Nightfall - Chapter 926

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Chapter 926: 926

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The Drunkard looked at the Abbey Dean as if he was looking at an idiot, and said with a trembling voice, "You are out of your mind."

The Abbey Dean answered with a smile, "On the contrary, I've never been so sober."

The Drunkard furrowed his eyebrows even further and asked, "If, and I mean if, she could never return to Haotian's Divine Kingdom and you had chosen to proceed on her behalf, what would happen to this world?"

The door of the stone cottage was still opened.

The Abbey Dean stared into the blue sky above the plateau and said, "The would will remain unchanged because everyone, including you, seems to have forgotten one thing."

The Drunkard asked seriously, "What's that?"

The Abbey Dean raised his right hand and pointed to the sky, "Haotian is in the human world, but Haotian is also above in Heaven."

The Drunkard finally understood and became silent.

"I knew you would agree to my suggestion." The Abbey Dean continued calmly, "If she were to stay in the human world forever, then how could you be immortal?"

The Drunkard was confused and asked, "You said just now to see through this world is to know what everyone really wants. If what I want is immortality, then what do you want?"

"I want eternity," said the Abbey Dean.

The Drunkard pondered on his words and felt his infinite desire.

The Abbey Dean continued, "Eternity means no change. Any change will lead to an end."

That was the fundamental conflict between the Academy and Taoism. For someone like the Drunkard, it was an obvious fact. He frowned and asked, "Even if it were to become like a pool of stagnant water?"

The Abbey Dean said, "You and I live here. Our numerous predecessors and descendants had lived and will live here. There are lush trees and blooming peach blossoms. Who would say it is like a pool of stagnant water?"

The Drunkard doubted. "That probably won't convince the Headmaster."

The Abbey Dean said, "Even if it were to become a pool of stagnant water, it is eternity."

The Drunkard asked, "I want immortality because I want to be alive. Is eternity really so important to you?"

The Abbey Dean said after a long pause, "Ever since I have been enlightened, I have been thinking of that question. I've found that I cannot accept a world without eternity."

It became quiet again inside the stone cottage. His voice resounded continuously as if it was trying to awake every bird in Peach Mountain and every flower around the Divine Halls.

"If there will be an end to everything, then what is the significance of every existence throughout time? Whenever I come across that possibility, I feel the most profound despair. Don't you find that depairing?" the Abbey Dean asked the Drunkard seriously. In the meantime, he was also asking his disciple and Long Qing as well as everyone in the world, including the Headmaster and those from the Academy.

The Drunkard found it bitter. He did not know how to answer because when he thought carefully, he sensed the most profound horror hidden in this question, which prevented him from thinking further. He asked instead, "How about yourself? What if you could not find eternity together with Heaven and Earth?"

The Abbey Dean answered, "Everyone is a part of this Heaven and Earth. If Heaven and Earth is eternal, we will definitely be eternal."

The Drunkard asked, "Even without your own consciousness?"

The Abbey Dean said, "It is already comforting enough to know that eternity exists."

The Drunkard shook his head with disagreement. "Your thinking has already deviated from the true meaning of life."

The Abbey Dean smiled and asked, "Isn't that the reason why we cultivate?"



Life is a cultivation.

Ning Que could not remember where he saw that sentence, but he remembered it because he found it very sophisticated and extremely magnificent.

While he toured around the world with Sangsang, they crossed many rivers and mountains and met many strangers as well as acquaintances. He suddenly realized this saying was very substantial. Then he found out he might have mistaken it with another saying — life is a journey.

The sceneries changed constantly on their journey and so did their sentiments. Leaving Linkang, they crossed the Great Swamp, traveled along the southern part of Yan Kingdom and entered the territory of Tang Empire. Ning Que suddenly regained his good mood — they finally returned home. The green fields looked so charming and even the smell of manure in the wind was not that disgusting.

People appeared differently when they were in a very good mood. As for Ning Que, he would repeatedly do very simple tasks. It was the only way that he could fully express his happiness.

He sometimes wrote on the ground with sticks, and sometimes sharpened his slasher against the stone, or sang a part of a song repeatedly.

He sat on the back of the big black horse and kept Sangsang in his arms. It was a bit hard to hold her tight because of her lofty figure, but that did not affect his good mood at all.

"Hey Jude, lalalalalalala..."

It seemed to be a song from his previous life. He could only remember the first line and kept repeating it. There might be some other reason for his good mood. He kept singing and became so happy that even his eyebrows dancing.

Sangsang had been indifferent until he was only singing that line. She became more and more annoyed and looked gloomy. She looked gloomy for a long time before Ning Que finally noticed that she was unhappy. He got close, looked into her eyes and asked, "What's the matter?"

Sangsang said, "I don't like being called a black pig." *(see note)

Ning Que finally understood why she was unhappy and tried hard to keep himself from laughing. He said, "Your have such fair skin now. Who could call you black? Don't be so sensitive, okay?

Sangsang said, "It was just because you kept thinking of me being dark in the past. That's why I'm not happy."

Troubles like misunderstanding song lyrics were merely some episodes along their way. They rode on the big black horse and continued to the east. They saw the golden rape flowers in the fields and farmers' cottages in bright colors. They finally came to the City of Chang'an.

The sky crapping city was unparalleled and magnificent.

They used to loaded with emotions whenever they saw magnificent cities. Now they were very calm because they had lived here for a long while.

Ning Que was still a bit excited because he had finally brought Haotian home.

"I didn't say I want to go into Chang'an." Sangsang's words were like dumping freezing water on him. He felt cold from inside out.

He said after a while, "There's indeed no reason for you to go to Chang'an."

Throughout the human world, the only thing that could pose some threat to Haotian was the God-Stunning Array in Chang'an. Even though it was a disabled God-Stunning Array, she was still on the edge.

They came to the Farewell Pavilion by the road and looked at the magnificent city from some distance. He asked after a long while, "If this is not the end of our journey, then where should we go?"

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Sangsang replied, "If this is the end of your journey, you can leave now."

Ning Que did not say anything. He did not realize until they came to the City of Chang'an, that the battle between Haotian and humans was far from ending. Their journey should continue.

He could have threatened her by trying to kill himself and forced her to get into Chang'an. However, he did not want to because that would make no sense and could not be claimed as a victory.

The day when Sangsang would enter the City of Chang'an voluntarily would be his day of victory.

The Farewell Pavilion was located a few miles away from the city.

Ning Que looked at miles away, as if he could see the city wall made of black bricks. Then he saw the gate of the city slowly opened. A scholar-looking man walked out of the city holding a young boy in his hand.

This man was still wearing a cotton-padded gown in the spring. It must be his Eldest Brother.

The Academy guarded the Tang Empire. Therefore ,the young boy in his hand was definitely the young emperor of Tang Empire.

The young emperor was handsome and dignified, but he looked a bit confused at the moment.

"Master, why do we need to get out of the imperial palace today?"

The Eldest brother answered, "Because I want you to meet two people."

The young emperor looked afar but could not find anyone. He knew that ever since ten days ago, the City of Chang'an had been more intensely guarded. Ever since last night, they even closed the gates and did not allow anyone to enter or exit.

"Master, who are we meeting with? Does that have anything to do with the tension in the imperial palace? Are they our enemies? Are they from Taoism or is that the national master of the Golden Tribe?"

The Eldest Brother answered with a smile, "They are two interesting people. The woman is learning how to become a human being, or not to become one. Meanwhile the man is on a more difficult assignment. His task is to make her fall in love with human beings and teach her to be a one."

Recalling those rumors he heard in the imperial palace, the young emperor seemed to understand and became anxious. He instinctively held his Master tighter and asked, "Is the Youngest Uncle back?"

The Eldest Brother answered, "Yes. Your Youngest Uncle is back. Your father and mother had entrusted the City of Chang'an and the Tang Empire to him. He never lets anyone down. He even left behind his own life and those he treasured, only to strive harder for fulfilling his task."

The young emperor pulled his hand from his master's hand and made a serious salute to afar.

The Eldest Brother looked to the Farewell Pavilion and thought, Youngest Brother, I brought His Majesty here for you. Chang'an is safe as usual. There's nothing to be worried about. You just need to try your best but never push it too hard or forget your original aspiration.

He held the young emperor in his hand and walked back into the city.

The gate was not closed. Dozens of strong men wearing black clothes pulled out a black carriage from the city. They had to use extremely strong ropes and pulled really hard to get it out.

It took them a long while to get the black carriage to the Farewell Pavilion.

The Fourth Master Qi led his dozens of clansmen from the Fish-Dragon Gang to the pavilion and kowtowed to Sangsang. Then he smiled at Ning Que and headed back to Chang'an.

The Grand Secretary, Zeng Jing, and his wife had also come with the crowd.

Zeng Jing's wife came to the Farewell Pavilion. She felt complicated while looking at Sangsang and wondered how her daughter had become such a lofty woman.

Ning Que said to Sangsang, "You have to pay back the worldly bonds."

Sangsang turned to Zeng Jing's wife and said emotionlessly, "I grant you immortality."

Ning Que was speechless. He mocked silently, What do you think immortality is? A cabbage?

Zeng Jing's wife did not get her words clearly but felt heartbroken upon hearing the familiar voice. She took some steps forward and sensed her familiar smell.

She got hold of Sangsang's sleeves and held her tight in her arms. She cried with trembling voice, "My child, what had happened to you?"

Sangsang frown and felt annoyed.

Ning Que looked at her and thought, If you have come to the human world for a cultivation, then being hugged in the Farewell Pavilion and seeing her crying was an inevitable part of your journey.

Sangsang knew what he was thinking about, not by guessing or reasoning, she just knew. She heard his silent voice then calmed down.

She let herself be held by Zeng Jing's wife and her warm tears fell on her flowery green dress. However, she still looked indifferent. No one knew if she even felt anything.



* Note: The pronunciation of "Hey Jude" sounds like "black pig" in Chinese. /hei/ - black; /dʒu/ - pig.
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