Nightfall - Chapter 704

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Chapter 704: Battle in Capital Cheng (II)

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The archway at the corner of the street suddenly collapsed.

Then, the buildings next to it successively collapsed, stirring dust and smoke. Countless bricks and woods piled up like a small mountain, blocking Long Street.

The grassland cavalry head's anxious and panicked expression turned ferocious. Staring at the approaching army, he held his cutlass in his hand and stopped retreating.

The countless grassland cavalry stopped retreating.

All of a sudden, more heel ropes were set up on the chaotic street, entangling the horseshoes of Tang's armored cavalry.

The horses heavily fell down on the hard ground, making a dull sound. Many soldiers were hurt.

More soldiers of Yan showed up on the buildings on both sides of the street and began shooting at the Tang army. The arrows raged like a rainstorm and caused massive destruction.

From time to time, buildings collapsed and blocked the street, which was difficult for the Tang Army to overcome. Some of them were buried under the buildings and were unable to stand up.

This was indeed an ambush.

However, it was not for the grassland cavalry.

It was for the Tang Army.

The black armored cavalry of Tang was invincible.

Could it still be invincible today?

Looking at his falling subordinates, the Tang general turned to the Yan Army and the grassland cavalry and said, "Kill them all. Kill them all and we can get out of here."

The ambushes happened everywhere in the city.

The Tang Army had suffered a heavy blow, but they still kept charging. With the anger of betrayal and the sadness for their comrades' deaths, they waved podaos and spears, rushing toward their enemies.

The Northeast Border Army faced the hardest situation and the most numerous enemies on Long Street. The waves of enemies and the skillful grassland cavalry seemed unable to be eliminated, ever.

Even so, there was no enemy that could not be eliminated.

Every cavalryman of Tang had a belief: as the general said, as long as they could kill all the enemies, they could get out.

All kinds of noises sounded in Long Street. The waves of enemies were shocked by the Tang Army and left an opening in a wide crossroads.

The general passed the broken padao to his left hand and shouted in a deep voice, "Continue to charge!"

As long as they could rush out of Long Street, the Yan Army could no longer organize an effective interception. Then, according to the Great General's plan, he could lead his soldiers to the Eastern City gate and return.

Though he didn't look back, he knew he had lost half of his army.

This was the biggest loss of the Tang armored cavalry for decades, but he wasn't sad. He knew that every soldier would have killed many more enemies before dying.

It was enough.

They could stand up and proudly go back.

The general tied down his halter and ran forward, hewed a grassland soldier's head in the blood rain.

Suddenly, he felt numb on his injured right hand.

His tired horse stopped.

The hundreds of cavalrymen fell silent as well.

The grassland cavalry had already been scattered and the formation was in a mess.

However, the previous gap, where they could leave through, was refilled once again.

The cavalrymen wore black armor as well. Compared to the Tang cavalrymen, they were covered with golden talisman lines, shining with light in the night.

There were only two groups of cavalry qualified to compete with the Tang's in the world.

One was from the Golden Palace.

The other was from the West-Hill Divine Palace.

In the rumor, the Divine Hall's Papal Cavalrymen was too powerful and a thousand of them would be invincible.

For years, in order to appease the countries in the world, the number of the Papal Cavalrymen was controlled within a thousand riders.

However, it became a lie when they showed up.

The number of the Papal Cavalrymen had already been over a thousand.

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The general narrowed his eyes and took off his mask, looking at the other side of the street.

He wiped off his blood from his face and burst into laughter after a while.

"I have been trying to verify one thing in my life. You, the West-Hill's cavalry are pure bullshit. I didn't expect that I can have a chance to prove that before I die."

The general stopped laughing, lifting his podao, and said, "Who would like to go with me?"

Hundreds of Tang soldiers answered him in the same breath. They were fearless and had decided to fight with their lives on the line.

On the restaurant.

Looking at the city in the night, Xian Zhilang tightened his hands holding the handrail.

He narrowed his eyes, and then loosened his right hand after a short time, knocking on the handrail.

When he knocked with his ring finger, he stopped and issued three military orders.

"Forward Camp, disperse with permission to kill at will in the city. We need to stall until dawn."

"The rest of the army will arrive at the Eastern Gate in an hour, taking the opposite routes."

"The guard battalion will go to the prince's residence with me."

The officers and signallers in the restaurant were stunned and then began to act.

They should not be stunned, but the three orders were too shocking to digest.

To disperse the Forward Camp was equivalent to win some time for the rest of the cavalry's retreat with their lives.

"We have lost."

Looking at his soldiers, Xian Zhilang said, "We should make it pretty. If any of lives after this, remember to tell the Princess—we lost because we trusted the wrong person. Now we are fighting against the whole world. We should trust no one but the Tangs."

After saying this, he looked at the Yan's general.

The man was one of the most important generals in Yan who was qualified to be here.

Looking at Xian Zhilang, he made a sad smile and then killed himself with his saber.

Xian Zhilang walked down the restaurant.

Dozens of soldiers, who were carrying their podaos, walked out of the dark. They looked around with vigilance and realized they were ambushed. That meant the Great General was the first one their enemies wanted to kill.

However, Xian Zhilang didn't wait to be killed.

His third order had indicated his choice.

He went to the prince's residence with his guard battalion.

He was going to meet Crown Prince Chong Ming.

He needed to kill him, or be killed by him.

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