Nightfall - Chapter 764

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Chapter 764: Sword Competition in the Verdant Canyon (Part 2)

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"If the rules can be broken, then they can't be followed."

Liu Bai's theory was followed by the powerhouses.

In fact, the Second Brother agreed. His iron sword was his own rule, and it could easily break others'. He continued asking, "Since you want to break them, why haven't you started?"

Only the two of them understood what he was talking about. In the beginning, Liu Bai had given his answer, but his answer could not convince the Second Brother.

Liu Bai looked up at the sky and didn't answer him.

Receiving no answer, the Second Brother knew that eventually, they would have to convince each other with their swords.

"Sword Taoism consists of sword and skill. Skill is divided into power and technique."

"Power is the Psyche Power, while skill refers to how one uses the Psyche Power."

"When I entered the Initial Awareness State, I saw a great continuous river, indicating that I had the strongest Psyche Power in the world. I practiced the sword for three days to control all the Psyche Power around me. Afterwards, even rain could not touch my clothes. This meant I had the best sword skill in the world."

Looking at Jun Mo, Liu Bai added, "If we had fought before you would have definitely lost the battle. If we had fought 2 days ago there is a 90% chance you would have lost. You killed so many people, your spirit was climbing. Today there is an 80% chance you will lose. You have beaten Ye Su and reached your peak. However, Sword Taoism can't be predicted with Mathematics, so there is still a 100% chance you will lose the battle."

"If it can't be predicted with Mathematics, why do you do the math?"

The Second Brother said, "I've always believed that no one can know the result until the end."

Liu Bai laughed. "Good!"

Jun Mo was walking in the wilderness when he stopped, some distance from the entrance. In front of him sat piles and piles of arrows and more than 200 old swords on the ground.

The only thing these various swords had in common was that they were ownerless.

The battle in the Verdant Canyon had started two days ago. In this time, he had stopped hundreds of cultivators and more than 200 swords. These were inserted inanimately into the ground like a cemetery of swords.

When he walked into the area, the swords seemed to feel something. They began to tremble like a windy sword forest.

Just like forest in the depths of the Academy.

Standing in the forest, Jun Mo raised his iron sword with a serious expression.

Liu Bai observed the sword forest and the tall man quietly. He slowly reached for the hilt of the sword hanging on his waist.

His hands were wide and thick with slender fingers, very suitable for holding a sword. They held the hilt tight without a gap as if they were meant to be; perfectly.

The ancient sword was buzzing in its sheath; it sounded happy.

Once he held his sword, it became a part of him. In other words, his body extended to his sword and they could never be separated.

Holding a sword was not his only way of cultivating Sword Taoism.

When he took out his sword, he could also make it fly up to a thousand kilometers.

Liu Bai never chose the middle course, so he could cultivate more than one style. Even though he had once swung back and forth, once he reached the state, he no longer bothered himself with these problems. Since his heart was clear, he could choose whatever sword he wanted.

No one knew how he would fight in this battle.

People only knew that once he took out his sword, no one could take it. His sword was the fastest. Except for the Abbey Dean, Eldest Brother, and the Chief Preaching Monk, no one could survive it.

There was one eternal truth: if Liu Bai took out his sword before an enemy, he won.

Jun Mo didn't ask Jun Mo to go first. He chose to start before him.

Even so, he still didn't know if he could win.

Liu Bai's sword was so fast that it could start later but arrive earlier. Therefore, Jun Mo waved the sword forward instead of throwing it.

Just as he had every time he had swung his sword during the last two days.

He wore no expression on his face and his academy uniform didn't move an inch. The straight wide sword waved with his sleeves. It rolled up no clouds but a countless amount of Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Without an enemy, what would the sword hit?

There was no enemy in front of him.

There was only the wind and the 200 swords inserted into the ground like a sword forest.

The iron sword swept over the sword forest and hit an old sword.

The sword was pushed deep into the ground until its hilt suddenly smashed.

It became extremely bent.

The tremendous force from the iron sword pulled it out of the soil like a hurricane.

With a shrill sound, the rubbish sword turned into a light and flew to the south.

Jun Mo continued waving the sword.

His movements were very natural.

Every movement carried the power of Heaven and Earth.

Every movement blasted a junk sword away, pushing them to the south.

Neither his strength nor his skill was better than Liu Bai.

He was unable to be faster and stronger than Liu Bai in either way of Sword Taoism.

So, he had chosen a way no one ever thought of.

He didn't stab or throw the sword. He waved it.

He didn't chop, cleave, or stab. He smashed, or in other words, he hit with the sword.

He condensed the Qi of Heaven and Earth from the mountains into the sword and blasted the discarded swords away.

He pushed the swords with the Force of Nature.

Only in this way could his sword be faster than Liu Bai's.

This was called the Mountains' hit.

In front of the Verdant Canyon, numerous shrill whistles sounded.

Dozens of swords flew from the bloody ground like rocks that were heavily struck; they turned into dozens of sword lights and disappeared before reappearing in front of the carriage.

The Flying Sword was operating the natal flying swords by controlling the Qi of Heaven and Earth with the cultivators' Psyche Power. A powerhouse like Liu Bai could kill people from thousands of kilometers away.

The way Jun Mo adopted was by directly applying the Qi of Heaven and Earth into the sword. This cut the middle link and transformed the natural forces into its terrible speed.

The discarded swords were faster than the cultivator had imagined. No one had ever operated a sword like this and no one had ever seen such fast flying swords.

These swords were so fast that the air began to moan. Neither eyes nor senses could catch them. It was as if they had disappeared.

They were so fast that even Liu Bai was unsure if he could take out his sword before the swords arrived.

He gave up on the flying swords and drew out his sword.

The sword in his hand looked ordinary and rusty.

He hadn't used it for a long time.

No one had expected that Liu Bai would be the one to have to defend, including himself.

He hadn't expected that there could be a sword faster than his.

He would praise and admire Jun Mo some other time.

However, right now, he had to be careful. He was about to face these fast swords.

He was forced to defend.

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He had to defend.

He crossed the sword.

This was a type of sword intent. It was as straight as the sword and could not be shaken in the wind like a majestic granite city.

His sword was rusty, straight, and indestructible. It was like an old wall that had stood for millions of years; it looked dilapidated but was still tough.

Jun Mo's first sword arrived.

The discarded sword was no longer dead. The swords began reflecting cold light from the friction.

The tip of the sword trembled at high speed, piercing through the air as if it could tear up a thick iron plate with its high-speed vibrations.

It was approaching Liu Bai and about to hit his sword.

It was like the ancient bells ringing before the Lanke Temple was ruined.

As if a naughty boy had thrown a stone into a wave-less lake.

A sound rang in front of Liu Bai, clear and far.

It sounded like paper tearing or as if a roll of wet paper had been kneaded into a mass and thrown under the table.

The sword carried unimaginable strength at inconceivable speed but suddenly stopped in front of Liu Bai.

Only one foot from the rusty sword.

It didn't hurt Liu Bai.

In front of Liu Bai an invisible barrier was formed.

The sword was stuck into the barrier.

The barrier was his sword intent; it was like a city wall.

The second sword came in quick succession.

It also stuck and couldn't break the barrier.

However, no one noticed that Liu Bai's rusty sword was slightly bent.

The curvature was so small that it was indiscernible to the human eye.

The third sword arrived.

Then the fourth one.

Dozens of swords arrived like thunder and all of them stopped in front of Liu Bai.

Liu Bai's rusty sword bent more and more as these swords arrived until its curvature was evident.

However, it was far from falling apart because it had turned soft.

His sword was no longer like the old city; it transformed into a river under the city.

It was the city moat.

The river was gentle, but it could protect the city.

None of the dozens of swords could penetrate the invisible barrier. They were all stuck in the air.

It looked very strange and shocking like a sword forest was growing in front of Liu Bai.

The swords were so close to him, it looked like they would stab him in the eye.

Anyone would feel fear in this situation.

Anyone but Liu Bai, because he had his sword.

The swords could not approach him.

Not near.

Not far.

They stopped just one foot from him.

They stopped just 30 centimeters from him.

This was his world.

This was his sword's word.

Wind and rain could enter, but other swords couldn't.

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