Nightfall - Chapter 892

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Chapter 892: 892

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Sangsang's body was divine, so it was immune to almost all physical damages in the human world. Her consciousness was as vast as the universe, so it could ignore most of spiritual damages. Therefore, Liu Bai couldn't hurt her with his sword, and Ning Que couldn't control her with his natal psyche either. But it didn't mean that her body and consciousness had no feelings.

An indestructible body was not equal to an insensible one, which was a simple truth that worked for dark powerhouses like Yu Lian and Tang too. Ning Que's consciousness couldn't hurt her, but could stir up her feelings. Just like the gentle breeze couldn't blow the ice on the lake away, but it could make the lotus in the lake swing.

Ning Que's consciousness was not quite clear, but he continued to instinctively touch her with his consciousness. As his gaze wandered, his hands slid into her dress like a blast of wind, gently touching her plump body.

People said lovers had the gentlest hands. With consciousness as his hands, Ning Que was the gentlest lover, possessing a pair of hands that would fascinate all women.

Stroking her neck gently, his fingertips slid over her shoulders, drew circles on her chest softly, rubbed her elastic earlobes mischievously, and finally fell on her hips.

No wind blew over the Divine Hall of Light, hence no wrinkle appeared on her light cyan dress that was decorated with flowers. However, she clearly sensed that an annoying breeze traveled through her dress and the invisible hands kept touching her body impudently and abominably.

She turned extremely pale and her eyes were extremely cold due to anger. But her cheeks blushed quietly, her eyes were as clear as gemstone and her chubby thighs trembled slightly because of her involuntary reactions.

The hands were getting more unbridled, wandering over her holy body. Even the most secret body parts couldn't escape from his fingers. The hands were so gentle at first, but occasionally became violent to twist her nipples and inner thighs. The hands left no bruises but made her reactions more and more obvious.

Sangsang was furious about the obscene scenes. Even though she dispelled Primordial Qi and Breath of Nature in the Divine Hall of Light with her rules to forbid Ning Que from touching her body with his consciousness, she wasn't free from feeling the hands clearly. She could sense the vivid pictures and feelings in his imagination as long as he could think or imagine.

They had to share the same feelings because she was his natal item.

Sexual fantasy was a very historical and literary term which did not necessarily refer to obscenity. And it surely would have some religious and direct explanations after tonight.

Ning Que's sexual fantasies were not like sexual dreams or the spring breeze that would be gone without any trace, but they actually fell upon the woman his fantasies targeted.

He kept touching Sangsang in his consciousness and Sangsang had to accept it passively. She turned paler but cheeks blushed more intensely. Her eyes turned colder but also brighter, and she closed her thighs tightly and gripped her hands together. Her feelings were getting stronger.

She felt warm, itchy, unsettled, nervous, tranquil, fretful, humid, thirsty, joyful and terrified at the same time.

The feeling was strange but not new to Sangsang. In her memories of being a human being, she occasionally had the same feeling when Ning Que held her little feet to sleep in the past. And as for the night in the log cabin by the Snow Sea, although it hurt a little, she definitely felt the same way as this moment.

She knew what the feeling meant. Human tended to endow the feeling with many meanings and cover it with beautiful words, such as romance and lust for life. In reality, it was just a physical pleasure possessed only by lower creatures. And the reason why lower creatures like humans couldn't resist the temptation of physical pleasure was that they needed it for procreation.

She was Haotian, free from the need of producing offsprings. As an advanced life, she should not have felt the low-level physical pleasure even though she had the body of a human being.

However, she felt the pleasure clearly and intensely, which meant that the force of earth Headmaster of Academy left in her body still worked and her bond to the human world still lingered, making her more and more like an ordinary human, emotionally and physically.

With her lips dry, her neck sweaty, her breasts swollen and her earlobes itchy, she felt moist between her thighs. Being flustered and tranquil at the same time, she found herself happy, then becoming anxious and even frightened.

The worst sin in West Hill literary canon was to blaspheme Haotian, such as wearing untidy clothes and using foul language during a sacrificial ceremony, which was nothing compared to what Ning Que was doing at this moment. Haotian was violated by a human being and she was treated as a human being.

How could Haotian not be angry?

She violently swung her sleeves. And chilly wind swept across the Divine Hall of Light violently, piercing through Ning Que's bones and into his viscera like innumerable fine steel spikes.

With blood everywhere, Ning Que was at his last gasp. He was barely conscious, looking at Sangsang and saying in his consciousness, "If you don't want to lose, kill me now. As you said, every death in the world is a long-awaited reunion. Then let us die together, but I'm never gonna leave you alone even after going to the Divine Kingdom."

A wired smile appeared on his miserable face, which was either because he was at death's door or he saw the stories that might happen in the Divine Kingdom.


Sangsang's voice echoed across the Divine Hall of Light like thunder.

The starlight filtering into the Divine Hall of Light from the terrace broke into pieces, the golden brick under the cotton curtain broke into two, and deep marks appeared on the hard stone wall, which were all due to her loud shout.

A few clouds in the night sky above the Divine Hall of West Hill vanished in a flash. Thousands of miles away in the Song Kingdom, a horrible storm piled on the sea, submerging the bizarre pillars on the coast instantly.

If an emperor were to become angry, blood would shed like rivers, covering thousands of miles of land. If Haotian were to become angry, the whole world would be destroyed. But she could neither destroy the world nor kill the man who irritated her, which made her even more angry.

Hanging in the air, Ning Que kept bleeding. He looked like a pig that was slaughtered moments ago. Sangsang stared at him with nothing but hatred in her eyes.

Ning Que appeared in a lot in in her memories on earth, and she knew he was so shameless that he even received a nickname: Academy's Disgrace. Moreover, as Haotian, she overlooked the earth for countless years and saw many shameless souls who killed their wives and sold their mothers. She surely knew how disguising humans could be, but what Ning Que did still surprised her. He even got the spirit to sexually harass her with his consciousness after being castrated.

Ning Que sensed her hatred clearly. He laughed in a self-mockery way and explained to her seriously, "This is a war, and I will do whatever I need to win."

With his vocal cord cut off, his voice was directly squeezed from his lungs. He sounded raucous and vague, just like two rough stones rubbing together, and blood came out with every word.

He insisted on explaining himself because he wanted her to know that he would never surrender in this war no matter what horrible torment fell on him.

Staring at his eyes, Sangsang talked to him in her consciousness.

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"Name your price."

"Come with me."

"To where?"

"As long as it's not the Divine Hall of West Hill."


"Because earth is still earth except this place. As a protege, I must finish where my master left off. You are my wife, so of course I want you to be a real human being. Come with me, and don't forget that we missed our honeymoon."

"You think you can threaten me like this?"

"Why not? You can't keep hopping, can you?"

Sangsang understood Ning Que's inexplicable answer. Many years ago back in the City of Wei, Ning Que talked about something named movie in the world he came from.

She woke up, heading to the terrace with her hands behind back.

Ning Que noticed that her body beneath the light cyan dress trembled slightly, knowing that he survived tonight's battle.

"Cure me first, or I will bleed to death. You should be careful since you must be buried along with me."

He spoke with his mind while staring at her lonely back.

In the light of the early morning sun, the distant lofty mountains could be seen from the terrace.

She stood on the terrace and was silent for a long time. All of a sudden she said, "You think you've won?"

From Ning Que's point of view, he was in an invincible position as long as she did not dare to kill him. One never actually failed if one survived, which was not the philosophy of Academy, but the truth he and she learned at Min Mountain and the Wilderness.

The morning light fell on Sangsang's face. The blush on her snow-white skin was very clear, just like the peach blossom on the mountainside, which made her plain features attractive.

It was a long night for both of them. She also suffered a lot of pain and consumed plenty of divine power to keep him alive.

She looked a little tired. She waved her hand, then a stone flew from the mountain beside them and into the Divine Hall of Light, falling on Ning Que.

Ning Que was knocked out.

Although she couldn't kill him, she still could knock him out. A man in a comatose had no way to continue the sexual fantasy no matter how bold and shameless he was. But it also meant that she couldn't make him suffer anymore. It was a tie.

Nobody lost the battle, and nobody won it either.

The war would inevitably continue, and nobody knew for how long. It might last until the seas have dried up and the rocks had eroded or until they have reached old age together.

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