Desolate Men, who was located several hundred feet away.

That powerful Desolate Men leader was extremely strong. There were already three disciples from the Sword Garret who were shocked to death by him and at least more than ten South Jin Kingdom cavalries had been slammed by his metal rod looking weapon.

At this moment, the situation of the South Jin Kingdom cavalries was terrible. If that leader was to dash towards them, they would definitely be panicking and the troops in the middle would be destroyed. As such, the Desolate Men could come face-to-face with the Papal Cavalrymen from the West-Hill Divine Palace. From the look of the Desolate Men's vibe, they seemed to have the objective of swallowing the one thousand Papal Cavalrymen alive.

Cheng Ziqing's face was instantly pale. A clean sword style seemed to seep out from the ordinary military uniform on his body. His sword left his hand and turned into a rainbow, as it aimed straight for that Desolate Man's leader.

A sharp stabbing sound was heard. That flying sword, which was filled with his lifetime's cultivation, had directly sliced across the abdomen of that Desolate Men's leader. Fresh blood burst out like rain, yet the sword style was not done yet. Its hilt dragged that Desolate Man's leader lower body, flung it across the sky and far back to the Wilderness.

Numerous Desolate Men appeared to be stricken by grief as they pounced onto Cheng Ziqing.

Cheng Ziqing's expression did not change. He used his finger as a sword and fought that handful of Desolate Men to the ground easily. As a powerful man from the Sword Garret of the South Jin Kingdom, who has cultivated to a state just below the Sword Sage, Liu Bai, he was still considered as a Grand Cultivator among the Knowing Destiny State cultivators. How could the average Desolate Men defeat him? After all, he had kept low-profile on the previous battles just to accomplish this stunning attack.

Now that he had accomplished his objective, he would not be keen to fight further. No matter how powerful a cultivator was, his body was still weak. In this battle which was replete with flying axes, arrows and the tremor of Qi of Heaven and Earth, he could just be killed at any time due to some unknown reasons. Moreover, after using the strongest attack he had ever launched in his entire life, he was in need for some rest through meditation.

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Cheng Ziqing raised his finger in the air and was preparing to recall his flying sword. Just then, he heard drum-like footsteps in the battle from a distance. His facial expression changed dramatically.

Every footstep sounded like drum beats. That person was moving at a rapid speed, but what's faster was the fist. That horrifying and burning fist style, which was a hundred feet away, was aiming towards Cheng Ziqing's face!

Cheng Ziqing's Psyche Power was already drained by then. His body was exhausted and he was unsure how far his Natal Sword had flown. How else could he defend himself against this horrifying fist style? He could just wait for his death.

"Ka Cha!" A crisp noise was heard. A thunder force blasted in front of his body.

That fist style and thunder sound clashed, producing an extremely strong wave in the Heaven and Earth's aura. Cheng Ziqing's horse beneath him was instantly killed by the tremor. His body was also thrown back by the tremor as he fell heavily onto the ground.

A retching sound was heard. Cheng Ziqing's face became as white as a sheet. He could not stop puking blood. With the help of that thunder force, he was fortunate to dodge that horrifying fist style, though he was still badly injured by the waves produced in the Qi of Heaven and Earth when the two forces collided.

What was serious was that he had lost the connection he had with his own Natal Sword. After that incident in the autumn before last year in the Lanke Temple, this powerful man from the Sword Garret of the South Jin Kingdom had lost his Natal Sword after Ning Que destroyed it with an arrow. With the help of his senior brother, Liu Bai, he had finally cultivated his second Natal Sword. Its power was better than before. Now that it had been destroyed again, the damage suffered by him was unimaginably scary.

The first thunder sound roared, followed by the second.

The thunder roar continuously sounded on the Wilderness and an unusually thin lightning shone onto the smoke and dust. That lightning was not from the sky, but from a space that was a hundred feet away from the Wilderness. It had suddenly appeared before it suddenly landed.

The force of these lightnings was not as terrifying as the natural occurring ones, but if they were to land on any human being, they would still produce a horrifying killing force. No matter how strong Desolate warriors were, upon contact, they would definitely be turned into flying ashes.

However, the weird thing was that these empty looking lightnings had not attacked any Desolate warriors which were scattered all over the battle field. Instead, they suddenly disappeared and appeared, as though they were pursuing someone. They were like swords that possessed spirituality.

There was a type of northen goshawk in the Wilderness. Its nest had long been stomped upon by numerous horses' hooves into ruin. That northen goshawk was in fear as it flew around in the sky. It did not bear to leave the place, but it was not able to get its nest back.

As the thunder roared, it could no longer suppress the fear in it as it shrieked twice and flew far away into the sky, abandoning its babies in the nest.

The goshawk did not dare to fly north since there was a dark cloud in the north. It could only fly higher towards the south. The higher it flew, the smaller the humans on the Wilderness looked, and gradually, they looked like closely compacted ants.

If the Firmament had eyes, these humans who had forgotten about death and killing one another on the Wilderness would probably look like small black dots that were tinier than ants. It would, perhaps, wonder or laugh at everything that was happening.

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