Nightfall - Chapter 738

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Chapter 738: Come and Fight

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Ning Que had deduced that even though the Verdant Canyon had collapsed and blocked the enemy, all they needed was a narrow road to enter the Tang Empire. Those strong enemies that had the guts to attack the Tang had to have enough Tactical Array Masters and Talisman Masters, who could forcibly open a path for the cavalry to drive through.

In order to protect the Verdant Canyon, one had to be strong enough to such a degree that he could kill the Buddha if the Buddha were to come, kill the devil if the devil appeared, and kill a Taoist priest no matter how many of them would come. Additionally, he could not have any rest, let alone sleep. He had no time to eat or drink, and would maybe even need to fight with strong opponents for three days and nights in a row.

Thinking of this, Ning Que could not help laughing. He believed that there were no such strong people in the world, and even if such kind of people did exist, why would they be so stupid as to put themselves into a mortal situation?

However, no one could see the future and the world was volatile. Two years had passed and the third autumn was coming. The Tang Empire, which was once the strongest country in the world, had turned into a broken ship struggling in the vast ocean. The Verdant Canyon had become a place where they had to persevere.

Jun Mo came to be that stupid man. He and his Junior Brothers and Sisters all came here...

At this moment, he was standing at the entrance, but suddenly, he slightly frowned and turned around.

The music immediately stopped.

"Where is Wang Chi?"

Beigong Weiyang and Ximen Buhuo looked at each other and said, "He was here just now."

Then, they saw a man stumbling and running out of the smoke and dust, carrying some grass in his hands, some fruits in his arms, and an unknown flower in his mouth. He was the Eleventh Brother, Wang Chi.

"Where have you been?"

The Seventh Sister took the plants from his hands and angrily said, "You almost ruined the important opening."

Wang Chi was profusely sweating as he said, "Many herbs have been buried, some of which are unique. What if they die out?"



The smoke gradually dissipated. The autumn sun was hot and there was not a cloud in the blue sky.

Everything was clear in the wilderness.

The Great Divine Priest of Revelation's voice rang out from a distance.

"Even the Headmaster failed to oppose Haotian, let alone his disciples."

The Second Brother said, "Since we are not as capable as our teacher, who dared to fight against Haotian, we will fight in the human world. We don't know if Heaven can be overturned, but as for the battle between us, its result will soon be seen."

The Great Divine Priest of Revelation said, "How can you stop the Divine Hall Army?"

The Second Brother answered him with only one sentence:

"Tangs, fight!"

Ye Hongyu slightly raised her eyebrows while she stretched out a finger to strike a blade that had pierced through the carriage. With a booming sound, the blade burst into pieces and the Papal Cavalryman who held it was shocked to death.

Holding a poisonous dagger, a deacon from the Judicial Department sneaked into the carriage from the back. If the dagger were to touch her skin a little, she would die.

Without turning around or moving at all, Ye Hongyu coldly blinked and her long black hair whipped the deacon's face.

The Great Divine Priest of Revelation had encountered assassination attempts before. Even Cheng Lixue, who served inside the carriage, was nearly injured. However, facing the Great Divine Priest, these assassins could do nothing more than be killed one after another.

Several Papal Cavalrymen standing beside the carriage took out their spears to stab into it. However, before they could touch the wall of the carriage, they were all killed by five flying swords.

After the Second Brother issued the order, dozens of assassinations occurred in the West-Hill Divine Palace Coalition Army. Hundreds of priests, deacons, and officers began attacking those next to them who had important roles.

A Yan general was cruelly killed by one of his personal bodyguards.

Many of them were not the real targets—the hundreds of Tang people, who had been lurking in foreign countries for many years, revealed their identities without any hesitation in order to cover up the several important actions.

Talisman Masters had the weakest bodies in cultivation and Divine Talisman Masters were even worse. Professor Huang He had to recuperate in the south every year and Professor Mu Chu had been taking medicine all year round. People like Master Yan Se were too talented to be considered normal people.

As the most frightening people in the battlefield, the Divine Talisman Masters were the best targets to assassinate, but correspondingly, they were also those most strictly protected.

The four Divine Talisman Masters were perfectly protected by the West-Hill Divine Palace Coalition Army—they were close to the Great Divine Priest's carriage with many guards. However, even though they were so careful, they still had not expected for something like this to happen.

Had anyone before seen hundreds of assassins taking action at the same time? Who would have thought that the most loyal guards would suddenly become the coldest assassins?

The scene was really icy.

So harsh!

Even more spectacular than tens of thousands horses running.

A carriage was set on fire.

Another carriage was shot like a scarecrow.

A carriage had countless holes poked through it by spears, spouting out black blood.

No one could have predicted this kind of situation, including Ye Hongyu. Before she was even able to react, the three Divine Talisman Masters had been killed by the Tangs in a short time.

Only one Divine Talisman Master was saved by the strongest sword in the world.

The assassinations, or more precisely, the rebellion, was stifled before long.

Blood had dyed the wilderness red and most of the bodies belonged to the Tang.

Ye Hongyu looked so angry.

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The Great Divine Priest of Revelation wore a complicated expression. Looking at the people at the entrance of the gorge, he said, "What a surprise!"

Even though hundreds of Tang people were killed, the Second Brother remained peaceful and said without any hesitation, "For thousands of years, you have sent countless spies to the Tang and so have we."

The Great Divine Priest of Revelation said, "These people belonged to the Imperial Center Administration, Secret Guard Agency, and Southern Gate Temple and they didn't know each other. How did you contact them in advance and arrange this attack?"

The Second Brother said, "I didn't need to contact them and organize it. They all knew who they were and what they should do. They knew this war would be a key to the Tang Empire.

"I said 'fight'.

"And they fought.

"They, like this Verdant Canyon, were the accumulation of over a thousand years.

"Their deaths were exchanged for 20,000 cavalrymen as well as three Divine Talisman Masters. That's worthy.

"They did die, but their deaths are worth it."

His words were just like the assassinations—tough, cold, and spectacular.

"Now, the situation is simple. If you want to pass through the Verdant Canyon, you must beat me," he said while he opened his arms.

The Seventh Sister walked behind him and took off his outer coat, revealing his close-fitting clothes.

Beigong Weiyang, carrying his qin, and Ximen Buhuo, holding his vertical bamboo flute, went to the side of the Second Brother and helped him put on some heavy armor.

Looking at the complicated lines in the Sandtable, the Fourth Brother said, "Senior Brother, you might die."

The Second Brother did not change his expression as he said, "Everyone inevitably dies."

Then, the lines changed and the Fourth Brother said, "Maybe not."

Carrying the Second Brother's coat, the Seventh Sister stared at him and said, "Senior Brother is wearing the best armor that you've ever made. How can he die?"

The Fourth Brother became sad and said, "Xu Shi had worn the armor made by Sixth Brother and me..."

The Seventh Sister became angry. "Can't you say something good?"

The Fourth Brother calmly replied, "Heaven told me so." To which the Seventh Sister asked, "You still believe in heaven?"

The Fourth Brother paused and then smiled, wiping the lines from the Sandtable.

The Sixth Brother ensured that the details of the Second Brother's armor were in order.

Looking at Beigong Weiyang, Ximen Buhuo said, "Senior Brother, why do we have to exchange our musical instruments, seeing as how I usually play the qin while you play the vertical bamboo flute?"

Beigong Weiyang said, "The qin is sacred and I am your elder, so I should play it."

Ximen Buhuo sighed and began to play the flute. Sad music began to ring out.

The Seventh Sister really became angry this time. She yelled, "Who is the funeral music for?"

Ximen Buhuo suddenly changed his expression and then quickly changed the song.

Sitting on the ground, Beigong Weiyang began to play the qin.

Melodious music emanated, sounding calm and peaceful.

While this music played, the armored Second Brother walked forward with great courage.

Holding an iron sword in his hand, he pointed at the hundreds of thousands of enemies to the south and shouted, "Come and fight!"

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