Nightfall - Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: 993

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Hengmu Liren did not understand Liu Yiqing's words. He could not understand why he would definitely be dead when confronting that person, neither could he figure out who it was in the darkness that Liu Yiqin was referring to.

Being a new powerful young cultivator who was previously a manservant of the Revelation Institute, he found many things in this world confusing. But standing there in the light in front of the imperial city, he could feel the distinctive throb and excitement in his soul when facing Liu Yiqing. He was certain that this man sitting in the sedan would become the first powerful cultivator he would kill.

Liu Yiqing looked around. The white cloth covering his eyes reflected the light coming from above the city wall and looked even whiter. He seemed calm and was not annoyed at all by the extreme silence around him.

The divine priests of West-Hill and the cultivators pledged loyalty to the South Jin were all in absolute silence. No one, including Zhao Sishou, would try to attack Liu Yiqing because they all knew that the imminent fight belonged to Hengmu Liren himself. It was a showcase of the Divine Halls. They were demonstrating the gift from Haotian and the eternal power of the indestructible Taoism.

Hengmu Liren walked closer to the sedan. He stopped seven meters from the sedan and pulled out a slasher. It was a very slim slasher that was quite similar to the Xiu Sword of Great River Kingdom. His way of pulling it out was of no surprise. It seemed like he about to find a piece of wood and chop it into two.

However upon such a simple action, changes were made in the immense space between the earth and the sky. When the slasher rubbed slightly against the sheath, the night clouds were scared away like terrified beasts. The crescent and hundreds of dim stars appeared. When he held his slim slasher and stabbed toward Liu Yiqing, roaring wind arose and the moat around the imperial city was stirred.

Clouds cleared, stars showed, wind formed and water stirred — these were all natural phenomena. But when they were generated by human actions, it meant that the Qi of Heaven and Earth was changing dramatically.

A single slim slasher being pulled out of the sheath could have stirred up the Qi of Heaven and Earth profoundly. How powerful was this young man in indigo gown? And how high could his state of cultivation be?

The audience was shocked by the turning of Qi of Heaven and Earth. Even the divine priests from the West-Hill, including Zhao Sishou, felt short of breath.

They knew that Hengmu Liren was a very valued genius of the Divine Halls. But no one had seen him fight until this moment. They did not realize that he was such a powerful figure!

The moonlight, the starlight, as well as the torch light all poured on Hengmu Liren and turned his indigo gown into the color of the bright sky, and the blade in his hand into a flaming torch.

Hengmu Liren's body seemed to be on fire. It inflamed under the bright sky and the endless Divine Flame of Haotian bursted out from his blade.

The audience became even more stunned. They instinctively held their breaths in order not to contaminate the purest scene.

The Divine Flame of Haotian was pure and horrifying. Even the Great Divine Priest of Judgement could not have outshined him because it was not a matter of talent, diligence, or intelligence. It was just because of Haotian. He was the young man blessed by Haotian, and the gift to the human world from Haotian!

Liu Yiqing could not see the inflamed Hengmu Liren but he could feel the heat and the overwhelming tension from the endless Divine Flame of Haotian.

The white cloth on his face was almost burning but he still looked calm.

Everywhere in the City of Linkang was on fire tonight. Continuous clatters were heard while the troops of Divine Halls invaded under the collaboration with the imperial family of South Jin. No one else from the Sword Garret was left, except for Liu Yiqing.

That was exactly what the West-Hill was looking for. Because Liu Yiqing was truly a powerful cultivator, and Hengmu Liren could only stun the world through a fight against such a powerful match.

People were nervous and curious.

Hengmu Liren showed his surprising state of cultivation. If he was fighting against someone else, he would be bound to succeed. But his match was Liu Yiqing tonight, which made it somehow uncertain.

It was not because Liu Yiqing was the current leader of the Sword Garret, or perhaps the last one, or that he was the brother of Liu Bai, the Sage of Sword. It was because, as the person inside the darkness had said, Liu Yiqing was someone who would definitely be remembered as the man who made the history of cultivation.

It was extraordinary to know while someone was still alive that he would make a name in the history. It should have granted him profound peace in his soul. For a cultivator, it was definitely a perfect moment to break through into a higher level.

Liu Yiqing had become a sword master of Knowing Destiny years ago. Then what would happen now?

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Liu Yiqing's right hand was relaxed by his side. His slim fingers were very suitable for holding a sword. While his sword was by his hand, he could easily grasp the hilt in no time.

People looked at Liu Yiqing's hand and the hilt, feeling extremely nervous.

But Hengmu Liren did not pay any attention to the audience. No emotion was shown on his swarthy and weathered face. He looked at Liu Yiqing through the Divine Flame indifferently.

To him, Liu Yiqing was barely qualified for a match. If he could choose, he would not have picked someone like him. Although he shared the same surname, he was not Liu Bai.

The person who Hengmu would rather challenge should still be in the City of Chang'an.

He was sent here by the Divine Halls, or rather, by the Abbey Dean. He had to come even if he felt that it was boring.

"Pick up your sword and go to die." Upon these words Hengmu Liren chopped his slasher toward Liu Yiqing's head. He looked extremely calm as if he was doing something very simple. But even he did not notice that his voice was a bit trembling when he said so. Because he was both nervous and excited.

His target was the person in Chang'an who also used a slasher. But if he could take down a powerful cultivator like Liu Yiqing in his first fight, it was definitely an exciting strike for someone like him, who was merely a manservant a few months ago.

Liu Yiqing sensed his emotions and raised his head to confront.

Through the white cloth, he did not look at Hengmu Liren, despite the fact that Hengmu was enveloped by Haotian's Divine Flame and seemed like a true god stepping out of an awe-inspiring mural in the Divine Halls.

Liu Yiqing looked above to the pale young emperor.

Hengmu Liren was also pale, not because of fear but anger. He could not understand why Liu Yiqing would not look at him even if he was blind.

I'm about to kill you. Why don't you even look at me? I'm already excited and nervous for being able to kill you. How could you not look at me? I'm the most powerful cultivator in the new generation of Taoism. How could you not look at me? I'm Haotian's divine existence in the human world. How dare you not look at me? Who do you think you are to look down upon me?

Liu Yiqing got hold of the hilt and stabbed forward.

He still paid no attention to Hengmu Liren, but stared at the young emperor on top of the city wall.

Because he was pointing at the young emperor instead of Hengmu Liren.


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