Nightfall - Chapter 747

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Chapter 747: This Has Nothing to Do with Kindness or Generosity

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Swords flew in front of the Verdant Canyon.

All was silent in the West-Hill Divine Palace Coalition Army Camp in the southern plains.

The Great Divine Priest of Revelation lowered his voile and said softly, "I have never seen someone kill like this in my entire life. Mr. Ke must have been like that when he joined the Devil."

Cheng Lixue knelt at a corner of the divine chariot, not knowing what to say.

There was a moment of silence within the chariot.

After some time, there was a startled shout outside the chariot. And then, there was the overwhelming sound crashing as the soldiers yelled jubilantly.

Cheng Lixue suddenly looked up and out of the chariot and asked hurriedly, "Did we win?"

His voice trembled slightly due to his nervousness.

A priest in red came to the side of the chariot and panted, "Not yet."

Cheng Lixue's expression changed slightly as he asked, "Then why did they cheer?"

The priest in red said excitedly, "He changed hands! He's using his left hand to wield the sword now!"

Cheng Lixue furrowed his brows slightly and asked in confusion, "So what?"

The priest in red said joyfully, "It means that that person will tire too. He won't be able to hold on for long."

Cheng Lixue felt himself stiffen slightly and wanted to say something. However, he did not say anything in the end and only waved the priest away with a bitter smile on his face.

All men would tire, and Mr. Second was only human.

But their army had grown excited even when that man had only moved his sword to his left hand. One could imagine how much stress and fear he gave to the Coalition Army when he stood before the Verdant Canyon.

The other divine chariot remained silent.

Ye Hongyu's lids were hooded, and her jade-like hands rested on her blood-red Divine Robe of Judgement. She was silent.

The jubilant cheers outside did not cause her expression to change at all, and neither did her subordinates come to bother her with ludicrous matters.

Moments later, the Divine Hall Coalition Army shouted wildly with joyous calls once more.

The subordinates of the Divine Hall Judicial Department could not bear it any longer. A deacon dressed in black walked up to the divine chariot and knelt outside the voile. He reported respectfully, "Taoist Cui of the Kingdom of Song pierced the enemy with his flying sword."

There was finally a change in Ye Hongyu's expression when she heard that. That was because she knew who Taoist Cui was, and even she had pinned a certain measure of hope on him.

She looked up at the deacon in black and asked, "And what happened?"

The deacon dressed in black paused, as if he had not expected the Great Divine Priest to continue asking. He answered somewhat nervously, "Then... Priest Cui's Taoist Sword broke. He seems fine."

Ye Hongyu furrowed her brows slightly and asked, "Then what are you trying to tell me?"

The deacon seemed to grow even more nervous and he said with a trembling voice, "...This is the first time anyone managed to pierce that person with a sword. That means that the person can be injured."

"Although the statement sounds stupid, it somehow carries truth."

Ye Hongyu looked through the gauze voile and toward the Verdant Canyon. Her beautiful face was devoid of any expression as she said, "It seems like it is almost time."

Almost at the same time.

In the other divine chariot, the Great Divine Priest of Revelation reached out to touch the scripture in front of him with a finger. Determination flashed across his withered features as he said, "It is almost time."

A sharp and magnificent Taoist Sword had now become a few pieces of broken sword lying on the plains. However, this sword should still be proud because it was the only flying sword that had not been taken away by the enemy since the war began.

In the southern plains, a Taoist in a plain Taoist robe was looking down at his chest and abdomen.

His surname was Cui and his name was Rong. He was born in the Cui Family of the Qinghe County. He left his family since childhood and traveled around the world to cultivate. He had been baptized by the West-Hill Divine Palace and officially entered Haotian Taoism at a Taoist temple in the Kingdom of Song.

There were many powerhouses in Haotian Taoism hidden all over in the world, in common or rundown Taoist temples. They did not like the environment in the Divine Hall and desired to become ordinary Taoists.

They would not appear until Haotian called upon them to contribute their power.

Taoist Cui was such a common but extraordinary Taoist.

He was not famous in the world of cultivation, but his cultivation state was high. He had already entered the Knowing Destiny State ten years ago and could hold his own position in a gathering of powerhouses of Haotian Taoism.

However, he had not made any other moves other than the single strike of his sword. He looked down at his chest and abdomen silently. It was because his sword had already been broken and there was a deep wound on his chest.

It was a large, bloody and terrifying wound.

Damp and soft intestines and other organs were squeezing out from the wound. It started off somewhat slow, but their escape quickened as time passed and they started to flow like a stream, splattering near the end.

Taoist Cui quietly watched his internal organs flow out of his body. He did not raise his head until he saw the whole process. He looked at the other side and asked, "Mr. Second's Sword Taoism is the most rigorous art in the world. Previously, this sword entered four inches into my body, not an inch deeper or shallower. It must be deliberately done."

Second Brother said, "Indeed."

Taoist Cui said, "The Academy preaches kindness and forgiveness. Why do you want me to suffer so much before I die?"

Second Brother said calmly, "Because I know that your surname is Cui."

Taoist Cui understood and he said, "Mr. Second should know that I rarely contact those from my clan."

Second Brother answered, "I want to use your death and pain to proclaim the Academy's attitude."

Taoist Cui asked, "What attitude?"

Second Brother answered, "The seven families of Qinghe County must suffer if they have to die."

Taoist Cui sighed and said, "I see."

Having said that, he slowly sat down on the ground and began to pant because his lungs and trachea had been broken by the iron swords. No matter how much he panted, he could not take in any air, so he seemed to be in extreme pain.

After some time, he lowered his head tiredly and passed away in pain.

It was gloomy as dark clouds blocked out the sunlight.

Second Brother was bathed in blood as he stood on the plains in front of the forest made up of hundreds of swords, and in front of countless of bodies of cultivators. He looked at the cultivators in the south.

He raised the iron sword in his hand again.

He did not utter a single word.

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The cultivators on the plains, however, seemed to have heard him asking if there was anyone else.

The cultivators' gazes were all attracted to the iron sword that seemed to contain a mysterious power.

The iron sword was very unusual. It was broad, straight and its color was dull. It looked rather ridiculous.

However, everyone felt like crying when they saw the sword.

Some people could not even cry even if they wanted to. They were too afraid.

The cultivators standing in front of the sword could no longer dredge up the courage to fight. They retreated.

The Verdant Canyon became quiet once more.

The blood on the ground has accumulated into puddle, reflecting the dark sky and appearing dark.

Everyone from the Academy rushed out from the shelter.

Holding a stool in his left hand, Wang Chi held a medicine bag tightly in his right hand. He rushed to Second Brother and asked him to sit, putting the medicine bag to his mouth and pouring its contents in.

Seventh Sister carried a kettle and a water bowl. Seeing that she might not have time, she simply threw the bowl away and put the spout directly into Second Brother's mouth, pouring water into his mouth desperately.

Second Brother was not an ordinary person and was unusual in all aspects. Surrounded by his busy Younger Brothers and Sisters, he was still calm and he quickly swallowed the medicine and water.

Fourth Brother and Sixth Brother had also run up at this time. They squatted in front of Second Brother, examining the chest piece of his armor with grave expressions.

Taoist Cui's Natal Taoist Sword had pierced that spot.

When the Taoist Sword in the Knowing Destiny State had stabbed the armor, the rune in the armor automatically activated and condensed a thin and tough layer of Qi of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, the sword had made no impact on Second Brother.

However, the rune hidden in the armor was slightly distorted by Taoist Cui's sword.

Sixth Brother took off the box behind him and took out a set of special tools that were like crab-eating tools and began to repair them.

Fourth Brother stood at a side and did the calculation and gave guidance regarding the imaging. Then, he looked at Second Brother and asked, "Is there any problem with the sword?"

Sixth Brother looked at Second Brother with a worried expression.

The iron sword was the most important equipment. If it was damaged, even though the Academy had brought iron ovens so they could repair it, the West-Hill Divine Palace would definitely not give them much time to do so.

Second Brother looked at the broad straight sword in his hand and answered, "It can still last a long time."

Beigong Weiyang and Ximen Buhuo were still under the shelter. Their zither and flute were the supreme weapons used to deal with the charging cavalry. As such, they had to stay within the tactical array.

However, the two felt lonely and somewhat ashamed as they watched their fellow disciples helping Second Brother. Beigong spoke, looking at them, "Do you want to listen to a tune right now?"

Nobody answered him.

Fourth Brother and Sixth Brother were carrying out the final examination of the armor, while Wang Chi was determining Second Brother's pulse so he could prepare medicine for him. Seventh Sister looked slightly more freely as she wiped Second Brother's face with a handkerchief. They were all busy.

Beigong shouted, "Senior Brother, this tune is vigorous and rousing. It's best for killing people."

Second Brother stood up and looked at the crowd of enemies on the plains. He said, "Killing has never been about kindness or generosity. So why do we need music?"

"Do not be bold, do not be generous, do not be unrestrained, just be cold, indifferent and cruel. Only those who truly follow the creed would be able to kill all his enemies. Jun Mo is undoubtedly such a person. I might have underestimated him with my comments yesterday."

"He is still the proudest man. I just didn't think that he could throw away all his pride or hide it in the deepest part of his armor on the battlefield."

Liu Bai raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "He has been using all means to save energy, pursuing to kill the enemy more simply, being stingy to the extreme, being calm and focused, and refusing to let go of the subtle changes in the battle. The calculation is clear to the extreme. He seems more like a shrewd businessman like this."

The Sword Garret disciples listened to their teacher's teachings in silence.

They had been shocked by the man in front of the Verdant Canyon. Even if they were in the enemy camp, they could not help but admire and look up to him. Even though their teacher would always be the most powerful man to them, they felt a little uncomfortable listening to their teacher describe the man in this way.

However, no one dared to question him.

Liu Bai's voice rang again.

The disciples of the Sword Garret were shocked speechless by what the statement implied.

"I respect an opponent who fights with this attitude very much."

Liu Bai looked towards the Verdant Canyon and said seriously, "I even regret. I shouldn't have let him kill so many people in a day and a night, or maybe I should have acted yesterday."

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