Nightfall - Chapter 669

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Chapter 669: The Light of the Southern Sky

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Many things seem complicated and are complicated to do. Only a few people could see the simple core in complex matters and do the simple and correct things.

Naturally, the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace had this ability. He knew that it wasn't a simple thing to find Ning Que on the vast Wilderness, as humans were not able to look at the world from above like eagles. They could not follow the clouds, floating along peacefully and lovingly to see all the details of the mortal world like Haotian.

Since it wasn't easy to find Ning Que, the easiest way was to let Ning Que show himself. Hence, he said a sentence to the lonely black chariot to the north.

"Daughter of Yama, you have finally appeared."

The voice of the Hierarch Lord was very loud and bright, almost as if it was slathered in gold, as vast as Heaven and Earth. Bellowing out from the top chamber of the chariot before condensing, it did sound like thunder.

As the sound passed, the curtains danced in the air. The golden railings of the chariot shone bright and several priests fell on the ground and died. A straight invisible column of air appeared on the Wilderness that brought up the smell of blood, mud and countless grass shavings. They swept forward towards the black chariot to the north.

A shadow swept across the group of Desolate Men and appeared before Sangsang in record speed. It was Ning Que. He took out the big black umbrella from behind his back and wanted to open it to block the thunderous wave of sound for her.

The sound wave was too strong, as the winds started bellowing and the thundering sound continued. Before the big black umbrella was opened, Ning Que was swept to more than ten feet backward. The black clothes that he was wearing had countless tears on them as his tough skin had wounds opened up all over. Some of them started bleeding.

The Big Black Horse saw the oncoming wave of thunderous sound and started kicking its hooves in fear. It was about to turn and leave but it couldn't bear to escape. It stuck its front hooves in the ground and buried its head in the earth, pretending that nothing would happen.

The sound wave came before Sangsang.

Her face was pale but her eyes were unusually bright. She had no idea how she could survive the horrifying sound but she vaguely knew that she shouldn't be afraid of it.

In the skies on top of her, there were dozens of black crows dancing around in the air. They suddenly swooped down and gave off a horrible sounding cawing toward the sound wave that was throwing about debris.

The black crows didn't stop flapping their wings. With each flap, they gave off two gusts of wind that would push the cold aura from Sangsang's body towards the south.

Unending gusts of cold wind were produced from the wings of the black crows. Just like countless thin ropes, they were knotted together and finally became an incredibly tough and thick rope.

The sound wave and the cold wind met several feet in front of Sangsang's body.

The cawing of the black crows became even shriller and at times, black feathers would drop from them and float down. They stuck on the icy surface of Sangsang's body, looking like ink drops on a white piece of paper.

The cold wind gradually stopped.

The thunderous sound wave was slowly dispersed.

The smoke and dust was slowly gathering.

Dozens of black crows flew back to the top of Sangsang's head. They danced around in the air but were much slower than before, almost as if they were a little tired.

The thunderous sound from the Hierarch Lord had scattered the dozens of black crows like this.

Ning Que climbed up from the ground and stood beside Sangsang. He had a anxious expression. It was not because his trail was exposed but because the meeting between the black crows and the thunderous sounds had proven a conjecture of his.

Since Sangsang was the Daughter of Yama, how could Yama watch as his daughter died?

The crowd feared Sangsang as she had a cold aura within her body that could destroy the world. Then why must the West-Hill Divine Palace deploy such a formidable array? Because they were scared? Why were they scared?

The experts from the two sects should clearly know that Sangsang's own power was very ordinary. Especially since she fell sick, she had become even weaker and would easily be killed. Their fear could only mean that Sangsang had terrifying abilities after she had awoken. Hence, the Hierarch of the West-Hill Divine Palace would personally go to the Wilderness!

It wasn't an unimaginable thing for the Daughter of Yama to possess horrifying powers. However, in the past, she wasn't able to showcase them as she hadn't yet awakened. As her illness worsened, the cold aura within became thicker; as she woke up day by day, the unknown power started returning to her body.

Back in the Yuelun Kingdom, Ning Que was already conscious of this. However, he didn't make use of it. Rather, he tried all sorts of ways to heal her illness. He wanted to exterminate or suppress the cold aura within her body. No matter how dangerous it was, he didn't want her to show any of her unknown powers.

Just like what Sangsang had once said, once she really woke up, she would become the Daughter of Yama. By that time, would she still be who she was now? Would she still be Sangsang?

"Indeed it is the Daughter of Yama."

The Hierarch's voice sounded again from within the chariot, resonating throughout the Wilderness. However, his voice now sounded a little tired. It seemed like the thunderous sound from earlier had consumed quite a lot of his Psyche Power.

The sound landed as the giant figure within the curtains grew even bigger. Suddenly, a scepter that was taller than this figure appeared within its hand.

Looking at the changes behind the giant chariot, Ning Que's heart became colder and colder. He had no idea what was about to happen but he felt that it would be something terrible.

The curtains of the chariot started burning all of a sudden. They weren't really in flames, but countless streaks of light and heat flowed down between the curtains like running water.

The huge figure behind the curtains also started burning in flames. Countless streaks of light and heat followed the edge of the figure and scattered all around. The grass that was surviving beside the chariot all turned yellow instantly before crumbling into black ashes.

The dozens of divine guards and priests in red that were beside the chariot were dragging the bodies of several priests and Luo Kedi. They left as quickly as they could to avoid the horrifying light and heat. They then knelt facing the chariot.

The light was the holy light while the heat was absolute heat.

Countless streaks of light and heat were given off from the Hierarch Lord; his figure seemed to have turned into an oil lamp.

The long scepter in his hand was like the wick of an oil lamp.

Light and heat meant burning and the burning of the oil lamp was transferred over to the burning wick, becoming a flame of a specific shape.

The flame was a column of light.

A holy column of light emerged from the tip of the scepter and pierced through the top of the chariot, lighting the skies above.

The southern sky wasn't covered by the black clouds. It was unbelievably blue with a few dots of white clouds floating. When the column of light reached the skies, the azure blue skies brightened up immediately.

The few clouds that dotted the sky had blocked off the light. Its edge seemed to have been plated with gold and was suppressed. They fell from the skies and landed on the Wilderness.

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There was only one color left in the once blue and white sky. Or rather, there was no more color, only light.

Absolute light was a simple visual sensation. The Wilderness now had hundreds of thousands of humans. They all lifted their heads to look at the bright sky but felt as if they were looking at a infinitely rich world.

That world wasn't the true heaven; it was only a spiritual induction. The limitless riches that they saw weren't physical objects but rather, it was the projection of countless human emotions under the powers of Haotian.

The image now had already surpassed what the mortal world had imagined of the cultivation world. It had surpassed even the highest state of cultivation. This was no longer a Divine Skill but instead, a divine miracle!

The hundreds of thousands of people from the West-Hill Divine Palace coalition army knelt on the cold ground of the Wilderness, kowtowing to the bright skies. This was something that only appeared in mythological classics.

The expressions on their faces were of shock, respect, excitement, and fear. Then they turned into absolute piousness and passion. Earlier on, the appearance of the Daughter of Yama as well as Ning Que's 5 arrows had caused panic and fear within them, but now, they had reaffirmed their beliefs and gained a vast amount of courage.

In contrast, after the azure sky had been lit up, the Desolate Man's tribe was at its lowest. The injured warriors that were about to die looked at the skies in the south. They had an expression of despair; no one was singing and even Tang's face was somewhat bleak.

"Is this the legendary Tianqi?"

Ning Que asked as he looked at the chariot that was under the column of light and the huge figure in it.

"No, Teacher's Tianqi back then wasn't like this."

Sangsang said before coughing in pain.

The light from the southern skies in the Wilderness landed near the Desolate Man's tribe. Naturally, it also landed on her.

A few wisps of white smoke appeared from her black fur coat. She looked as if her body was burning but there wasn't any burning smell.

She looked at the light in the southern skies; a timid look shone in her eyes.

Ning Que felt a wave of sourness going past his heart as he looked at her furrowing brows. He extended his hands to embrace her.

Just as his finger touched her, a layer of ice appeared on his fingernails.

The intense pain spread from his fingertips to his sense of perception. Ning Que gave off a muffled sound as his entire right hand was frozen solid. The ice was crawling up to his shoulders.

The cold aura within Sangsang's body had already awoken fully and was spreading outwards.

Ning Que should release his hands now but he didn't want to. The Great Spirit within him revolved quickly and became the Haotian Divine Light. It instantly melted the layer of ice on his shoulders as he swept Sangsang into his embrace.

Sangsang's hair swept across his face and more streaks of ice appeared.

His lips were covered with frost as his voice trembled and was unclear, "If it is too painful, do not do it."

The light of the southern sky landed on Sangsang's body, burning her body and heart as well as her soul. The cold aura within her body didn't stop freezing her body, heart and soul.

This was a painful process.

Ning Que embraced her tightly, the layer of frost over his body was slowly melted by the Great Spirit in his body. It then condensed and pierced right to the bone again. He was in pain too but he knew it was even more painful for her.

Sangsang's body trembled intensely as she seemed to be in much pain. She squirmed even harder in Ning Que's arms just like when she wanted to find safety and warmth in him years ago.

However, the light was everywhere and she had nowhere to hide. The cold aura within her was something that she couldn't hide from. She could only continue to suffer between the extremes of heat and cold.

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